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These are the the top middle school cliques! I created this because I am a middle schooler! Add the types of cliques you know of!
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1 The normal clique

I'm, weirdly enough, in multiple groups, and have LOTS of friends, I have the rough guys, then the weirdos, then the commoners, and they all Hate each other... its not a healthy relationship.

The normal kids have usually 3-4 members. They talk about random stuff and are BFFs. They are not popular.

Depending on what normal means, it's not a bad group.

2 The mean girl clique

I noticed something about the movies with this clique. The mean girls are usually blonde. WHY? I'm a blonde! (A strawberry blonde) I'm usually trying to be nice but these annoying piss-babies at my school make it nearly impossible! The only reason I do mean things is because I'm mentally insane from the abuse from these kids at my school that I had to take!

So annoying. There’s this group of mean girls at my school who somehow decided to stand near us after school and watched us eat ice cream (it was an ice cream stand in March, okay?) and they kept doing their annoying laugh while looking us. They were making fun of us for eating ice cream when, they were eating ice cream themselves!

The popular girls that are like, sooo obsessed with hair and makeup and boys.

3 The sporty kids

They always play sports! They usually do at least two sports and they wear Nike, Adidas, etc. They are sometimes popular.

4 The weirdo clique

The weirdo is probably me. I don't know. Some days, I'm just quiet and focused. Other days, I act like I drank coffee and forgot it had caffeine in it.

They are weird kids. They can be coed and have lots of different types of people but they are all weird.

I inevitably ended up here during my stint in middle school.

5 The BFFs

Usually 2-4 people. They are besties for life and everyone knows it! In class they can lose for there friends and everyone gets annoyed and says it's just because they are BFFs. In sports they usually team up and are the last ones standing.

I'm sooo fit in this clique. I have 5 people in my group though, we have a few other people, but they're wannabees, so they act really mean it breaks my heart. But my group of 5 are the best!

6 The popular squad

Boys and girls. Usually some of them date. The dating ones are all cutesy and the guy teases the girl. The others are all loving the couples relationship.

That's my squad, we're usually the ones that are the most recognizable but it's not bad.

I always thought I was one of the Drama kids but this describes my group perfectly.

7 The shippers

My friend is the one to go to if you have a grudge against someone. She will find the GROSSEST yet most accurate person to ship that person with and ruin their social life. By accurate, I mean she will dig up crushes from when they were younger, old hobbies, and gossip she heard while eavesdropping, even if they do a single embarrassing thing around gross person (blush, drop something, etc.) and turn into into a beautiful relationship made to destroy one's social skills and put them at the popularity food chain. She even makes ship cards that she keeps in her room that are filled with reasons why she ships people. My friends are weird.

I also fit in this group, me and my squad ship a lot of people. There are these two science teachers a boy and a girl my and one of my best friend's are in science together with the girl teacher, they boy teacher is a new teacher and often comes to our class for help. Whenever he comes in my room my friend whispers "So perfect..."

8 The wannabes

A lot of the people at my school our wannabees, and actually mostly all of them succeed and become popular!

They wanna be popular but they can't! They try to hard and then everyone ends up disliking them for there attempts on becoming popular.

9 The mixed squad

They fit into a few of these categories and are completely random. They are usually likeable.

My group of friend s right here. We have six people and there are the normal girls, then me and the other two, the fish

Definitely my friend group.

10 The meme lords

Now this one is VERY diverse. Okay, actually, not really. We just have the person that is constantly shutting out old, dead memes, and the actually funny person who is great at making references.

There is a group of walking memes at my school.

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11 The gays
12 The mature and smart group

I have friends who are mature and smart. They all have good grades and are never immature. They are really good friends and loyal.

They rule. People in this clique are the ones who will be the most successful.

13 The rough guys

These are the guys doing stupid things for entertainment, listen to heavy music, watch Quentin Tarantino movies, love hot food, say offensive jokes, and don't take insults too well. I am one of these guys, really. these guys are your typical somewhat southern guys with dads who like 80 hard rock and drink a little too much beer, or have a big sibling with a giant collection of death metal from when they were a teen (wether they listen too it or no). they recognize every popular 70s-90s rock song and have heard it a 100+ times, literally. they put bbq sauce on everything, except when they have good ole texas pete. and are big fans of classic soda brands. they are elitists of dumb ideas, etc. VERY nice group

I'm a girl and I hang out with mostly guys. I have like one girl friend and she's been my friend since second grade.

I hang out with a group just like EliHbk said and it is fun and I am not offended by any offensive jokes, we actually think it is funny.

14 The emo kids

Everyone always asks if I had my emo phase in middle school or high school, but I had my emo phase in 3rd Grade. Now I'm a weird lesbian art kid

You would assume that they wear black all the time most the time they don't they are just emo.

Yep me and my friends are this group. ( #My Chemical Romance and Green day forever)

15 The theatre kids

Yup, I'm one of them. I like hanging out with my classmates in theatre. They're good people and know how to make the rest of the class laugh.

They are in almost every production the school has to offer, even if they're not actually on stage

Love theatre and if you make a theatre reference they start singing

16 The overly edgy kids
17 The equestrians

Not common but these guys are obbsessed with everything horse related. They always talk about horse shows, tack, new riding outfits and talk about the latest thing they achieved in horse riding. They get easily annoyed when someone says horse riding is easy.

Yep love these guys

18 The nerds

I actually looked like a nerd in middle school. I had both braces and glasses.

19 The charmers

The group of guys that every girl falls in love with. They usually are heartbreakers.

Half of my old school were part of the charmers.

The ones who are always looking for the girl and taking what they can get

20 The detention prisoners

In short, the people who get in trouble for the sake of it. Take Barry Watson (name changed to protect the innocent cousin in the mentioned mixed squad), who broke a rule so as a punishment was inflicted upon the whole class, and the teacher said "Thank Barry for this" and he said "You're welcome" every single time. It's just plain out idiocy.

21 The Ones Who Don’t Know what They’re Doing With Their Life

This is me I am kinda just here I don't really know what I am doing

22 The kids who should be popular

The kids who everyone knows but not everyone always likes that kid/kids. Usually good at everything from sports to academics to their social life etc. Usually always nice and approachable. In the end it's like they're popular, but they're not popular if you know what I mean.

23 Teacher's Pets

I see nobody has commented on this... why? But I am a teacher's pet, but I'm not actually like a pet, if you know what I mean. I'm always the first to raise my hand (like Hermione Granger too), I answer the questions in depth and talk about subjects we haven't learned in school yet, does extra on every assignment, usually the only one in the class who gets a question right. But I also talk back to the teachers, say that their class is too easy and then go on to answer every question they ask you correctly and in-depth (they get so mad, yet at my school you aren't allowed to skip a grade), write long essays about the pointlessness of their essays (just to frustrate the teachers), draw up petitions against them, lead the whole class to take a stand against a teacher (we all requested to fire him and argued against the principal), and correct teachers (because why not?).

24 The class clowns

A group of people who always make everybody laugh.

25 The weeb group

I am in one, we have people who always naruto run, and sing anime openings, and annoy the populars, we draw anime, and do anything related to anime :> we made this group in 5th grade. Fellow shoutout to mah weebs, Me (Nada), Adiam, Addie, Nico, Bryson, Joanne.

I always did this

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