Top 10 Skateboard Decks with the Most Pop


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81 Symbolic
82 Santa Monica Airlines

Light and has a lot of pop and concave. The pros on their team have mad skills in pools and street. Best thing of all no deck has the same graphic because they are all hand stained.

All the locals at the skateparks I go to have them. Great riders like tuma Britton and Bennett harada who are awesome. Also they have street boards pool boards and some long boards

83 1080

Easy snapping did a tre and snapped

84 Puppets
85 Renner Z

An insane pop on the board. Recommended for beginners/ intermediates. I can easily kick flip on it. And get a great pop!

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86 Airwalk

This was the first board I ever got, I wouldn't recommend this though. The grip was horrible.

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87 24 Skateboards

Best boards ever
It's a small company but has great decks and the best deal
If you break one within a year of buying it they will send you another one for free

88 Ironfist
89 Promaster
90 Nash

The sickest! I love their stock wheel bearings!

91 Bianca Chandon
92 Flavor

I am skating a flavor deck right now and there are only two problems they raiser tail really fast and they chip really easy other then that it's a good board

I really like the designs and it has lots of pop! I I have my own and I like it way better than my birdhouse. And it is VERY light weight so that's also good

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93 ENDdustries Skateboards

I think Enddustries is the very best skateboard deck from Indonesia. Looks not different with the other brand from Indonesia but Enddustries skateboard deck have very good quality. Not just when you ride it and pop it, but the concave so nice and the wood is really strong, its must be real hard rock canadian maple. Beside that, the price really reasonable, not too expensive and almost more cheap than the other brand from Indonesia. Must buy and ride this skateboard deck before you die, that's my recommendation.

94 Et Skateboards
95 Hydroponic

Never herd of it

96 Chance
97 Stereo Skateboards

My friend has one of these and he is a great skater he has been skating this board for so long he is always razor-tailing and he still had no chips. +great POP

Yes great boards indeed! These should be number 1 on the list

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98 Speed Demon

I've had my speed demon deck for about 4 years now and it still hasn't broken or chipped. The skateboard still has loads of pop. I've tried other brands but speed demons was definitely the best deck. Don't know why speed demon is behind darkstar cus my darkstar deck broke super fast.

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99 Ammo

They don't chip easily, or break, have extraordinary pop and have cool designs

100 Mongoose

A good starter board that is fairly cheep.

Kyrptonics are worse mongoose just don't pop at all ollies are impossible kickflips suck the have horrible wheels and trucks

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