Top 10 Skateboard Decks with the Most Pop


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61 Landway

Landway has a good design a a good pop, all skateboard decks depends on the user. This landway deck is really good for beginners, you can try this dud... It has also 7 ply :D, and a good designs that's all

Yep. This board does have a nice pop. Plus, it lats a vey long time. I learned Fakie Bigspins and Fakie Tre Flips with Landway skateboards. Its, pretty cool, I recomend it for beginners.

62 KFD
63 Powell-Peralta

Way better than loads of these decks.

Should be top 10.

My friend has one and it is very solid and good for street skating and bowl skating

My buddy's got this board.. I think it's from kmart, but I don't care, I asked him and I could use it for a sec. Pop is good, concave is average, but it chips fast.

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64 Bamboo Skateboards

I have skated zero, element, girl, darkstar and flip most of the time. Bamboo boards is the best deck so far and besides, they are cheap. I tried a bamboo deck and it was so light than any top brand name board, and the pop was damn high. it's vey hard to snap because they just flex. concave feels so nice to your feet. there are even post in YouTube of people running over some bamboo board by an SUV and it didn't snapped. I will never buy maple again. maple tree takes 40 years to be mature while bamboo grows 5 feet a day. when you cut down a bamboo 2 grows back. be Eco friendly :D

Definitely this board is very light and yet very hard to break, an average skateboard last at least around 5 months to 1 year, my bamboo is already 3 years old and yet still good to skate

65 Magenta

Great light steep concave and small independent company

Great pop very light and massive concave

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66 Passport

Good Aussie company should be in top 20 at least USA have control over what they buy buy passport

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67 Sector 9 V 2 Comments
68 Moose Blanks

These decks have hellaa pop. The dipped decks look so sick cause then you can customize. These decks are super strong and light for only 25 bucks. Give it a chance.

69 Lib Tech

Great pop and slick bottom. Lasts a long time.

70 Empire
71 Lost Soul V 1 Comment
72 Black Out

Its pretty sick, mine has a great pop on it, its really concave, I just got it 10/10/14

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73 Antiz

Great skateboard best for bigginer yet best also in pros hast all what you wanted easy to do tricks with it

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74 GMTA V 2 Comments
75 BLVD Skateboards

I've been riding an 8,5 for a year, mostly bowls. It's incredible how it holds well and last longer than others boards. Has good pop, but perhaps not the best for street riding.

A really good deck hard to find in USA skateshop but if you find just bought that

76 Consolidated

Small company but great decks

77 Smoke Beer
78 Miasma
79 Launch

Nice local A2 boards cool prints crazy pop

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80 Symbolic
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