Top 10 Reasons Why The Simpsons is Better than Family Guy

For those who agree that Family Guy dosen't compare to The Simpsons, these are the reasons why.
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1 Family Guy was pretty much based on The Simpsons.

Peter is just homer but they just tweaked him and made him a terrible person. I do like family guy, but Simpsons is way better. Family guy is just based on the Simpsons, but with some tweaks to go with it.

Actually, The Simpsons is the rip off show. Matt Groening found out about Family Guy so he travelled in a time machine back to 1987 where he debuted his first short on the Tracey Ullman show, Good Night. Now people don't know that Family Guy came before The Simpsons and when convinced that it is they completely deny it.

Of course, if you were going to believe this story, please jump off a cliff, the world will benefit.

Family guy is great, but I assume the Simpsons is better, even though I'm yet to see it. Peter is sort of like a clone of Homer gone horribly wrong.

And it says "who POSITIVELY can do" in the theme song. That's not entirely true because there is a lot of offensive humour. I get offended sometimes. So NOT always positively

2 The Simpsons is actually funny.

When the Simpsons was at its peak, many of us were still sperms swimming in our daddies' balls!
Family Guy is just another show mocked with memes and parodies which are forgotten soon after being posted online, whereas the Simpsons have actual funny, profound jokes and genius gags, which is why so many people still fondly watch them!
Any sane person knows that the Simpsons are way funnier than Family Guy, which just consists of racist, offensive jokes, Peter being a jerk and the outrageously annoying bullying Meg gag!

Family Guy isn't what I would call a comedy sitcom. It's just another show which destroys brain cells, and relies heavily on the memes to keep it alive!
The Simpsons, however, is a brilliant and witty show for people with actual, good sense of humor!

Lots of jokes on Family Guy are used at the wrong moment. When Peter saw the news that two planes crashed into the Twin Towers, he says "must have been a woman pilot." That's offensive in two ways.

People believe Family Guy is better because they think being offensive is funny. The Simpsons actually try to make jokes.

3 The characters are more complex.

Oh my god, so I'm not the only one with this opinion. For a minute there I thought I was wrong for liking the Simpsons characters better... but I'm not! I mean, I always thought I saw something in most of the Simpsons characters that wasn't there and didn't in Family guy's, but let's face it... I wasn't the only one who saw it; we all did when we watched anything of seasons 1-8 (or, more like 2-8... whatever.) because back in the day, the Simpsons characters weren't just funny, but also flawed, likeable (though annoying to a more shallow or biased person) and most notably, kind of relatable. Since I think of the Simpsons as only being made up of the older seasons and not the newer ones, I think I have the right to say that the characters probably are exactly what makes it better than its ripoff. While I must sadly confess that Family Guy is pretty funny, it's characters are one of many reasons why it sucks. None of them have the depth of those in The Simpsons, and because of this, ...more

They are not only more complex with more emotional depth (in the early days at least) but have more variety. Family Guy followed the principals of modern marketing and made the show revolve around Peter the stereotypic overgrown slacker. But The Simpsons is a Neapolitan ice cream with Homer and Bart as the vanilla and dozens of wonderful off-beat characters as the chocolate and strawberry.

Yes. Homer is a silly person but a good man, Peter is an arrogant ass.
Marge is a lovely mother, Lois is a stupid bitch
Bart is a rebel kid but inside he loves his family, Chris is a jerk.
Lisa is a lovely girl with too many cares, Meg is a bitch like his mother
Maggie is a normal child with some funny moments (Online poker, guns... ), Stewie is a sociopathic and killer child. And Maggie don't need words to make me fun.
The only good character in the series is Brian.

Outside of the griffin family Family guy has maybe 3 three dimensional supporting characters. Almost all of the Simpsons supporting characters have multiple sides to them

4 D'oh!

D'oh was the most wisest word whenever you get ticked-off with. But do you know much funnier than D'oh? Peter Griffin fistfights with Big Chicken was much funnier.

D'oh is actually so popular a catchphrase that it was put into the dictionary!

So what? A stupid word that homer says always because they can't make up anything new?...

D'oh! Get this reason higher a bit. Best quote ever!

5 Homer Simpson Homer Jay Simpson is the main protagonist of the American animated television series The Simpsons as the patriarch of the eponymous family.

Homer's a lovable oaf. He also still loves his family, just not the things they do. In one episode, Lisa passes out at one of her concerts and Homer says "when I prayed for this to end, I didn't mean like this." It's funny but you can still see Homer loves his family.

Homer loves all his kids and wife with all of his heart while Peter has no respect for Meg and Lois and doesn't even know who Stewie is. Even if Homer messes up you can see his heart is in the right place and Peter is just a jerk.

When I look at Homer, I see a lazy, sometimes selfish man, but I also see a big heart behind him. I cannot deny that Homer Simpson is practically a big role model. Peter Griffin, on the other hand, I don't really want to be like.

Homer loves and cares about his family way more than Peter. Even if he believes silly things like Bart could be turned into a box, even if he strangles Bart in every episode he loves and cares about him.

6 It's appropriate for kids.

Kind of. The Simpsons can do inappropriate jokes like sex, drugs, and some mild violence but I think a 8 year old could probably watch it. I'm

You see, this is the main reason I kinda like The Simpsons. They don't overdose on the adult jokes. There's a cuss and a sex reference here and there, but they don't do it too much, and I think it's MUCH more PG than Family Guy. And the adding of soccer references just makes me like it BETTER!

Family-friendly is more like it. There is a curse and a sex reference here and there, but not in overdose. We all know that Simpsons is better than Family Guy just like we all know SpongeBob is better that Fairly Odd Parents.

The Simpsons arenas for little kids. But family guy, is not for kids at all! There's sex, racism, blood, bad language, and much more. Family guy is not for kids.

7 The Simpsons support and love each other despite their flaws. The Griffins treat each other badly and constantly do horrible things to each other.

Yes indeed. The family still loves homer for being dumb and Bart for being a terrible kid, while the griffins would just kill themselves.

This one scene from "The Simpson's Guy" summarizes the different mentalities of each family:

Meg Griffin: Look at all these trophies! There must be, like, 20 of them!
Lisa Simpson: 23. But I'm sure you have a lot of trophies of your own.
Meg: No. I'm not good at anything.
Lisa: Oh, Meg, I'm sure you're good at something. We just have to find out what it is. After all, Nelson Mandela said it's our obligation to shine.
Meg: You mean like my oily face and back?
Lisa: No. Maybe don't sit on my bedspread, please. But I mean the light within you that makes you an individual. Meg, you need to know that you matter.
Meg: Really? No one's ever told me I mattered before.
Lisa: That's why you have to say it. So say it.
Meg: I matter.
Lisa: Louder!
Meg: I matter!
Peter Griffin: (from off-screen) Shut up, Meg! You don't matter!
Meg: (slumps over feeling defeated)

Would Homer shoot Lisa for saying high to him?
Would Homer attempt to marry Bart to get money?
Would Marge encourage Lisa to kill herself?
Would Homer, Bart, and Lisa let Maggie go for days and weeks with a cracked head in attempt to hide her injury from Marge?

No! Because even though the family has their troubles and disagreements, they genuinely love each other.

Yeah SO TRUE! The Simpsons actually love each other while crappy Family Guy just hate each other and abuse each other especially Meg Griffin who the WHOLE ENTIRE Griffin family hate and abuse her. I actually feel bad for Meg cause no one in Family Guy treats her with respect. The Simpsons are way better than that Family Guy Crap!

8 Family Guy can be really annoying sometimes.

What happened to the guy who made Family Guy he wrote kids shows that everyone who loves the 90s mention Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Laboratory, Cow and Chicken, I am Weasel.
But he made his own adult shows and suddenly it's a like dumbed down version of The Simpsons. A friend who everyone calls boring has his own show.

This baby in family guy is it was like "good morning! Good morning! To You! " And it kept on going after a while the baby came when he finished and said "good morning! Good morni-oh I though we continued so bye..."

Family guy awlays makes jokes with the Jews and other nations and it's black and blue humor just PASSES THE LINE! There are awlays nudists and other things. While The Simpsons has veeery much better humor

Family Guy is the worst show ever. I think it should be cancelled!

9 Family Guy bases their show almost entirely on their high shock value.

Actually people have different tastes in humour. Family Guy is also childish.

Family Guy is crap!

10 There are more characters to work off of in The Simpsons.

Family Guy is filled with such awful characters like Quagmire and Brian.

The Simpsons has more characters that are interesting than family guy.

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11 It has seniority.

The Simpsons is classic. Family Guy is not classic, but it's rather nuisance and trash.

12 The Simpsons appeals to a wider audience than Family Guy.

Family Guy is designed to appeal to frat boys and immature teens. The Simpsons can appeal to a wide range of groups. A ten-year-old and a seventy-year-old alike could watch an episode of The Simpsons and find different things about the episode that appeal to them.

The Simpsons is beloved and respected. Family Guy is hated and shunned. Cancel Family Guy before Seth MacFarlane becomes senile. Even Seth wants to end Family Guy!

13 The stupid Meg-hating gag.

Only one joke with that gag ever slightly worked with me. I could compare this with Bart being strangled a lot, but he's always fine right after and doesn't act as though it is tearing his life apart, like a lot of the Family Guy gags led to.

Ah yes, the infamous Meg-hating gag is one of the biggest problems I have with earlier seasons of Family Guy, and it's only gotten worse in later seasons.

There's no reason to hate Meg. She doesn't really look ugly. Lisa is hated for being so smart.

This is probably the worst thing about Family Guy! The stupid Meg-hating gag! There always like "Shut up Meg!" or they tell her she doesn't matter and Lois encourages Meg to FRICKING KILL HERSELF! This is why Lois is probably the worst mother in cartoon history!

14 Brian gave Stewie Herpes and didn't even care.

Family Guy characters are trash anyway, except Adam West (Batman). Digressing, Family Guy should be cancelled for its disgusting craps.

I'm sure it was justified. It was probably karma from all those years of Stewie trying to kill Lois.

Okay, that's just creepy...

15 Bart Simpson Bartholomew JoJo "Bart" Simpson is the oldest child, and the only son, in the 1987 show The Simpsons. He was created by Matt Groening. His hobbies are pranking people including Lisa Simpson and Homer Simpson.

Bart would only prank, but if he killed a guy or at least injured a guy, he would feel guilt. Once, Chris smashed his father's head and just laughed.

He is so much better than all the family guy characters put together!

If Bart has a fight with Chris, I can already tell that Bart is going to win.

I love Bart! He is a cool kid.

16 The Simpsons has a feature movie.

I KNOW! And Family Guy just put 3 episodes together and called it a feature movie, which proves my "Family Guy Copies off The Simpsons" theory true.

Even though it's been a long time since I've seen that movie. It's still pretty, darn good.

Family Guy would be cancelled before they ever have a shot of having a movie.

17 Better storylines.

No there are not... Family guy has a lot parodies and other AWESOME episodes

18 Family Guy tends to go overboard a lot, as The Simpsons rarely ever do.

Family Guy is rubbish and annoyingly irritating. Cancel Family Guy and all the troubles will Ben healed.

19 The Simpsons is timeless. Family Guy is not.

SHUT UP! Although The Simpsons came out like, 10 years before Family Guy, it will live on forever! Also, Seth MacFarlane went on strike for like, 2 weeks, unlike Matt Groening, who didn't give up on his characters!

That's not true.. I have watched every episode of Family guy 4 times and still not bored.. Simpsons have so boring episodes...

The Simpsons will be remembered forever. Family Guy will be forgotten a year or two after it ends.

They'll never stop The Simpsons.
Look at some of the oldest kids shows still around Sooty, Blue Peter, Newsround, Sesame Street, Noddy.

20 Family Guy is too mean spirited.

Agreed, especially because of the stupid Meg-hating gag! Poor Meg has to deal with bullying at home and at school. This is why Peter and Lois are probably the worst parents ever in cartoon history!

There are comedy shows that are way more funnier than that Family Guy trash.

Especially when Meg was being bullied a lot.

21 Better parodies.
22 The Simpsons has never been cancelled.

The Simpsons will never end!
But Family Guy may get cancelled, and it would be a great joy for y'all.

So what? Family guy is still 100 times greater than Simpsons ever could be.

I was worried that The Simpsons may get cancelled.

This show started in the 1990's...
And it will never end!

23 None of the kids in The Simpsons are sex-crazed, in comparison to Family .Guy

There's nothing wrong with the kids in a family sitcom being teenagers but this list is probably one of the best lists ever! Like for example:

Bart is 10.
Lisa is 8.
Maggie is 1 or 2.

Meg is 18.
Chris is 13 or 14.
And Stewie is 1 I think.

Family Guy is a an horrendous abomination! Cancel Family Guy!

Bart and Lisa are 10 and 8
Chris and meg are teenagers.

24 The worst episodes of Family Guy are worse than the worst episodes of The Simpsons.
25 Animation is better.

Family Guy has the most generic, boring animation ever.

Tracey Ullman episodes are better than Family Guy.

Now it is, but look at the first few seasons.

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