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Yo dawg I had this plan b board for like 15 years so the pop is so dank! I can Ollie over 10 feet and Rodney Mullen came to my house and said my board is so good he wants it. I told him no because it's legendary so he became my slave for 20 years just so he could have it, at the end I never gave it to him haha! but in the mean time, I went to the X games and beat tony hawk by doing a 1440 Christ Air on a half pipe! then he let me have his wife, also with this board I fought off the apocalypse and parted the Red Sea. I did all this with my handy dandy plan b skate board!

I was told in the shop to try a Plan B because of the wood quality and hence better pop. I thought it was all BS because there were no other brands with concave at 8.25” in the shop. But - big difference. I don't like the graphics of the brand. AntiH and Real have always been my favorites - but I think it will be hard to sacrifice an amazing pop and concave for just graphics and brand in the future. They are anyway gone after a few boardslides. The Plan B deck was like glued to my feet. I really skated better somehow. Definitely worth a try. Highly recommend Plan B - not as brand - but for having a better skate deck!

I agree that 'Plan B' boards have some of the coolest graphics and some of the nicest shapes of a lot of boards, however, it doesn't matter what brand of deck you buy. Almost all decks, (except cheap decks you can buy from 'Walmart', etc...) are made out of the same wood, 7 ply Canadian mayple. I think so long as you don't go the cheap brands, you should be fine to have most decks. One brand that you will find at your local skateshop will be 'Darkstar'. This deck is made out of Chinese wood which does affect the overall deck so maybe give that brad a miss

I have had a stupid crapy board bought from quicksilver for ages. I am gonna get the plan b pudwill era prospec pro deck. Looks sick and is gonna be mental. You can not get any better than plan b, my friend is sponserd by a local skate shop and has a girl deck, he says that is sick but thinks I should get this deck, he can do pretty much every trick in the book and is only 13. My list: 1 plan b 2 girl 3 santa cruz

2 Girl

Was the last deck I bought in the 90's and was definitely the best of them all. My friends had far more skill than I did, yet I seemed to ollie higher than them and I suspect it had something to do with the deck. Albeit it was a 7.5" Tim Gavin, so not much weight to it but plenty of pop regardless.. Anyway, I haven't skated since, but about to buy another deck for the first time in almost 20 years - has to be another girl. : )

I love girl I've been riding them since I was three ( also element ) but I bought them only cause that's what I knew and loved I tried my friends plan b, creature and other brands, I liked them but didn't love them, if you don't have a girl skateboard your only hurting your self go do yourself a favor and buy one, like now.

This should be the number one brand on the list, I've tested many brands and Girl is by far the best skateboard brand out there. It's got the full package nest to Toy Machine and Enjoi, yet still topping them. Lots of resistance for hard landings, nice designs, and an overall very reliable and quality brand.

Girl boards are amazing and they have great pop. I have cycled through about 2 decks a year and I am an avid skater. I have had plan b but the just don't have the feel that girl gives you. Plan B also is less durable (for me at least) I also have had zero but again when I got a Girl it felt perfect. Girl all the way


Baker is the best I’ve used Baker decks for quite a while and with their pop and concave they just always seem to satisfy me even if I had razor tail on them is still get high ollies and flip tricks and if you never tried baker you should try it they are the best in my opinion.

Baker is the best. I have learned most flip tricks on that board. It's a nice shape, its light, and has a lot of pop. It lasts long and you don't get razer tail as bad as you do on other boards

Watch Reynolds and Figgy abuse theirs and tell me their not durable, good pop too, let be real as as you're buying a good brand, good pop is up to you. But Baker definitely cuts the cheddar for my liking

Love these decks! They last so long I had it for 5 months after skating stairs non stop. The concave feels really good and has insane pop. You need to get one of these decks!


Zero have a very good pop quality. Their decks contain special technologies such as the shallow grave which helps riders pop the board well. The new technology p2 technology which is going to be featured in the new board breeds, gives the boards even HIGHER pops and a stronger designs. This technology also gives the rider a good feel to the board. I recommend it to new and advanced skaters.

I had a zero a while back ago and I had it for almost five years of skating. it had only a few chips and not a single crack, I then bought a plan b about a year ago an this board has a huge chip on top of the nose and a crack starting to go through the middle. I am most definitely going back to zero as soon as I can. I don't understand how plan B is on top and I don't know much about girl skateboards though so I have no say on that

Zero make the best boards awesome designs, great pops, sturdy and strong design awesome logo and graphics. Will definitely recommend it as it is probably going to be my board choice for the rest of my life. I have the zero blood board 7 inch and it is brilliant. I have tried many other board brands and they haven't matched up to the brilliant benchmark that zero has withstood.

Zero is a really good board, just because it feels so good under your feet. The spin of this board is just like heaven, you can control it really good... The good thing is also that it barely snaps, I have my board for over 2 years ans it hasn't snapped yet, I skated from 10 stairs and yeah, it keeps going,

Its just the best board ever made!


Why is Almost at 7th? My first Almost Impact board lasted me over 6 months when usually boards last me 2 months! I seriously don't get why World Industries is above Almost. Almost makes great designs like the impact and double impact models and they both have incredible pop. Almost also has some of the best street skaters on their team like Cooper Wilt, Daewon Song, Chris Haslam, and last but not least, the god of all street skateboarding RODNEY MULLEN! Almost should be at the top. I've been skating Almost for years now and they're my favorite. I've skated Element, Birdhouse, Zero, Plan B and none of them compare to Almost.

My friend has a almost deck and I absolutely love it. Whenever I go skating with him, I am always asking to use his board. He has had his deck for about 4 months and it is in great condition. He usually goes through boards every 1-2 months, and this has lasted him quite a while. He is a really good skater, able to do all sorts of gaps, rails, grinds, stair sets, and many more. When I first started skating, I learned to kickflip on his board due to the perfect amount of concave their boards have. The board has not lost any pop, and has no razor tail. They are great boards and I would definitely recommend. Currently, I am riding a kyle walker real board because my local skateshops did not sell any almost decks. I am truly in love with his deck and am definitely getting an almost when my board snaps.

Basicly I never write on forums but now I think I have to. I got my Almost impact deck like 3 weeks ago And I have skated everyday After that. Deck feel fantastic, the shape is good And convace makes you pop so high And also helps you with flip tricks. The deck what I got is the lightest one what there is in markets And Still it feels so strong. 0 chips 0 cracks. Its hard to broke. 7-ply Mapple makes it very flexible. I had Plan B it cracked And After all snapped when I grinded. I'm Not Brand funboy, actually I don't believe that deck can pop you higher, Buy what ever deck its all about your skill, your thing, your pop, How you do it. Shapes And lightness makes this deck feel a bit different what other decks that I been ride with. I recommed, I like. Follow your hearth, your style And you'll find confortable deck :) keep practise And always sk8!

I am twelve years old and I was never able to do any tricks and then I bought an almost Daewon Song pro model deck and it had so much pop it was light weight and within a few days I could Ollie now I can do pop shovits and I am working on many other tricks. That was the best board I have ever gotten and I am so glad that I didn't give up skateboarding.


I've had an element for almost 4 years best decks ever! It still rides AMAZING if you are looking for a deck go Element. They are such a great brand that they have to move the HQ often for fear of getting spied on. If the do end up breaking like that guy who did a three stair you landed WRONG. Go Element the have the best skate tech and decks around. Helium decks are Element's decks that have air in the deck! Go Element!

Super light, sick looks, amazing logo, no creaking sounds, environmental friendly, sturdy, durable, cheap at a 45-55 price range for featherlight boards, 65 for helium, I've heard people say it's easy to break because of the reduced weight, but I abused my board 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, for 3 years, and my first board is still in one piece. Best starter board ever.

Element are th best, like honestly if you want a good board then to for an element. They've been in the skateboarding industry for years. They don't snap they are really a good kick arse boards. They have amazing pop and amazing features such as featherlight it's just amazing.

Element is a very good brand for lightness and durability. my element board lasted me a long time I fact I still have it! It's a year old but it's still perfectly fine it has some chips on the edges but it's a very flexible and durable board. The pop on the board is amazing because of how steady and light it is!


Bird house is a great brand some of the best skaters ride for birdhouse. They do have low concave which some people perfer but still a great board for when you are just new to skateboarding... but if you are an advanced skater I would not reccomend them because although the pop lasts it still is very mellow so yeah

I'm Haziq Emieril... I'm a skateboarder.. I use this skateboard for 2 years.. I've love it... Because it has better pop then other decks... The skateboard graphics is sick too.. ! It's light... I guarantee you will like it... It wont break... Unless you want to break it... So, I think Birdhouse is the best... Buy Birdhouse Deck! They're Awesome!

I like plan B and zero and birdhouse all about the same. The reason I voted for birdhouse was because it was the lowest of the three, and because my brother has had this birdhouse board for years, it still skates like it is brand new. The pop remains even today.

I got a complete for Christmas and it sucks. It chips so fast and loses pop. I have a crappy razor tail from skating for 2 months with the board. Don't buy Birdhouse, save your money.

8 Alien Workshop

First alien workshop I got was from this dude in a van. I was skating at a spot where's there's just legdes. (sorry for grammar mistakes). He was a sponsor for monster. When he gave me the board it was a street league deck. Rob dyrdek. One of his signature boards. I got it like 6 months ago. It has good pop. I landed a lot of cool tricks on it. I still have it that's one of my boards I want to keep. Alien workshops amazing. Again sorry my mistakes I made I'm in a special program for reading.

Plan B is only first because everybody knows them blah blah Paul Rodriguez, stupid possers but everybody that really skate will pick a brand because of their quality and their shape and not because of popularity anyways I recommend alien because they have an amazing pop and good shape.

I want to be sponsored by alien workshop because I skate goofy footed I am fascinated with aliens and I think the alien workshop designs are epic and fascinating and I will have a world round goofy footed skate session with all the pro goofy footed skaters world wide.

I LOVE alien workshop skateboards so much, first of all I skate stairs and just anything big most of the time and I have never broke any of my alien workshop boards and I have skated for about 4 years and I usually skate 8 to 10 stairs so go get an aws board there the best!

9 Real

Real decks very durable just like plan B. However they are relatively heavy. I usually skate baker but I figured I'd try something new. Lots of skaters at my local skate park like Real decks but I personally feel that Real can't compare to Baker; Baker is muck lighter and has a deeper concave. Over all it's personal perspective; not everyone prefers a heavy deck.

Reals are beast I have skated plan b p2s, girls, chocolates, toy machinnes and some other brands and reals are hands down the best boards around they have weird shapes but insane pop and amazing durability I skated mine for 8months and it didn't even get a chip they also don't razor tail there great!

I've tried many decks over the years, and real is by far the best! Almost was a close second, but real is better. I can probably bust out a 4 or 5 foot Ollie on one of these things. After a year of hard street skating, my deck was too razor tailed to skate. BUY A REAL! #1 in skating!

I have a Real skateboard right now and it has insanely good pop for how long I've been skating it. I've had for over a 5 months when my other skateboard was a Blind that thing only lasted me 3 months at max and the pop sucked after the first month and got razor tail so fast even though there're a great brand


Chocolate should be with girl like this (girl/chocolate) because they are the same brand well they are great my board is so heavy cause my ventures but its still a great brand just if you don't know chocolate girl and antihero are all like the same brands but chocolate makes EPIC wheels so thumbs UP!

I have no idea why element is on this list, but I have just recently gone from a chocolate deck to a flip P2 deck, worst mistake ever, don't get me wrong I love the carbon sturdiness and the solid flip decks, but nothing will ever compare to my chocolate.

The reason why chocolate is awesome... Kenny Anderson! I've had 4 chocolate deck now and they pop very high, just get a chocolate deck! who doesn't loves a fresh nice chocolate bar?

I don't no about chocolate but I've herd about they are good and they are good at poping so overall I'm going to say they are really good. THUMBS UP please

The Contenders
11 Toy Machine

I used to own a toy machine board it has good pop the deck it self is pretty light I very much recommend this board company you should also buy a toy machine deck

I currently have had the same Toy Machine board for about 5 months (skating every day). I have to say that it is extremely durable and good at flips. However, the back of the board has worn down A LOT over the relatively small period of time, and I think that this is affecting my ollies and pop height by a ton. I still love Toy Machine boards, but the tail gets worn out very quickly, and this really effects the pop. :(

Toy Machine makes good 7 ply skateboard decks. They don't offer much new technologies or anything in their decks - but their decks are good quality, and well made. A lot of their graphics feature cartoon monsters. The Toy Machine skateboarding team features riders like Billy Marks, Ed Templeton and Josh Harmony.

This deck is sick! I got it about a month ago as a beginner deck and it's awesome! Learned all the tricks I know on this, and it has crazy good pop. The nose is shorter than the tail, which I personally like, but that's just a preference. Great control, great pop, great deck! Buy a toy machine!

12 DGK

I got the Stevie Williams signature 8.25 with Andrew Brophy tensor mag lights, grizzly grip tape, welcome orbs ghost lites 52mm wheels, modus ceramic bearings and diamond bolts and I have to say it my favourite board I've had yet. As someone that's skated blind, almost, palace, baker, chocolate, girl, plan-b, creature, antihero, jart etc I can honestly say no board comes close in pop and flip response. Concave sticks nice to your feet when you want it to and feels comfortable to flick your for off for flip tricks. No razor tail issues so far seems to just be a good old 7-ply plank. A close second though would have to be the chocolate pop secrets decks, skated a few and they're my second choice if I can't find a dgk in my size at the skate shop I work at.

DGK is just racist for these reasons:
1. inappropriate
2. Skateboards that have graphics of ladies/girls that do'nt have clothes
3. The I♥haters and dgk all day slogan
4. Censored things

Too all parents do not let your son use this merchandise please take your son's dgk items to the JUNKYARD FOR ETERNITY! Even if your daughter uses this crappy merchandise do it too. What if your 18 year old son was skating with his friends and they all had skateboards those skateboards with the graphics of ladies without clothes. And your 18 year old son crashed into a 6 year old girl walking with her father. And your 18 year old son and his friends had inappropriate items of dgk. The six year old girl asks "what is that"? The father covers her eyes cause it was not for little kids to see. Please who was the guy who created this nightmare?!

My last deck - DGK-High Times 8.06, Very nice concave, shape is perfect, almost flat nose, very lite and thin. The POP is crazy and was made in Mexico not China. For older skaters like me it's nice to have a deck, that helps you to pop a little higher. The tail has almost direct curvature from the tail holes, very little flat (1cmm) and then curvature of tail,this will allowed you to pop higher. For skate-parks it's almost indestructible and the pop is long-lasting. A little less durability on street-skateboarding, bu this is normal every deck is less durable on street skating. I love this deck. DGK ALL DAY

After snapping my Blind deck in half, I went for an Expedition One deck. They are printed by the same company as DGK so it's more or less the same board. Nice concave, nice durability, but the main factor that makes this deck the best for me is the FLEX. I'm a street/tech skater who occasionally does transition (not much, though), so a flexible board is a must. I can land with my front foot in the middle really hard and it gives a nice bend but does not stress crack or break. Awesome deck

13 Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, flip, and creature boards are the same wood. Medium concave with 100% North American maple. You guys are insane. Why in the hell is plan b #1? I love plan b's team ( sheckler, Felipe Gustavo, pudwill, joslin, way, mclung, Ladd, Duffy, Chris Cole. ) but their deck are not that great. Overall... Santa Cruz, creature, and flip are the best deck you can get. Especially with all the technology they have with them like p2 and all that crap. NHS is the best! NHS is the only decks I will buy. Right now I have a Santa Cruz rasta deck, 8.0 by 31.6 and it is amazing. The wood is strong and are very good. Santa Cruz, creature, and flip are the best in my opinion, but buy any deck you want... As long as you're skating, that's all the matters. SKATE ON!

Are you lot mad? Santa Cruz's pop is HUGE. I have seen element (quite good actually), plan B, Habitat, Zoo York, Birhdouse, creature, blind, choclate: the LOT, none are better than Santa Cruz. TRUST ME. The wood and concave make it the BEST.
No. 1 Santa Cruz
No. 2 Element
No. 3 Flip
No. 4 Baker
No. 5 Girl

Santa Cruz is by far the best, best pop best flip, best everything. I have had this skateboard for two years! I have done stair sets rails and it still won't break

The best graphics and grip with the best pop, that is Santa Cruz. Are you people mad?!?! Santa cruz definitely has an awesome pop, it should be number 1 on this list

14 World Industries

Yo dawg I had this world industries board for like 15 years so the pop is so dank! I can Ollie over 10 feet and Rodney Mullen came to my house and said my board is so good he wants it. I told him no because it's legendary so he became my slave for 20 years just so he could have it, at the end I never gave it to him haha! but in the mean time, I went to the X games and beat tony hawk by doing a 1440 Christ Air on a half pipe! then he let me have his wife, also with this board I fought off the apocalypse and parted the Red Sea. I did all this with my handy dandy world industries skate board!

I've had my world industries for nearly 7 years, and it still hasn't snapped and pops amazingly.

I have a Blind (world industries) deck and its pretty good! the durability is the best topic on that brand!

I put mine up side down and jumped on it and it did not snap

15 Deathwish

Deathwish has some sick ass pop. They have some sick designs, great pop, and they are durable. I have no clue how element is above Deathwish element sucks. Element breaks so fast and deathwish will last a lifetime.

First Barca Trip the deathwish went on, Hit some very big stuff board got battered around everywhere and not a single thing wrong for weeks after. Never even saw a pressure crack. Only deathwish or heroin boards to ride.

I've owned 2 Deathwish decks in the past year, I skate almost every non-rainy day. Love the concave and the pop is awesome when they're new.. Once they start chipping n splintering its over though.

I have been skating for over 10+ years and I have tested a lot of decks and I love deathwish by far because the pop is amazing and they hardly ever snap nice ass decks deathwish love it!


FIRST OF ALL, no certain brand has 'the most pop' its not that simple, a certain brand has many different pro models with different shapes and sizes that's like saying "what car brand has the fastest engines".. Certain FLIP boards have more pop than certain GIRL boards and certain GIRL boards have more pop than certain FLIP boards.. But in general average I think FLIP tends to more decks with better pop and FLIP boards, FOUNDATION,AND MYSTERY have the GREATEST shapes overall! AND WHAT is up with all these people saying they've skated the same deck for 5 years your delirious no way that has any pop left on it at all probably NEGATIVE POP you kids even know what your talking about haha?

Flips are amazing I nollie heelflips a 5 stair and landed in the middle of the board and it did not snap I also land ed in the middle on my butt and it still survived. The graphics are plain it classic and you can't go wrong with them just get some thunder senora reds and bones wheels ad your hood

Flip board is the king of pop, good concave also. I skate every day and every day is a hardcore play for 4 straight month but still my board didn't snap, chip or break... ussualy other boards like plan b, AW, Girl, zooyork only last 2months for me. But glip is so durable!

I got the flip P2 skateboard or pro 2 skateboard literally the best pop in a skateboard ever. I have ridden plan b and zero but they do not compete as well

17 Creature

I had a black label they were pretty good. But switch to the creature p2 I love the pop and they don't break easy last a long time. I had mine for a year and half and still skateing on the same board. You pay what you get.

I got my board over a year ago has not let me down fulfills all expectations, fantastic pop, great overall board and can handle tricks very well.

Creature are totes killer, new P2 models have hella pop, well tough and fairly light too.

Black Label are rad too.

I just got the creature gravette board with the horse and cow boy on it and it has amazing pop, by far the best board I've skated!

18 Fifth Ave

The brand are good they were in tony hawk American wasteland

Does this board brand exist

What is this brand

Never heard of it

19 Cliche

Cliche Keystones have one of the best pops I've had, I've had 2 cliche keystones and both had the same good pop and concave, the board is good if you're going for height, I've ridden one in the rain already and it still has more pop than all my other boards, namely (Flip, almost, blueprint, LCS (Local) and positiv (First deck)
The only other board I would recommend would be Stereo, so my top 2 are 1. Cliche and 2. Stereo~

They pop like hell they are the same like plan b but with slightly more pop especially the keystone version and I'm keval maharaj trust me they are super light and dope... Yeah

Cliche is awesome, has great Pop, lasts long and they have some cool neutreal graphics not like some other graphiti deck brands. So all in all you can't go wrong with a cliche!

I just got a new cliche I'm a total beginner I just figured out how to do an ollie on it, yay!

20 Revive

Getting back into Skateboarding after retirement. 63 now and seems like I've lost almost all my skills after 45 years or so. I searched the net for old guy tips and discovered the Revive youtubers. Fun videos and some good info too. I bought three of their last chance boards and so far so good although I'd list myself as a rank beginner now. I've worked up to easy ramps now, no jumping yet. I do like the shape and feel of the Revive decks better than the antiques I have used/

I tell you not a big company,built in a little warehouse in California,but DEFINITELY the BEST none others meet the pop and concave.If you try to stomp in the ones like 1,2,3 and almost all of the ones on this list up to here you will have absolutely NONE NADA resistance.So many people who have owned elements have had their board weaken so fast and asked me to stomp them,it literally felt like tearing paper...(that's what they make with).But don't even think about stomping a REVIVE you'll break your ankle and need some REVIVING from the dead..(why my puns).

Not a very big company but man, this is the best deck I have skated so far. Pop is good, concave feels so natural to the feet and razor tails for like forever. So one day I am so mad and tried to snap my board but, it snapped for like the 11th attempt :D go buy and support this company.

Yeah yeah yeah support small companies, especially this one, making skating more acessable to kids and taking them away from the sometimes bad culture behind it. Love revive, sick team, sick graphics and awesome spirit.

21 Skate Mental

Skate mental has always had strong pop and nice concave. I don't like skating anything with any kind of inserts like double impact or fiber light. The only other good boards with that are heliums and they pressure crack so bad. I've been riding the sticker sponsor deck for a good 7 months now and my skate mental just got a pressure crack in it. If you like ledges and gaps then go for a hard solid wood board. Not that "60 day guarantee against breakage crap"

A well built strong board with a legit pop and a great kick flip. One of my first and favorite decks. Not well known, even though in my opinion it is just as great a deck as Girl.

Good pop n doesn't stick with slides
I recommend this board if you are in love with ledges and rails

Really good pop I recommend them very decent board they should be higher up

22 Heroin

My favourite decks. Loads of pop, crazy strong and gnarly graphics. British too. Tempted to try Baker or Deathwish, seeing as it's the same distribution.

Great british board company, cheaper than most and certainly the most durable bar deathwish. Can't go wrong with heroin unless your scottish and hodling a needle.

Heroin are sweet decks, lightweight durable with tons of pop, and the best graphics

If you don't skate a Heroin board you may as well take Heroin

23 Enjoi

I like enjoi a lot. If your looking for great pop buy a enjoi there great. And there not even that heavy like most decks. Only bad thing is that is chips kinda of easy. But that's okay if your a ametur. But if your good still buy enjoi but watch out for the chip

Why is this at 12? I've skated many different brands of boards and enjoi is always what I find myself coming back to. They have the best pop and the best concave, nothing more to be said.

Best deck I've had. Though the wood is pretty soft. Gets razor tail pretty fast. As long as you keep tricks clean your golden. Just a little better than Plan B. Amazing pop

I love enjoi the first time I rode one I instantly fell in love. they have a great concave and amazing pop. This is a great board to start out with as well.


Darkstar isn't that special when it comes to pops. The pop is okay. If you know how to pop the board you'll adapt to the pop your board has. I recommend Darkstar if you want a board that will not break easily. I swear one time the board hit a wall and came back with parts of the wall on it while the board was still in great shape

This board is not the lightest and it doesn't have much pop. But it makes up for it in strength and durability. If I were you I would buy a plan B, Totally sick!

DARK STAR is the Best deck I've ever had.Iv'e had a DARK STAR for 3 years and skate it every day and the tail has only just started to get worn out I would rate DARK STAR a 10 out of 10 definitely get won you will love it.

It's nice. I've bought a Darkstar as my first deck and it's really good. The flips are awesome and it's very light.


I just ordered a blind rasta deck and it should be here today! But anyway, blind decks are amazing! They have concave so there's extra pop in the board. They are really durable because they put either carbon fiber or a special flexible but strong kind of glass which makes it really light. I strongly recommend you get these skateboards.

Blind has the best deck hands down, They are very durable with great Flex. The decks have a very long life and are hard too chip up.
don't get anything below an 8.0.
don't get wheels and trucks bring your setup over

Blind has incredible pop, I'm able to Ollie very high and the ride is very smooth as well. I recommend getting Blind, for beginners and experts.

Dude Blinds Own there heaps flexible and don't snap , heaps good for board slides and good pop

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