Top Ten Most Heartfelt Moments from The Simpsons 

It's hard to believe an animated series like The Simpsons can have those moments that make you shed a tear in happiness or sadness. They get you right there! Here's the top ten of those moments we all shed a tear to.
The Top Ten
1 At least this time I'm awake for your goodbye. - Mother Simpson

Homer makes it out of town with his fugitive mother avoiding the authorities commanded by one Charles Montgomery Burns 25 years after the Germ warfare sabotage that she was part of. Homer's mother has to leave him again like she did when Homer was a child. The quote that got me was "At least this time I'm awake for your goodbye." suggesting that Homer doesn't want her to leave but knows she has to.

This should be number one. I was actually shocked they could pull off a moment as heartfelt as this. I never really found the 'do it for her' that great of a scene, but this one with Homer's mother was so bittersweet it always left an impression on me. good job on this one guys.

2 Do it for her - And Maggie Makes Three

At the end of the episode And Maggie makes three, Homer explains why there's no pictures of Maggie. Homer says "I keep them where I need the most cheering up." He put the pictures over the plaque to cover some of the letters and now with Maggie's pictures pasted all over it, it says "Do it for her" This moment made my cry so much in happiness after discovering that Homer loves all his family members.

3 You don't understand, I really tried this time! - Bart Gets An F

Bart fails his test again but this time he says that he tried his hardest and he still failed. This moment hits me so hard as I myself was struggling to pass my subjects at school. I feel real sympathy for Bart in this tough time and when Ms Krabappel let's him pass after spouting some random history fact I feel so joyous. Bart gets so happy that he passed and tells everyone he got a D- and he passed!

4 You are Lisa Simpson. - Lisa's Substitute

It's so sad to see Lisa's dream teacher leave so soon. The emotion on Lisa's face is so strong when she receives the note from Mr Bergstrom. When Lisa tells Homer that Mr Bergstrom had left, Homer said he didn't care which outraged Lisa.

Oh come on! This was sadder than bart gets an F! Sorry I didn't watch mona leaves
My opinion:

1. You are Lisa Simpson- Lisa's substitute

5 Daddy - Lisa's First Word

At the end of Lisa's First word, Homer says to Maggie, "I hope you never say a word" Once the lights go out, Maggie speaks for the very first time with the cutest voice ever heard.

My mom hardly pays attention to Simpson's but when Maggie said daddy even my mom said awww.

One of the best moments from the Golden Age (Seasons 1 to 10).

6 The Good Book, on tape? - One Fish Two Fish Blowfish Blue Fish

When Homer thinks he was poisoned from eating a miscooked Fugu (blowfish) Homer thinks he has only 22 hours left to live. In the final few hours Homer goes to sleep wearing h cassette headset and listens to the Bible whilst asleep. Homer eventually slumps in his seat leading to think that he died. The sad part is when Marge wakes up to discover Homer isn't in bed. and goes round worried eventually finding him "dead" in a chair. Marge finds out his drool is warm and then she celebrates that Homer is alive. Such a moving moment.

7 Great game Bart! - Lisa On Ice

Bart and Lisa play on opposing hockey teams. When it comes down to the final penalty shot to be taken by Bart with Lisa in the net. Bart was about to take a shot but then remembers how Lisa helped him through some times such as helping him steal from the cookie jar. Lisa also has memories of Bart cheering her up as when her ice cream fell off the cone, Bart gave her some of his. In the end, Bart and lisa realise that they needed each other and allow the draw.

Despite their differences, ( Bart being perceptive; Lisa being bookish ), they are more alike than what it seems.

8 Hurry Neddy hurry! My golly It's a miracle! - When Flanders Failed

Such a happy sight to see Ned get back into business after the catastrophic failure the shop initially have. I myself admire this sight as I myself am left handed. Homer actually cares for Ned this time proving that Ned isn't really Homer's enemy.

Ned was never Homer's Enemy (Frank "Grimey" Grimes was Homer's real enemy). Rather, he was the best friend Homer had never had. And the nice man Springfield always needed.

9 I did the best I could Bleeding Gums... - 'Round Springfield

When Bleeding Gums Murphy, Lisa's jazz idol passes away, Lisa seeks to make the whole town of Springfield know the name Bleeding Gums Murphy. After saying the quoted line, Bleeding Gums appears out of a cloud that strikes the jazz station which gives Lisa her wish. Then Bleeding Gums says bye to Lisa after the success.

The memory of Bleeding Gums Murphy lives on Lisa Simpson and so on.

10 I just want it back... Please? - Bart Sells His Soul

Bart doesn't believe in the soul so he sells his for 5 bucks to Milhouse. When realising how much he needed his soul Bart gets reduced to praying for it where it falls in front of him.

This grant only happens so rarely. Most of the time this grant is not achieved.

The Contenders
11 "Can't wait look on Carl's face when he sees us, I call first hug!" - Lenny, The Saga of Carl

This scene makes me cry every time and this scene the only one I have ever cried over in the show.

12 Don’t cry for me, I’m already dead. - Barney’s Film
13 If you want to be sad, honey, be sad. - Moaning Lisa

When I was younger, my family was a bit concerned about my "sadness", when really I was just trying to be philosophical and deep. When I saw this episode, I felt for Lisa. We both weren't sad or depressed, just moody

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