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Team and pop. Buy an plan b!
Sickest board out there just look at there team
I bought an 8" Danny Way signature deck yesterday at our local skateshop.

Plan be.
The board is made out of durable plywood.
It pops amazingly.
I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.
I've tried Chocolate and Element, but they don't compete.
Hands down, the best board I have had. It's light and flexible, but don't go bending it!

Plan B is the best hands down! Though Alien Workshop is second! - Akskater

Totally Plan B
All the way

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2 Girl

I've Been riding for over twenty years and It's all I ride. I've tested many other brands and can only vouch for A-Workshop, Zero, Enjoi and Habitat but for me, Girl is where its at hands down.

Well, since REAL isn't on the list, I guess girl would be second. They're putting full effort into their boards, and no dumb gimmick nonsense junk. SO here is how it goes; 1. REAL 2. GIRL. Trust me, they are the best, just give them a chance, and they will blow your mind!

How is girl 5th I've had 7 girl boards they don't snap I did a 17 set it didn't break another good thing is they don't chip easy I smashed my nose when in nose sliding rails all the time they don't skaters girl is the way to go

It's all about the logo...period.

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Good Pop, Flip, spin. One of the best decks I have Ever Gotten... I have had it for Over A Year and still hasn't Snapped and has barely even chipped! I Am Into Skating A Lot And I Skate about 2-4 Hours A Day! Zero Will ALways Be The Best Board Company EVER!

Zero have a very good pop quality. Their decks contain special technologies such as the shallow grave which helps riders pop the board well. The new technology p2 technology which is going to be featured in the new board breeds, gives the boards even HIGHER pops and a stronger designs. This technology also gives the rider a good feel to the board. I recommend it to new and advanced skaters.

Zero make the best boards awesome designs, great pops, sturdy and strong design awesome logo and graphics. Will definitely recommend it as it is probably going to be my board choice for the rest of my life. I have the zero blood board 7 inch and it is brilliant. I have tried many other board brands and they haven't matched up to the brilliant benchmark that zero has withstood.

I like zero

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Baker is insane there decks are amazing, I don't think any other could stand reynolds landing on it after 18 stairs over and over again.

I just bought a baker fresh and fully stable ready to ride went out and jumped 7 stairs and landed it without any trouble it's was awesome I would think if u don't have a baker your missing it on a life time of fun

They don't snap easy, my friend has one and he has had it for 3 years not 1 crack

Watch Reynolds and Figgy abuse theirs and tell me their not durable, good pop too, let be real as as you're buying a good brand, good pop is up to you. But Baker definitely cuts the cheddar for my liking

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Why is Almost at 7th? My first Almost Impact board lasted me over 6 months when usually boards last me 2 months! I seriously don't get why World Industries is above Almost. Almost makes great designs like the impact and double impact models and they both have incredible pop. Almost also has some of the best street skaters on their team like Cooper Wilt, Daewon Song, Chris Haslam, and last but not least, the god of all street skateboarding RODNEY MULLEN! Almost should be at the top. I've been skating Almost for years now and they're my favorite. I've skated Element, Birdhouse, Zero, Plan B and none of them compare to Almost.

Almost has the best Skateboards ever I learned how to do 360 flips on a double impact and hard flip also hospital flips no other skateboards don't stand a chance and this list sucks I'll make a better list than this 1. Almost 2. Girl 3. Sk8mafia 4. Real 5. Mystery 6. Toy Machine 7. Chocolate 8. Death Wish 9. DGK 10. Zoo York. I have a feeling the people who rate most of these decks can't even do a kick flip or just started a week ago so now I will give you a list of the worst decks 1. Blind 2. Bird House 3. Zero 4. World Industries 5. Element 6. Enjoi 7. Alien Workshop 8. Dark Star 9. Black Label 10. Plan B why is Plan B on top they have really bad boards and the only skater I like on Plan B is PJ Ladd.

I agree zero is good but what is element doing there. almost has good pop but not element they suck

Best and longest lasting pop
impact light boards just are the best

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Best decks ever! I've been using the same deck for over 2 years now! The more I use it, the better it gets! Highest quality decks with the most pop by far!

Element are th best, like honestly if you want a good board then to for an element. They've been in the skateboarding industry for years. They don't snap they are really a good kick arse boards. They have amazing pop and amazing features such as featherlight it's just amazing.

Element is a very good brand for lightness and durability. my element board lasted me a long time I fact I still have it! It's a year old but it's still perfectly fine it has some chips on the edges but it's a very flexible and durable board. The pop on the board is amazing because of how steady and light it is!

Best deck ever! landed variel heel flip first try.

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I like plan B and zero and birdhouse all about the same. The reason I voted for birdhouse was because it was the lowest of the three, and because my brother has had this birdhouse board for years, it still skates like it is brand new. The pop remains even today.

I'm Haziq Emieril... I'm a skateboarder.. I use this skateboard for 2 years.. I've love it... Because it has better pop then other decks... The skateboard graphics is sick too.. ! It's light... I guarantee you will like it... It wont break... Unless you want to break it... So, I think Birdhouse is the best... Buy Birdhouse Deck! They're Awesome!

I got a complete for Christmas and it sucks. It chips so fast and loses pop. I have a crappy razor tail from skating for 2 months with the board. Don't buy Birdhouse, save your money.

The birdhouse brand is really good

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8 Real

Reals are beast I have skated plan b p2s, girls, chocolates, toy machinnes and some other brands and reals are hands down the best boards around they have weird shapes but insane pop and amazing durability I skated mine for 8months and it didn't even get a chip they also don't razor tail there great!

Real is AWESOME they have awesome pop and quicker pop also epic flip and how is birdhouse at the top that's stupid not one team can beat real lowpro

Innovative and built to last; and not tied down to the California posers.

Is this list a joke? I mean it comes down always to Delux wood which is Real, krooked, and Antihero. Which all fall under Delux distribution. Or any deck that is manufactured by P.S. Stix. P.S. Stix does a number of major company’s boards there is a Lazered in stamp
on the top of the deck between the front truck bolts that says manufactured by P.S. Stix which is owned by the Professor Paul Schmidt. His company manufactures 1000 boards minimum a day and the quality stands out the decks are sweet they have various concaves and molds are usually stiffer than most decks and have great pop. As far as Delux I think Reactor may make their decks
But I’ve ridden other company’s decks which reactor make but I swear they don’t feel as good as Delux decks I don’t know if they are made a different way there or what but it seems noticeable and not just a placebo. Enough said most guys who ride know the deal it’s really not the company it’s what company manufactures the actual ...more

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9 Alien Workshop

First alien workshop I got was from this dude in a van. I was skating at a spot where's there's just legdes. (sorry for grammar mistakes). He was a sponsor for monster. When he gave me the board it was a street league deck. Rob dyrdek. One of his signature boards. I got it like 6 months ago. It has good pop. I landed a lot of cool tricks on it. I still have it that's one of my boards I want to keep. Alien workshops amazing. Again sorry my mistakes I made I'm in a special program for reading.

Alien workshop is the best ever it has amazing pop and it has a great skate team I recommend it to everybody rob dyrdek is amazing mikey taylor is too

Had an alien workshop, it snapped really easily, but it had amazing pop before that. Could do tricks that I could never do before. amazing

I LOVE alien workshop skateboards so much, first of all I skate stairs and just anything big most of the time and I have never broke any of my alien workshop boards and I have skated for about 4 years and I usually skate 8 to 10 stairs so go get an aws board there the best!

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Chocolate should be with girl like this (girl/chocolate) because they are the same brand well they are great my board is so heavy cause my ventures but its still a great brand just if you don't know chocolate girl and antihero are all like the same brands but chocolate makes EPIC wheels so thumbs UP!

I have no idea why element is on this list, but I have just recently gone from a chocolate deck to a flip P2 deck, worst mistake ever, don't get me wrong I love the carbon sturdiness and the solid flip decks, but nothing will ever compare to my chocolate.

The reason why chocolate is awesome... Kenny Anderson! I've had 4 chocolate deck now and they pop very high, just get a chocolate deck! who doesn't loves a fresh nice chocolate bar?

This is a hidden gem in the skateboard world it's one of the best

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11 Toy Machine

Dude I'm skating one right now its got an amazing pop and its super light my previous board was a alien workshop its still in good condition and has great pop but its kinda heavy but yeah toy machines have great pop and are super light

This deck is sick! I got it about a month ago as a beginner deck and it's awesome! Learned all the tricks I know on this, and it has crazy good pop. The nose is shorter than the tail, which I personally like, but that's just a preference. Great control, great pop, great deck! Buy a toy machine!

I currently have had the same Toy Machine board for about 5 months (skating every day). I have to say that it is extremely durable and good at flips. However, the back of the board has worn down A LOT over the relatively small period of time, and I think that this is affecting my ollies and pop height by a ton. I still love Toy Machine boards, but the tail gets worn out very quickly, and this really effects the pop. :(

Sexy ass board

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12 DGK

After snapping my Blind deck in half, I went for an Expedition One deck. They are printed by the same company as DGK so it's more or less the same board. Nice concave, nice durability, but the main factor that makes this deck the best for me is the FLEX. I'm a street/tech skater who occasionally does transition (not much, though), so a flexible board is a must. I can land with my front foot in the middle really hard and it gives a nice bend but does not stress crack or break. Awesome deck

Dgk is the best decks ever. I've skate baker, deathwish, cliche, plan b, element and girl but dgk is the best. Just put some indies on your dgk some bones wheels and your in heaven. Go buy a Dgk DIRTY GHETTO KIDS

DGK boards come with a lot of pop, and quite a bit of durability. The durability goes away fast, but if you are a technical skater as I am, you can throw some Bones wheels, and Bones Swiss Bearings, these things ride like a dream. My opinion, don't hate me please.

One of the best brands out there. Josh Kalis and other really good skaters use them. AMAZING!

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13 Santa Cruz

Are you lot mad? Santa Cruz's pop is HUGE. I have seen element (quite good actually), plan B, Habitat, Zoo York, Birhdouse, creature, blind, choclate: the LOT, none are better than Santa Cruz. TRUST ME. The wood and concave make it the BEST.
No. 1 Santa Cruz
No. 2 Element
No. 3 Flip
No. 4 Baker
No. 5 Girl

I have a Santa Cruz screaming hand and it's pop is huge I get so much height it should be first on this list

He is right. I got a santa cruz can due a sick ollie. Best board I've ever had. But would change the list just a bit.

Santa cruz skateboards have nice concave,and I like how the tail is smaller than the nose

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14 World Industries

Yo dawg I had this world industries board for like 15 years so the pop is so dank! I can Ollie over 10 feet and Rodney Mullen came to my house and said my board is so good he wants it. I told him no because it's legendary so he became my slave for 20 years just so he could have it, at the end I never gave it to him haha! but in the mean time, I went to the X games and beat tony hawk by doing a 1440 Christ Air on a half pipe! then he let me have his wife, also with this board I fought off the apocalypse and parted the Red Sea. I did all this with my handy dandy world industries skate board!

I voted for this just because of the top comment

I've had my world industries for nearly 7 years, and it still hasn't snapped and pops amazingly.

This comment made my day better

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15 Deathwish

Deathwish has some sick ass pop. They have some sick designs, great pop, and they are durable. I have no clue how element is above Deathwish element sucks. Element breaks so fast and deathwish will last a lifetime.

First Barca Trip the deathwish went on, Hit some very big stuff board got battered around everywhere and not a single thing wrong for weeks after. Never even saw a pressure crack. Only deathwish or heroin boards to ride.

I have been skating for over 10+ years and I have tested a lot of decks and I love deathwish by far because the pop is amazing and they hardly ever snap nice ass decks deathwish love it!

Sick boards

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FIRST OF ALL, no certain brand has 'the most pop' its not that simple, a certain brand has many different pro models with different shapes and sizes that's like saying "what car brand has the fastest engines".. Certain FLIP boards have more pop than certain GIRL boards and certain GIRL boards have more pop than certain FLIP boards.. But in general average I think FLIP tends to more decks with better pop and FLIP boards, FOUNDATION,AND MYSTERY have the GREATEST shapes overall! AND WHAT is up with all these people saying they've skated the same deck for 5 years your delirious no way that has any pop left on it at all probably NEGATIVE POP you kids even know what your talking about haha?

yeah its been a while since the last time I rode a board last board I bought was a flip and yeah they do have good pop I learned fakie tres whit a flip - ak47

Flip gives you the power of high ollies and flips - flipper

I got the flip P2 skateboard or pro 2 skateboard literally the best pop in a skateboard ever. I have ridden plan b and zero but they do not compete as well

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17 Creature

I had a black label they were pretty good. But switch to the creature p2 I love the pop and they don't break easy last a long time. I had mine for a year and half and still skateing on the same board. You pay what you get.

I love the creature board when I'm out in the park with my friends I have an amazing pop and my friends said that Creature has amazing pop

Creature are totes killer, new P2 models have hella pop, well tough and fairly light too.

Black Label are rad too.

the best

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18 Fifth Ave

The brand are good they were in tony hawk American wasteland

Does this board brand exist

What is this brand

Love there brand

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19 Cliche

The pop is really great you should get yourself a cliche

I just got a new cliche I'm a total beginner I just figured out how to do an ollie on it, yay!

Cliche Keystones have one of the best pops I've had, I've had 2 cliche keystones and both had the same good pop and concave, the board is good if you're going for height, I've ridden one in the rain already and it still has more pop than all my other boards, namely (Flip, almost, blueprint, LCS (Local) and positiv (First deck)
The only other board I would recommend would be Stereo, so my top 2 are 1. Cliche and 2. Stereo~


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20 Revive

Not a very big company but man, this is the best deck I have skated so far. Pop is good, concave feels so natural to the feet and razor tails for like forever. So one day I am so mad and tried to snap my board but, it snapped for like the 11th attempt :D go buy and support this company.

Getting back into Skateboarding after retirement. 63 now and seems like I've lost almost all my skills after 45 years or so. I searched the net for old guy tips and discovered the Revive youtubers. Fun videos and some good info too. I bought three of their last chance boards and so far so good although I'd list myself as a rank beginner now. I've worked up to easy ramps now, no jumping yet. I do like the shape and feel of the Revive decks better than the antiques I have used/

Definitely one of the best decks I've ever had, a pop better than girl but with more concave and better shape, and they're pretty much indestructible

Best pop in the game

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21 Skate Mental

Skate mental has always had strong pop and nice concave. I don't like skating anything with any kind of inserts like double impact or fiber light. The only other good boards with that are heliums and they pressure crack so bad. I've been riding the sticker sponsor deck for a good 7 months now and my skate mental just got a pressure crack in it. If you like ledges and gaps then go for a hard solid wood board. Not that "60 day guarantee against breakage crap"

A well built strong board with a legit pop and a great kick flip. One of my first and favorite decks. Not well known, even though in my opinion it is just as great a deck as Girl.

I have a skate mental, I have had it for about 6 months and I put it through hell and it still shows great pop and very good flip

Sick deck

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22 Heroin

My favourite decks. Loads of pop, crazy strong and gnarly graphics. British too. Tempted to try Baker or Deathwish, seeing as it's the same distribution.

Heroin are sweet decks, lightweight durable with tons of pop, and the best graphics

Heroins great! But were talking about the deck, it sucks, don't GET HEROIN

I need it

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23 Enjoi

I am using a enjoi for the first time and there's no problem it should be in the top 5 I can land double flips and I couldn't with my element last year

Love them ;)
They are the best and totally awesome
Get this one if your new to riding because they are good to learn on have decent pop and flip are alright for shuvits but are hard to do on an enjoi deck

Why is this at 12? I've skated many different brands of boards and enjoi is always what I find myself coming back to. They have the best pop and the best concave, nothing more to be said.

Great pop and concave. For anyone who disagrees "gfy"

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This board is not the lightest and it doesn't have much pop. But it makes up for it in strength and durability. If I were you I would buy a plan B, Totally sick!

The ones you get at skate shops are awesome great all around

getting darkstar armour light they rock - skater989

Awesome board!

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I just ordered a blind rasta deck and it should be here today! But anyway, blind decks are amazing! They have concave so there's extra pop in the board. They are really durable because they put either carbon fiber or a special flexible but strong kind of glass which makes it really light. I strongly recommend you get these skateboards.

Blind has incredible pop, I'm able to Ollie very high and the ride is very smooth as well. I recommend getting Blind, for beginners and experts.

Dude Blinds Own there heaps flexible and dont snap , heaps good for board slides and good pop - dudewheresmyskatie

Great decks.

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26 Krooked

Krooked is best! Why don't other people like it? It is the same wood as Real and Anti Hero! Krooked boards have great pop, shape, and feel. I love Krooked. I ride a Krooked board right now. It will probably last me a long time. The best part is, the pop stays! It never goes away! When you pop your first ollie on a Krooked, it feels like there are springs attached to your tail! Krooked should be first. Or at leased third.

Krooked is hella fresh. Excellent pop and perfect shape. They have one sick team too!

Best! The pop is out of this world

Had Creature, Palace and Polar before Krooked, and Krooked definitely had more pop..

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27 Habitat

Well habitat boards are technically made by alien workshop so of course they're one of my favorite decks. A lot of pop and still going after a year and a half

Habitat rocks! It is amazing. It has amazing pop and I have been riding it like forever. Get habitat, it never looses pop its awesome. Great concave too

ITs how much pop it has not how much you like it habitat is great board

Underrated brand very good

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28 Mystery

Bro, these decks are like about as good as zero's, without the gritty image. Both companies are made by the same dude, so basically skating a mystery is like skating a blank zero. They are just as light, has the same amount of pop, and both have similar concave. The only thing is that they tend to have boring graphics if they even put them on... But, basically, the two decks are the same.

Mystery p2 decks all day no razor tail great pop and great concave buy mystery p2 decks now!

Love my mystery deck! Stick some thunder trucks and autobahn wheels on a mystery deck and you can go all day

Great concave and good pop

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29 Zoo York

It was the best board I ever had it was durable has awesome pop and it is normally the type of board I will get again 10/10 its also slick and looks cool. Also the deck normally is prone to give you respect.

I have a zoo York board and I am learning to pop on it. I prefer this board over my friend's boards for the pop. Honestly I don't know which Is best but I recommend this

super awesome and durible had one 2 years no snaps - FallenSk8er

This brand is like world instructed

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30 Primitive

Primitive decks are pretty new. I've had 4 of them and they are great. I love the shape and they are pretty solid. Noticeably lighter to me too. They have great snappy pop and tend to last a while.

Great pop and feels so much lighter, compared to other company decks that are the same size. I skate an 8.0 Cereal killers deck, and it feels extremely lightweight and I can pop so high!

So amazing I skate the gold prod deck most amazing deck ever

Best board ever! Best pop, best shape, best weight, best team, better than Plan B, Zero, Element and Anti Hero combined.

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31 Revenge

Sick team, cool designs

Great team, great deck.

Andrew is a great skater, makes YouTube videos to help beginners, beautiful deck and great team

Same opinion I have for revive since they are the same company love these boards.

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32 Palace

How the hell is palace lower than kryptonics. Palace decks are high quality and have tons of pop. They are one of the best deck brands out there but they are British and a lot of Americans don't know about it but palace is amazing love it

British company, the graphics are sick and decks have so much pop

One of a kind brand

Great deck, light, well built and HEAPS of pop, I don’t think US kids know much about them though as they are a UK brand but have a store in the US, they ship worldwide though from UK. Graphics on the decks are just incredible as well.

Anyway back on point, these decks are really good and have the best pop out of all the decks listed with a mild concave. Highly redommend.

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33 Anti Hero

How can anti hero possibly be worse than a no fear deck this list is for goons

Man anti hero as the best pop ever I bought on as a starter learned all flip tricks on one

Nice graphics, loud pop and very lasting

COME ON DUDE this deck has so much pop

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34 5Boro NYC

5 boro who cares about the other ones 5 boro is beast

35 Powell

I have skated Alien Workshop, Element, Blind, and (World Industries, when they were good). Nothing compares to them. The pop is amazing, the looks are amazing, it is durable,it does not chip at all for me. The sound of it when you do a trick even sounds amazing. Current setup: wheels- bones street tech rat pack black trucks-independent built to grind bearings- bones super reds shock pads- dooks deck- powell lolly red.

Last comment is right, but I think he/she meant that those brands, alien workshop, etc, do not compare to powell.

Powell can't beat it great decks also mini logo

36 Sibling

I have use this sibling deck. Its too hard for get cracks at this deck. This deck is most currently useful for me in gap. I want to support my local brand in Malaysia.

Sibling Malaysia's brand are most last longer deck is hard to get crack.

Best deck in Malaysia

Love them

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37 Expedition One

I bought an expedition one 7.5 board back in 2009. Is the group of death el tres series and I can't believe it's still in one piece. The pop is basically gone and is full of pressure cracks but I've never seen a board last this long. Have had this same deck re gripped 3 times already and skates nearly as well as my brand new chocolate. I'm obviously not a daily skater like I used to be but this deck is incredibly durable and fairly lightweight. Not to mention I think it costs around 30.00 compared to the 60 I just spent on a brand new Kenny Anderson chocolate. Great beginner board if you can find them anymore. Graphics somewhat boring though.

Great decks they have just the right amount of pop oh but they do have a bit of weight to them but don't worry if you like and slides like board or nose the are so smooth I bought one a few days ago for trilogy it's a size 8.00 Spenser Hamilton deck and they work really well with tensor mag lights

Been skating ten years, best board I've had next to girl/chocolate

Dudde yesterday I used my friends board I ollied five boards primo and he's fat and the board can hold him it can hold you

38 Tony Hawk
39 Supreme

Trash for posers. A real skater wouldn't pay thousands for a mediocre deck.

Awesome deck super tough. I'm a big dude 190lbs old school Ollie airs off launch all day.

Hesh boards

40 Jart

A really strong board with a great pop

Jart is hard to break! And have a good pop and flip also. Go buy jart

Jart is amazing! Jart has a great pop and great flip. Go buy jart!

I have a jart board and let me tell you,that thing doesn't break,has a mindblowing pop,rides well,is cheap and ama,ing for begeinners... overall amazing...the only drawback is that its quite heavy but still an awesome board 10/10

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41 ATM

Got a ATM today! Amazing pop, amazing concave, and amazing quality! 10/10, and it's cheaper then all those other big name brands! These decks are just as good as the new high tech skateboards!

The pop on these boards is unbelievable they are amazing and I will only ever buy these boards they are the bomb. They are way better then world industries

I live I Oceanside CA and the ATM factory is next to the Recycling Center over by BRO BENNOS, I just found out! But back in the day I'd go to the factory off of coast highway chill and get everything cheaps I agree. But santa cruz are nice too. I won a Mountain Dew Santa cruz complete with indy trucks and hallowpoint bearing and I believe cruz wheels. ATM and SANTA CRUZ

Yessir 8.5$! Great decks

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42 Polar Skate Co.

Most legit brand out there, and the best deck and company

Extremely strong maple deck but still light so you can do heaps of movements easy to get used to

Awesome thin tough maple deck lasts a very long time!

Sick qaulity

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43 Kryptonics

What are you talking about I had one it snapped when I was riding on it

Aren't these walmart boards lol - skaterdude122


Best board ever. comes complete with the best of everything. best bearings, best wheels, best everything. I love it

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44 Black Label

Very high quality, and very overlooked. I'm not going to say the very best deck I've ever skated was a Label, but they are not only durable, they maintain well as they degrade. I've never skated one that was off in any way, one was just a bit too heavy for my preference, although it made up for it with hella pop (and to be real, that's not something you can pin on the manufacturer when you buy online). This may be my all-around favorite brand, certainly in my top three.

Let me tell you this one and only one time! Black Label is the best board I ever skated it has a lot of pop, strong wood and don't get chipped that easy. In fact, they have some of the best skaters in the team such as; Jason Adams, Shuriken Shannon, Chris Troy and more... What I'm trying to say is these riders would have never chosen to get sponsored by Black Label if it wasn't the best decks ever! -

Don't base your opinion by what a pro can do. I have skated on all brands and I stick with creature, black label, and toy machine. Creature has the best durability, toy machine has massive pop, and black label just has a great feel under my feet and held up great to my tre flip down the 9 set at a local church

I love black label

45 Mini-Logo

For the first month or so it's really good. It's light sturdy and good pop but it does chip easy

What board paint stays on the board really good

Great solid boards good pop and concave
Also very stylish

46 Motion

This is best deck forever, cause different from other deck

This is the best decks forever, cause it have light decks and iam pro of motion, if you try to pop, its different from other deck

47 Foundation

Got 7.8 deck and just indy trucks, reds, and rictas still get some amazing height, you just have to look at their team videos too, they ain't known but pretty damn spectacular

Iv been skating for 10 years which containded blind, zero, stereo, but then I got my foundation. it was the best board I ever had still to today I skate foundation. massive pop, light, I got so much better at all my trick plus learning new ones and landing them quickly

Most amazing board ever and some are made in us. Amazing quality pop mellow concave but a really comfortable feel to it.

Lasts long. Wood looks great. I can recommend.

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48 Prestige

HA HA like your sponsored by them if you Google them all it brings up is a BUNCH of articles about them being a SCAM which they ARE you aren't actually a sponsored skater your just some person who got scammed and got a reply from an automatic email answering machine! they "sponsor" every single person who sends them an email! THEY ARE A SCAM AND YOU can't EVEN BUY THERE PRODUCTS NOW THAT THEY WERE MADE!

I've tried just about every board on this list (I've been skateboarding for a while) and none of them even come close to prestige. I am also sponsored by them. They are light as hell and get TONS of air. Lots of pop. If you are a heavy skater, I full on recommend this board.

Hands down. Best board on this list. Awesome pop. Also one of the lightest boards I know. Hard to break. Number one choice of all boards.

So light it's kinda funny. I think that has to do with the great pop

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49 Skate Warehouse

Really good durability and cheap! Shape is really nice with steep concave and medium kicks. Also the nose is wider giving you more room to flip your board.

A well built board that give a great Ollie, Kickflip and Pop Shuvit

50 Superior

Good pop, great graphics, and good wood and most importantly reasonable and affordable price..

Good pop lasts man long cheap and very durable and has sick graphics and skinny and great flip

Solid deck not extremely durable but still great board

Great starter board.
Zumiez stocks this brand

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