Top 10 Computer Science Schools in the Philippines

Choosing a computer science school is no small decision; it's a commitment that will shape your future in the industry. Whether you're keen on specializing in software engineering, data science, artificial intelligence, or cybersecurity, the school you choose plays a pivotal role. It's not just about the curriculum; it's also about the research opportunities, the networking events, and even the extracurricular clubs that can provide you with a well-rounded experience.

This list of computer science schools in the Philippines includes a diverse range of schools, from well-known state universities to emerging private colleges. Each offers its own set of advantages, be it cutting-edge facilities, partnerships with tech companies, or robust student support services. You'll find institutions that have collaborations with international tech giants for specialized courses, as well as those that emphasize hands-on, project-based learning experiences. Some may offer a more theoretical approach to computer science, while others focus on practical skills that will make you industry-ready.
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1 AMA University

AMA is the pioneer and the first computer school in Asia, not just here in the Philippines. AMA is known in the Middle East for its own high-technology, advanced computers.

AMA is the best. Best in programming, best in web design and robotics. They also have high-tech computers.

I think AMA is also competitive. After many years, AMA has just proven they've got what it takes, especially in the CS field.

2 FEU Institute of Technology

They provide the best facilities and professors for computer science and IT. You can also take OJT programs abroad. I think they are the top computer science school in the Philippines today. Most of their alumni are working in top companies here in the Philippines as well.

FEU Tech has a powerful CS program. It pushes you to be the best, plus they have Mac PCs! I'm glad I enrolled in this school, for they are the top IT school in Manila and have already produced successful alumni.

I have read a lot of good feedback from many people about FEU.

3 Mapúa University

Although Mapua is known for their engineering courses, they still prove that they can have the spotlight on IT courses. Plus, they are ABET accredited, which makes them top 3.

4 Polytechnic University of the Philippines

PUP builds a strong CS foundation in its students, along with a quality curriculum and research-driven instruction. The school, though lacking in necessary facilities, still performs great in CS.

PUP has poor facilities but is rich in CS education. They have smart professors who give specific instruction. Great school!


IAcademy is getting known in the Philippines. They have a nice facility and awesome people. I know them mostly for 3D animation courses.

IAcademy is a specialized institution with over seventeen years of dedication to training Game Changers in Computing, Business and Liberal Arts, and Design programs.

IAcademy has the best facilities and professors who are practitioners in the industry.

6 Ateneo de Manila University

Ateneo has a strong CS program too, though I don't think they've proven enough to have their spotlight on that field. However, Ateneo is certainly working hard to make them number one in all course types.

7 De La Salle University

The DLSU College of Computer Studies (CCS) is an educational institution committed to its three-pronged vision of continually sharing knowledge and expertise through teaching, engaging in computer science research and information technology product development, and rendering service to communities in need.

CCS upholds the tradition of excellence embodied by Lasallian education. Through its intensive undergraduate programs that emphasize actual implementation of theories in a project-oriented and real-world environment, the College develops experts in computer science, computer engineering, and information technology, equipping its students to become tomorrow's leaders in industry, academe, and government.

8 Technological Institute of the Philippines

TIP is rising in the Philippines. They're also ABET accredited, which makes them a nice choice.

9 Adamson University

Multi-career path opportunities for those graduates in the computer courses.

A very good and diverse curriculum, I must say.

Superb! After school, you're guaranteed a job.

10 University of Makati

I studied here. It's quite a competitive school because my blockmates are passionate about programming. Professors don't encourage spoonfeeding and provide credible sources to look for answers and to practice the art of programming.

University of Makati might just be a public, locally-funded university, but the CS programs here are very competitive. Proud student here.

I study here. It has nice facilities for a state university.

The Contenders
11 University of the Philippines - Los Baños
12 STI College STI College, formerly known as Systems Technology Institute, is the largest network of for-profit information technology based colleges in the Philippines.
13 New Era University
14 Asia Pacific College

It's pretty good, with very nice facilities.

15 University of the East

One of the greatest schools when it comes to CS. They make sure their students graduate with great knowledge of the course. Very competitive and have nice professors.

16 University of Batangas
17 Access Computer and Technical Colleges
18 Jose Rizal University
19 PATTS College of Aeronautics

PATTS staff and professors are good at teaching and maintaining the credibility of the school.

20 Malayan Colleges Laguna

It has the best overall experience for this course.

21 Asian Institute of Computer Studies

The Asian Institute of Computer Studies, commonly known as AICS, is a private and non-sectarian educational institution in the Philippines, founded in 1996.

The school's academic offerings mainly focus on the fields of computer science, information and communications technology, and business studies.

Its offered courses include 4-year Bachelor of Science degrees and ladderized 2-year Associate degrees. It also offers short courses on networking, computer programming, multimedia, and office applications.

The school's curricular offerings are approved and accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority and the Commission on Higher Education of the Philippine government. AICS is one of the most promising college schools in the Philippines. AICS offers a Cisco Networking System partnership with Cisco Networking Academy and Java, Sun Oracle, Oracle partnership with Oracle University for computer science students.

22 Silliman University

Fully equipped and very well-taught by the teachers.

23 University of the Philippines - Diliman

They have the best professors in UP Diliman, according to a friend who is now working in a very big company, and his company pays him very well.

24 Bicol University College of Science
25 MFI Polytechnic Institute
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