Top Ten Most Hated School Subjects

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1 Math

I despise math. I mean, it USED to be fun to solve equations before the pressure came. Now, I hate it with all my heart, and I couldn't possibly care less if I'm the worst person at it in the entire world.

There is one thing that is easy for me in math: 1+1=2 (I'm kidding I know a lot of stuff, I'm just trying to be funny, so hopefully I made who ever is reading this laugh! )

Math is only good when you have a good teacher...but still. I hate people who say 'I love maths, it is my favourite subject!'.

2 Physical Education

As a non sporty person, the pressure is the worst and I have actually found better ways to keep active, My other slightly less non sporty but still very non sporty recommended me to do some jiu jitsu classes and I'm enjoying it.

I'm kinda lazy but I hate this class for other reasons such as the mad teachers and the bus

Not necessarily. Sex ed falls under Physical Education, & what kid does not like sex ed?!?!

3 English

Ya know, this subject helped me to be a member of TheTopTens. Get what I said?

We already know how to speak English so why do we need it as a class?

4 Chemistry

Yeah...its fascinating how good chemistry actually seems in labs and experiments.
But in classes : Unbearable.

I never had a good chemistry teacher...or probably I always dismissed their abilities hehe!

I think most of us can agree that Chemistry was the most frustrating subject in high school.

You have to cram your brain with science AND math at the same time.

5 History

Depends entirely upon the subject in history. Eg., the Holocaust is a very interesting subject to learn about.

History is the best school subject. Change my mind. Especially WW ll is an interesting subject.

I always found History extremely boring

6 Public Speaking
7 Science
8 Geometry
9 Spanish
10 Reading
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11 French

I hate languages and the teacher is grumpy and excludes other countries I hate that. If I went to a different country which dosen't speak french for the holidays they ignore me completely.Same goes with spanish.

12 Government
13 Biology
14 Writing

I hate this, but I've had my fair share of ranting in the Top Ten most useless subjects

15 Religion
16 Geography
17 Latin
18 Music
19 Health
20 Chinese
21 Physical Science
22 Physics
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