Top 10 Worst Types of Twitter Users

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1 The Alt-Right

Goes without saying. They go on and on about how Twitter censors their horrible opinions but they still use it anyways. They spread nazi propaganda using cute anime girls, vapor wave, Catholic statues and memes. Plus, they always get away with their horrible actions. This can apply to all bigots in General such as racists and homophobes.

2 Pedophiles

Aka MAPs. Pedophiles want to make themselves look good by calling themselves Minor Attracted People and trying to join the lgbt community, but pedophiles are evil people. Many Twitter users have been outed as pedophiles and groomers


For some reason, a bunch of TERFs are British. Anyways, they're so obsessed with vaginas and being a biological woman that it's actually gross. The younger TERFs send death threats to men just for being men. And of course, they hate trans people, specifically trans women. TERFs are ugly and evil witches.

4 Stans

Some types of stans can be very aggravating. I'm looking at kpop, anime, The Owl House, Genshin Impact, She-Ra, and RWBY specifically. All they do is cancel people. In fact, Genshin Impact fans tried to boycott the game and then went right back to playing it. They think they're so perfect and woke, but many stans have been revealed to be racist TERFs themselves.

Remember when Stan just meant a person named "Stan", "Stanley" or "Stanford"?

5 Exclusionists

Bruh, why would you make an account dedicated to lgbt discourse and excluding people from the community? go get a job, I promise you that some kids using neopronouns isn't what's compelling lawmakers to erase trans people. Neopronouns don't cause transphobia. Transphobes do.

6 MCYT Fans

I think mcyttwt deserves a section of its own. All they do is obsess over racist white British Minecraft YouTubers and complain about how disliking Dream is ableist because he had adhd. They also ruin the reputation of adhd and go "it's okay to be antiblack because it's my hyperfixation". They're such sheep, that they legit form cults and religions around Dream, George, Tommy and whoever. The fact that they're everywhere has made me feel bad or not normal for liking these stupid MCYTs. Sorry I don't like your racist smiley face dumbo.

7 Scene Kids

You know the ones I'm talking about. Those kids with flashy layouts who love Danganronpa, Homestuck, Invader Zim, FNAF, Fanboy and Chum Chum and Lemon Demon. They can get real aggravating. Some of them are legit mentally ill and need to get therapy. Being triggered by the fact that you're not Kokichi Ouma in real life is a cause for concern.

8 Proshippers

Making the fact that you draw Deku porn your entire personality is cringe. All they do is get into discourse and harass children for not liking their Bakudeku kink AU. There's also been several instances where they send porn to minors, which is a criminal offense. So much for keeping real minors safe, amirite? Please, log off, nobody gives a poop about fandom discourse in the real world.

9 Meme Kids

14 year old boys who should go back to Reddit. They claim to hate Twitter but use it frequently. They post overused troll face, wojak, Invincible and Friday Night Funkin memes, especially under the comments section of gimmick accounts. They're also likely to be racist, misogynist and transphobic.

10 Comic Boomers

The incels who hate westerners even though they live in their mom's basement in Oklahoma. They masturbate to anime boobs because they can't get a girlfriend because of how misogynist they are. They claim not to be racist, misogynist or homophobic but they harass minorities and creators. Even children get harassed because they like modern cartoons. They also think comicsgate, gamergate, and Vic Mignogna are still relevant in 2021, and they pump out videos about "wahhhh evil sjw cancel culture". Dude, go outside.

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11 Sexuals
12 "Woke" Crowd
13 Bullies
14 Trumpers
15 Homophobes
16 Bots
17 Canada Haters
18 Sexists

Twitter has a lot of so-called "men self improvement" accounts that promote misogyny and violence towards women.

19 Vegans
20 Immature Kids
21 "Ratio" Commenters
22 Anime Fans
23 Rabid Fans
24 Hypersensitive People
25 K-Pop Fans
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