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1 Sonic The Hedgehog 2

I love Sonic the hedgehog two especially on two player I think my favorite zone is Emerald hill zone I have a habit of playing one Sega game and then going to Sonic 2 move it up one more spot please it deserves to be number one.

Sonic is on this list 4 times. These games were the first games you could and still name off the top of you head. But when you want to pick on sonic you just say sonic 06

That game is so bad it's one of the best, this is isn't the most lovable on the franchise, but it's still very pretty good, very pretty.

Actually after looking back at Sonic CD, it's honestly the best Sonic game. But if we're talking about the best genesis game, this is as good as it gets

2 Sonic The Hedgehog

Yes, Sonic 1 (Genesis version) is better then Sonic 2 (Genesis version) and the best Sonic ever made. Masterpiece!
Sonic 1 (Genesis Version) = 10/10
Sonic 1 (Gamer Gear/Master System version) = 7.9/10
Sonic 2 = 9/10
Sonic 3 = 8.3/10
Sonic & Knuckles = 8.8/10
Sonic CD = 8/10
Sonic 3D Blast = 6.4/10
Sonic Spinball = 6.2/10
Sonic R = 5.5/10
Sonic The Fighters = 5.6/10
Sonic Adventure - Director's Cut = 7.5/10
Sonic Adventure 2 - Battle = 7.8/10
Sonic Heroes (GameCube version) = 8.8/10
Sonic (2006 - Xbox 360 Version) = 6.8/10
Sonic and the Secret Rings = 7/10
Sonic Unleashed = 8.4/10
Sonic Colors = 8.6/10
Sonic 4 - Ep. 1 = 8.8/10
Sonic 4 - Ep. 2 = 7.9/10
Sonic Lost World= 7.7/10
Sonic Generations = 8/10
Sonic Mania = 9.1/10
Sonic Forces = (Purchased physical media for the PS4 Pro. Waiting to arrive...)

Sega made many decent Sonic games, as well as several bad ones, but only a few Sonic games are great. Sonic 1 is the greatest.

Along with Sonic CD, the first 3 Sonic games on the Genesis are the best things about the Sonic franchise.

Childhood in a nutshell, or, in this case, a cartridge.

3 Sonic 3 & Knuckles

As much as I like Sonic 1 and 2, this game is better than both of them in every way. Acts 1 and 2 have differences in looks, music, and gimmicks, it has save files, better level design and better special stages, and has 3 playable characters that are different from each other. Not sure why people voted 1 and 2 higher, but I guess it is because they either were re-released more than this, or they are more iconic, so they got voted to the top of this list.

Sonic 2 is amazing, but this game trounces it in every way. How, it literally is the perfect Sonic experience. (Along with Sonic mania.) I recently got a Genesis and I love this game to death. It is amazing. I get Sonic 2, that's my second, (or third, don't know where to place mania yet), but still this game is objectively better. Good level design, good mechanics, and most of all, Hyper forms. This game is way fun and is a must have for any gamer. I honestly don't know why Sonic 1 is number one, it's good, but not Sonic 2 or especially Sonic 3 (& Knuckles.) Honestly, this game gets a 11/10 too much best was good-IGN award in my book.

How are Sonic 1 and 2 above this?! This game surpasses both of them by miles. Don't get me wrong, I like Sonic 1, and I really like Sonic 2, and I respect other people's opinions, but I just don't get why 1 and 2 are above this. This game has 3 characters that play differently, but are still fun to play as, 12 zones that are all huge, unique music in each act, and the music is overall better than Sonic 1 or 2.

This is sonic 3 and sonic and knuckles put into one game. It has all the levels with the data select so that your progress will be saved even in the sonic and knuckles stages, has all three characters able to play all of those stages, and it has an exclusive super form to this game to boot! It has all that is good about the two games it combines and more.

4 Ecco the Dolphin

Amazing thanks whoever put this game here! Love this game and play it ever time a need a refresher on the old days and how good old games are.

This game is my favorite, it's one of my favorite classic adventure games and the story of the game is great.

A beautiful, enchanting game. Until you need air- than it is hella stressful!

5 Phantasy Star IV

There is simply not a bad thing that I can say about this game. Everything is perfect. The graphics look like anime and fit very well with the game. There isn't a single character in this game that I don't love, and yes that includes the villains. The characters look awesome and have some depth to them. The first main villain kills off a character that you actually care about (looking at you FF7). The soundtrack is memorable and doesn't get annoying. The story is amazing and is about as well paced as a story can be. I could talk about how great this game is until Ristar gets a sequel. I stand by this game as one of the best games ever made along with ocarina of time which I can say something bad about, *cough* water temple. This game is absolutely perfect. If you ever do anything, you should play this game.

6 Kid Chameleon

This game is brutal
103 levels and no password system
Despite its difficulty it's still so enjoyable, every playthrough feels different because there are a multitude of pathways that you can chose and so many power ups that make the experience depending on which one you decide to keep in a certain situation
One of the best 2d platforms of all time, truly an underrated classic

7 Earthworm Jim

If you like platformers, play this. You will not be dissapointed

8 Sonic The Hedgehog 3

This is basically what I like to call the definitive Sonic game! It has great gameplay, easy-to-learn controls, outstanding music, and the graphics are awesome for the time! This should be #1!

Me and my siblings played this for hours on my stepdads old genesis. This game has incredible graphics for the time, amazing gameplay, a killer soundtrack and, has given me plenty of memories.

Sonic 3 is the best out of all the Sonic games, it looks better than the new Sonic games and the very old sonic games.

You can actually save on this Sonic.

9 Streets of Rage 2

One of the best brawlers ever, it's iconic, but 1 still has a better soundtrack and Adam. Still all improvements came to light in streets of rage 2, short of the soundtrack and Adam.

Can't believe this is not in the top 10. When you think of the Genesis, Streets of Rage should be one of the first series to come to mind. This was the pinnacle of the series!

I am shocked this is so low. Everything from the characters and fluid animation to the addictive soundtrack hits the mark and makes it a firm favourite of mine.

Miles ahead of the original arcade version of Final Fight in terms of playability, SFX and Sound Track.

10 Comix Zone

One of the most challenging games I've ever encountered, unique!

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11 Gunstar Heroes

Best Genesis game ever! I still don't believe this game was released for Sega genesis, the environments, areas, effects and game engine is just perfect and better than all other genesis games! Best ever!

I would vote Sonic 3 and knuckles but that's two games! Gunstar heroes is a magnificent shoot 'em up by treasure with so many rereleases that plants vs. Zombies'd be jealous!

12 Castlevania Bloodlines

This one is a bit different but still really good in comparison to any of the others

13 Vectorman

This game was nothing like Donkey Kong Country. Vectorman is a third-person shooter, and a very slick one at that. It's a shame this video game franchise fell too quickly.

This is Sega's Donkey Kong Country, except with shooting and futuristic settings.

This game is an epic classic. The best and most beautiful game on the Sega Genesis.

Vectorman lower than Ecco the Dolphin? What the hell happened here? This game is just awesome sauce.

14 Mortal Kombat

An amazing arcade port, and one of the best fighting games on the system.

You can play this game for hours. You'll never get bored. NEVER!

Toughest game ever

15 Sonic and Knuckles

Why do people prefer Modern Sonic games over this true masterpiece? It's just pure awesome! Perfect graphics, music composed by Michael Jackson, anticipating levels, cute characters, easy controls, very fun gameplay, this game will be perfect no matter what. I love this list, Loganruckmanman!

16 Mortal Kombat II

The first mk game was great but this one made this franchise EPIC! True innovation for that time! Oh and my lovely Kitana was introduced! Hehe

17 Streets of Rage

What the hell?! Streets of Rage wasn't even in the list. I had to put it down. For God sake people what did you grew up with? Streets of Rage is the mad notes

Streets of rage crushed the genre and the sequels made super Nintendo fans jealous!

A classic game with an amazing soundtrack.

I love this game

18 Shining Force II

Oh wow I never got into rpgs back in the 16 bit era, I discovered snes rpgs later after I discovered Zelda on Gameboy and worked backwards to the classics.

I hadn't heard much about sega rpgs prior to dreamcast so I mistakenly thought there weren't any quality titles. I was so wrong. currently working on my first sf2 play through. I love this game, the story, the gameplay and presentation are absolutely amazing

Sega should remake this game.

We definitely need a remake.

The best game ever made!

19 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
20 Dynamite Headdy

Truly a gem, should be above Comix Zone and Phantasy Star II. One question, where is Ristar?

One of the best platformers ever. Still waiting for Treasure to make a sequel.

Pretty good game

21 Phantasy Star II
22 Shinobi 3

I got a Sega Genisis ( the new version by AT Games that has 80 built in games and small enough to be the controller) for Christmas, and this is my favorite game so far. This is coming from someone who only got to level two you know. My only complaint is when I ran out of continues on level two I was scent back to level one but I am fine with that.

23 Altered Beast

My ass is altered

24 Rocket Knight Adventures

Sweet controls and excellent mechanics. The cartoony style is lovely and levels are engaging. Deserves to be high on this list and is severely underrated.

Amazing soundtrack, One that id listen to after playing. Amazing gameplay that is super unique and awesome level design.

One of the ONLY good Sonic rip offs ever made.

25 Dune II: The Battle for Arrakis
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