Top 10 Greatest Sonic the Hedgehog Characters

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1 Shadow the Hedgehog Shadow the Hedgehog Shadow the Hedgehog is a character who appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by Sega. He is an artificially created black and red hedgehog whose hover shoes propel him at extreme speeds that rival those of Sonic.

Shadow is better than Sonic in almost every respect because: 1. Sonic cannot fly, while Shadow can because of his shoes. 2. Sonic stated that he would never touch firearms, but Shadow will shoot someone without a second thought. 3. Sonic may be the fastest thing alive, but Shadow can go far faster using his shoes and Chaos Control. 4. Sonic will die eventually (although it may be a few centuries due to Sega's aging system), but Shadow is immortal. 5. Sonic may have been created first in real life, but in the games, Shadow was created around 34 years before Sonic was born, making Sonic the faker. 6. Sonic's friends are an underage fox and a gullible anteater, whereas Shadow's friends are a sexy spy/professional thief and an awesome destruction-loving robot. 7. Sonic's quills turn up when he goes super, but Shadow's are already so cool that they look the same both ways. 8. Sonic is not badass, and Shadow most certainly is. 9. While there is nothing wrong with liking Sonic, liking Shadow ...more

I don't really like the Shadow the Hedgehog, although he will always be better than that terrible hedgehog who is Sonic the Hedgehog. Shadow the Hedgehog is supposed to have a European accent, for god's sake.

The reason why Shadow is cooler than Silver is that Silver fans try so hard to prove that Silver is cooler when the only thing Shadow fans have to say is that Shadow is ' Bad-ass. Enough' said. If Shadow could beat every other Sonic character Shadow would just kill everyone and who in the world wants that? Our world may be messed up but not THAT messed up. Oh and correction for you Silver Fans Silver: Last Hedgehog to fly, if he's from the future, then he wouldn't be the first one to fly. If Shadow's Actor's voice sucks, tell that to the actor. Plus that's probably just to either show how cool shadow is in comparison or to show how awesome shadow can be even with a bad voice I'm not sure because I haven't heard yet so I am just assuming. Another thing, Silver may be able to stop chaos power but Silver will never beat the Epicly Cool Awesomeness of Shadow.

You don't have to bash Silver because you think Shadow is better, I like Shadow he is my second favorite but If you can't even come up with a reason why he is a good character that's not good. If Shadow is a character you believe is better then Silver you need something to back that up and saying Silver fans are wrong because they have lists of reasons why they think the character is good, and the only thing you have going is Shadow is badass just cause, that's not alright, also saying Shadow is badass just cause that's not a reason. You shouldn't have to compare characters in my opinion a good character should be able to stand on there own without being compared to another character that has there own unique traits. For instance I like Shadow because of how subtle his emotions are, him crossing his arms shows he's protecting himself from something, that something is possible loved ones. He doesn't want to get close to anyone because he doesn't want to lose them like Maria. Shadow has ...more

I love shadow tour awesome I also agree that he is more superior than sonic because he has always been cooler than sonic even though sonic was created first!

Shadow is my favorite character in all of sonic the hedgehog because he is just the coolest. Rouge is my favorite female character because she is dark, mysterious, conniving, strong, stealthy, cunning and deceptive. Her good looks and sly personality makes her overall the best female sonic character. But not the best sonic character of them. in fact the main reason I think Rouge is the best sonic girl character is because she is Shadow's girl as in Rouge, Amy and Blaze are the three characters that are best for being Shadows girlfriend because he is heterosexual confirmed Sonic will never be his boyfriend neither will anyone else who is a guy. But Rouge is the one Shadow is most interested in even though she likes Knuckles. Shadow is overall the best character male or female, gay or straight, white or colored basically the best.

2 Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by SEGA, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.

Sonic is not only the greatest hero ever, he's also the sweetest, caring, and thoughtful hedgehog ever! He cares so much for his friends and to those he saves from danger, even if he met that person at least one time. Plus, I love his humor and cockiness XDD. I just don't understand why people favor Shadow more than the blue blur himself other than his attitude and weapons O. O? Don't get me wrong, Shadow's a great character and all, but Sonic'll always be the best, and fastest hedgehog around!

Sonic may have a rough personality, but he'll do whatever it takes to save the day!

Sonic is super fast never loses and is super awesome. The only people who can compete are Shadow the hedgehog and Scourge the Hedgehog. Even though Scourge isn't in the television show doesn't mean he isn't sick. He has even defeated Sonic and Shadow multiple times.

Sonic has a lot of character. He's fast, kind and a bit cocky as well as being fast and being a show off but who doesn't like a show off like him. He's a risk taker and like shadow, he never thinks twice as he would put himself at risk to protect his friends. - Gwuncan

No one is a real sonic the hedgehog fan if they don't like Sonic. I mean come on he is the fastest character in the game so if he is facing knuckles he would beat him up in a second just like when emerl used sonic's moves to defeat Knuckles in the sonic x series. Sonic defeated Shadow many times in the games like in Sonic generations. Don't get me wrong. I like All the characters on this list but Sonic will always be the 1st in my mind. People are starting to like Shadow and Silver more than Sonic, So that's why I think they made Sonic the only playable character in Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, and in Sonic generations and I think they should create a new gameplay for Sonic. So stop making Sonic look lame and boring and putting Shadow and Silver in the front.

Tails may have done the last assault on Sonic, but Sonic won the battle on Tails with just words on issue 179 in the comics - Infosreatcher

Sonic is the best character in the entire Sonic game/comic universe. He may not be the strongest, but his speed, heart, and all-around awesomeness allow him to defeat his opponents. Don't get me wrong, I still love Shadow, Silver, Scourge, Mighty, Sally, and more; I just think that Sonic is better. His trash talking is hilarious (though sometimes cliche), His bravery is unparalleled, and his heroism is just inspiring. His speed allowed him to defeat Shadow (before they became allies), his trash-talking continues to drive Eggman insane, and his morals allowed him to defeat Scourge and persuade Silver that he wasn't the traitor to the Knothole Freedom Fighters (in the Archie Comic universe). That being said, Sonic is my favorite character, followed by Shadow/Silver, then Scourge/Mighty, then Sally/Tails.

3 Miles Tails Prower Miles Tails Prower Miles Prower, more commonly known by his nickname Tails, is a fictional character in Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a significant main character after the title character Sonic, who is also his best friend.

I really don't understand why Silver is currently beating out both Tails and Knuckles on this list. I thought he was a pretty hated character! Anyways, Tails is by far my favorite Sonic character for a number of reasons:

1. He's pretty much just as iconic as Sonic himself, appearing in almost every Sonic game after Sonic 2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but other than Sonic 1, I think Sonic CD was the only main series installment that Tails did not make an appearance in.

2. He can fly! I know a lot of other Sonic characters exist now that have flight abilities, but Tails was the first one to have this ability. Not only can he fly using his two tails to propel him in the air, but he's a pilot as well! Tails flies the Tornado, but I'm still not quite sure if the plane belongs to himself or to Sonic.

3. He saved Sonic's life. If you beat Sonic 2 as Sonic but don't collect all seven chaos emeralds, Sonic will be seen plummeting towards the earth, but then safely lands on ...more

really? Silver and Shadow are beating Tails in this? The commenter below is right, you are going to kill off an original, someone who has permanently made a positive mark in video games, just so you can see more furry 'SonAdow' or ShadIlver". You sonic fans blame Sega for sonics failure, when in fact it's the so called "fans" themselves doing the raping. I'll tell you what, try doing this poll by showing random people on the streets pictures of sonic characters, and tell me how may people know who shadow and silver are? nobody knows nor cares because they contribute nothing, but maybe that's why the games are going to crap, because sega sees stuff like this and thinks "oh, people love silver and shadow, lets do more stuff with them and throw out the old". Then you get *cough cough* shadow the hedgehog, THE GAME! what a great idea hahahahahaha!
And how is Being smart, mechanical, talented, brave, cute and unique NOT cool? Why do people hate Tails for that? ...more

You really are not showing why he is the best. You are just hating on shadow fans. I am a shadow the hedgehog fan, and it seems like you were threatened to... Unless you wrote this. Think good about tails, not bad about shadow.

1. In archie comic's "sonic the hedgehog issue 179" tails pretty much OWNED SONIC!
2. Tails has good connection to the chaos force and he's only a kid.
3. He was once sonic's sidekick but now he is a hero following his own path.
5. He actually has the most fan girls in the sonic series
6. Maybe in the next few years when he is older I think he will be just as badass as shadow

Sonic used to be smarter than Tails, now Tails is smarter than Sonic, which helped him to build weapons that he needs to win battles. Sure, Tails is better than Sonic when it comes to brains and driving skills, but Sonic's still better than Tails in more ways, which is fighting skills, chaos power and abilities.. And Boom Sonic had proven to be batter than Boom Tails, even if Boom Tails won the bet in capturing him. - Infosreatcher

Everyone likes to learn from this character about science

4 Knuckles the Echidna Knuckles the Echidna Knuckles the Echidna is a fictional character in Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a red anthropomorphic echidna who is determined and serious, but sometimes gullible. He has the ability to glide and climb up walls, and is a powerful fighter due to his spiked hands.

Knuckles has to be the best character going I mean in every game you play as him he has awesome powers, the ability to climb, glide, dig and has great fighting abilities, and you can't miss out the fact he looks so cool. I don't know if uve noticed but the major colours of most of the sonic characters is red and Knuckles is all red and the fact he looks awesome with his long dreadlocks and giant fists that look like boxing gloves but with spikes makes it even more cooler and he has the best looking shoes out of everyone. I mean come on he has mountain shoes with some kind of Lego piece on it that's just amazing. The only thing I'm mostly disappointed in I'd the fact he doesn't turn super in the new games its always Sonic, Shadow or Silver and that's now fair because Knuckles is just good enough to be Super too as he knows more about the Chaos Emeralds than anyone els as he guards the Master Emerald it's his duty to know more.

He's always been my favorite Sonic character. This guy is AWESOME! He stated out as an anti-hero in Sonic 3. One day Super Sonic was just flying around being all cool and stuff and BAM a red echidna named Knuckles hits Super Sonic so hard that it knocks the Chaos Emeralds out of him! Then Knuckles steals all of the emeralds! It's up to Sonic and Tails to get them back! Eventually Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles realize they have one common enemy, Eggman. By this time, Sonic had gotten all of the emeralds back. Now Sonic and Knuckles team up! Sonic actually gives the emeralds to Knuckles so he can start collecting the Super Emeralds! These emeralds are much stronger than the Chaos Emeralds. Then Sonic gets the Super Emeralds and becomes HYPER SONIC! Sonic defeats Eggman and the world is saved! But that is besides the point. Remember the beginning Super Sonic is supposed to be invincible, BUT Knuckles hit Super Sonic SO HARD that it knocks the emeralds out of him! Knuckles is SUPER STRONG! ...more

In the comic book, Knuckles is given more story than in the games. He has more responsibility, purpose, and mystery than Sonic does and even has a girlfriend. He's leader of the Chaotix, which I think is a good addition, has similar powers to Shadow, and is not the last of his kind, except in the games where he has none of that.

Knuckles is best character ever.
you gotta admit it!

5 Silver the Hedgehog Silver the Hedgehog

Silver is phenomenal character. First of all, his design is unique for a male hedgehog - he looks much different from Sonic and Shadow. Silver's character is also very uncertain yet righteous. He actually takes time to rethink his actions in Sonic '06 and is very introspective because of this. He certainly wants justice and will fight evil with a slightly cocky, condescending, brave facade over his sensitive, insecure, and lonely heart. Unfortunately, most people probably only took notice of this facade (e.G. "It's no use! ") and labeled poor Silver as a annoying character. But, Silver is also a good friend. He has truly developed a friendship with Blaze and would never want her to leave his side; he would probably sacrifice his own life for her even though he would fight his emotions to do so. Silver is also very uniquely gifted with the talent of telekinesis/psychokinesis which expresses his mental capabilities. Although Silver is naive, he seems like he could overcome ...more - XxUltimateSoulxX

SILVER IS NO DOUBT THE COOLEST AND THE BEST SONIC CHARACTER OF ALL TIME! I don't know why you guys hate silver so much you just want him dead, but seriously this hedgehog is from the future: THE FUTURE! AND I KNOW YOUR GONNA HATE ME FOR SAYING THIS BUT SILVER IS BETTER THAN SHADOW AND I CAN COMPARE THE REASONS WHY.

Silver the Hedgehog is so cute but still very annoying. Also, he sure can rival Princess Peach Toadstool (who sucks).

Let's imagine Silver was in a battle with each of the characters:
Sonic: No need to imagine that one, happened 3 times, 2 Silver almost killed sonic, 1 silver could have just killed Sonic if he wished (using meteor smash in front of him)
Tails:... If Silver beats sonic he beats Tails.
Knuckles: Tries to punch Silver Silver teleports away and hit him from behind.
Amy: Gets Piko-Piko Hammer. Silver picks up hammer with psychokinesis and trows it at Amy.
Cream: Cheese starts attacking because Cream can't do anything alone. Silver catches cheese with his powers.
Big:... Hm.
Shadow: Uses Chaos Spear. Silver can trow it back. Starts running at super speed. Great. What now? Silver can do that too. I really don't know why everyone thinks shadow can beat Silver. Look, at Generations Silver is more powerful than he was in Sonic 06. In Sonic 06 Silver fought Shadow to a stalemate. That means actual Silver (Generations Silver) could beat Shadow.
Rouge: Screw kick! Stop her ...more - corisco42

I love Silver for many different reasons. One reason is simply because he doesn't try to be better then anyone else (I'm just goanna say what's coming up are just examples and I love most sonic game characters). For instance Knuckles is stronger then sonic, or Shadow is the Ultimate life form he is better then sonic, Jet the hawk "I'm faster then Sonic". I think you get my point. Silver came from the future in hopes of bringing happiness to everyone, he didn't want to kill Sonic, heck I think if it was up to him he wouldn't want to hurt anyone. I like to think of Silver as a gentle giant in a way, I know he's not huge but he is more powerful then people give him credit for yet at the same time compassionate and caring. He also actually takes the time to stop and think if maybe what he's doing is wrong I like that. Silver has his own neat powers. He can fly without aid of shoes or a plane, He can pick up and move things with just the power of his mind, He can teleport without a chaos ...more

6 Blaze the Cat Blaze the Cat

It was really close between Blaze and Tails, but Blaze just barely wins. The fact that she initially starts out as a loner, yet eventually she learns about having friends in people like Cream, Marine, and especially Sonic really shows that she knows that she can trust others, even if she doesn't want it. This is due to the fact that she is the guardian of the Sol Emeralds, which are the polar opposite of the Chaos Emeralds. Having the power to control flames, as well as having a fear of heights show that Blaze has her strengths and weaknesses. This makes Blaze one of the most interesting characters in the Sonic series. - c0mf0rta61ynum6

Blaze is my favorite because of her skills she's very much like sonic exempt a cat, age, colour and gender are different. She has met several different characters like knuckles, cream, sonic (sonics rival), amy, shadow, marine, silver, tails and lots more. She owns her own demotion for gods sake that's awesome. She's princess and guardian of it. She may be serious and might not be good at making friends... But she's amazing. She has Sam qualities as sonic... She's fast, talk active in battle and so much more I just can't remember. I love cats they've got amazing abilities she uses a few of them. Her voice after in 2012 Olympic game was amazing it suited her! For crying out loud who doesn't like a cat with fire powers I would wish for my cat, Carla to have some sort of power... It would be wow! She doesn't have to many friends (like sonic) she is good at taking her time with trust it's not like randomly walk up "oh hi let's be friends" like in treasure team tango she says "my trust ...more

I like cat characters. Enough said.

Blaze is probably one of the most complex characters. Her powers are strong and quite unique compared to the other characters. She also has one of the deepest background characters (I think she'd be the runner up to Shadow). Being bullied as a child for being different, she has a story that a lot people can really latch onto and relate to, which makes her so likable. She is definitely the best character (and probably the most underrated of them).

7 Metal Sonic Metal Sonic Metal Sonic is one of Eggman’s fastest and most powerful creations. Programed to be better than Sonic in any aspect possible, he can shoot electro balls, shoot electricity downward, do a boost, and make himself invincible. He fight’s Sonic each time he gets stronger, and when he gains enough power, more.

Metal Sonic is my favorite Sonic Character

He is the best!

For the longest time Metal Sonic was my favorite Sonic character because of how bad ass he was. - EvanWellens

Metal is fast, strong, and powerful. He has also fought Sonic and friends to a stand still. He is awesome! He is the best robot made by Eggman.

8 Rouge the Bat Rouge the Bat

Rouge, to me at least, is the best sonic character EVER CREATED! If Sega tried to make someone better than Rouge, they would miserably fail, because she is the BEST! There's everything to love about her: her looks, her personality, her overall sexiness, and obviously, her coolness. She deserves her rightful place in the top 3. Also, I think she's better than even SHADOW. Yup, I just said that.

She is by far the best female sonic character, she is beautifull, smart tough, strong, independent and she makes a pretty good spy she is way better than the other girls

Rouge is the best character EVER! With her sassy, flirtatious and voluptous attidtude makes her by far the best character.

Big bat boobs

9 Espio the Chameleon Espio the Chameleon Espio The Chameleon is a Sonic character first appearing in the 1995 Sega 32X title, Knuckles' Chaotix alongside Charmy Bee and Vector the Crocodile. Espio's appearance in Knuckles' Chaotix depicts him as a character with a hot temper which causes Charmy to remind him about his manners. In Sonic Heroes, more.

Espio is probably the most underrated character on this list. He is shown to be highly intelligent (computer hacking, seeing through all the tricks of villains that for some reason nobody else can see, and being the brains and success from all the Chaotix missions) and is considered officially the 3rd fastest character in the series (behind Sonic and Shadow obviously) Also, he has high combat skills, heroic but not egoistical like Sonic, proven to be badass but not as overdone or overly dark like Shadow, and can be sympathized with for underrated-ness like Silver! And on top of ALL of that, he doesn't go out of his way to prove he did all these awesome things with a big, fat ego like characters higher on the list would do! He may have an ego at TIMES, but doesn't overdo it like Sonic, Shadow or that birdbrain Jet the Hawk. Granted the closest character personality wise is officially Espio, however the difference is that he is classified as a hero along with Sonic and Shadow is ...more

Espio is very intellect

I have many favourite Sonic characters, including some higher up on this list, but Espio gets my vote! He encapsulates so many of the traits of other beloved characters in one extremely cool and unique style. He deserves way more love than he gets and it saddens me that him (and the chaotix, though not so much Vector because he has remained popular) have been present less and less in recent Sonic media. He's the only chameleon there is and what an amazing one to have! Who doesn't love a ninja?

he cool

10 Doctor Eggman Doctor Eggman Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik is a fictional video game character and the main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, created by Sega.

I believe that he should be number four, or even three, perhaps five, as unlike many of the other characters, the latest games haven't characterized him as some helpless person that needs someone to guide them. Certainly, he may have some bad lines here and there, but overall, most of them did do somewhat good, and half the time, he didn't sound like an idiot, as this certain character has a lot of potential.

Eggman should be # 1! - girlcool

Mate he's great

Number 11? No way! I can't BELIEVE this! - EvanWellens


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11 Amy Rose Amy Rose Amy Rose is a fictional character in SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is a pink anthropomorphic hedgehog with a cheerful, competitive personality, and is infatuated with the series' main character, Sonic. She serves as the first playable female character in the series.

I agree with all of you saying that amy rose stands out. sure she is a little violent and sonic doesn't return her love but her attitude and persistence and leadership is what stands out from all the other sonic characters. I personally believe shadow and amy should be a couple because opposites DO attract of course ;) and shadow thinks she is just like maria in every way. but back to what I was saying, if sega wouldin't change her completely but just lighten up on her and make her more appealing, THEN we could get somewhere with her part as a sonic team member. MAYBE she could appear older in the games, MAYBE should catch someones eye (not just for a split second), MAYBE she could be less violent and more reasonable, and MAYBE just MAYBE Sonic could be more attracted to amy (also a sonamy fan either way is good). Amy Rose may not be the oldest, strongest, or most calm person ever but I think sega could benefit from having a little change in a popular female sonic character. I have ...more

No no no shadow and amy should NOT BE a couple amy to persistent shadow would shoot her - crazysonicfan211095

Amy Rose has to be my favorite character. Many say she's obsessive, one-dimensional, and crazy, but I think otherwise. Amy is a character who represents hope and optimism. She represents perseverance and friendship. I feel as if Amy is underappreciated, and that her character has backpedaled throughout the games. Why? Amy was shown to be a Sonic-crazy, yet very passionate about her beliefs (even if they contradicted Sonic's) in the adventure series. Her character kind of took a step back in later games. The gag of her chasing and/or beating others/Sonic was dragged on too much, thus that being her only iconic trait, which I find unfair. Much like what happened to Knuckles (him getting dumber and dumber) has happened to Amy (her getting more and more obsessive). As of now, we haven't had a legit Sonic game for 5 years (although we do have Sonic Boon which has given Amy a much more proper way of dealing with her crush). Project 2017 is coming out next year, and if Amy IS in the game, I ...more

Amy has always had a lot of personality to her thanks to her personal goal always being to get Sonic to be romantically involved with her. Even if that's never gonna happen, it's always a joy seeing her try, even if that's mostly because of Sonic's reactions. - EvanWellens

A lot of people fail to see the good within Amy Rose. People only see her as annoying, obsessive, stalker-ish. Yes, they may be somewhat true, but I don't think people are seeing what that represents. Sega created Amy to represent all the crazy fangirls out there, and that in itself is pretty funny. Amy isn't doesn't JUST have those negative traits listed above. She's kind, optimistic, funny, caring, quirky, and overall just sweet. In the Archie comics, Sonic and Sally were together. Did Amy go ballistic crazy and try to break them up? No, she respected Sonic's decision and said "I believe that we'll be together one day, but for now I just want him to be happy", or something along those lines. I just overall love Amy Rose

12 Vector the Crocodile Vector the Crocodile Vector the Crocodile is a fictional anthropomorphic crocodile from the Sonic the Hedgehog series who debuted in Knuckles' Chaotix in 1995, and later returned in Sonic Heroes as head detective of the Chaotix Detective Agency. With a great love for music and money (the latter which he is always short more.

This music-loving, short-tempered crocodile with one of the most unique designs of the Sonic universe may seem to be solely after the money sometimes, but Vector has proven several times to be a real capable detective who will always help those in need for free. Thus, his detective agency is constantly short on money, but he is the only member of his team to worry about the rent and will take any job to pay off his debts. However, he is a generally optimistic and kind of childish character and enjoys hanging out out with his friend. He performs as the lead singer of his own band, which contains just the same members as his detective team, and believes to have a great singing voice, although it is rather destructive than enjoyable.
In my opinion, he has both an awesome design and an unique personality. Although the underdog of the franchise, he enjoys investigating way too much to give up his agency and gets behind secrets before anyone else does.

"So what if my mouth is big? I'm a crocodile! " ~ Vector the Crocodile, the detective who managed to piss off both Amy and Rouge during a single investigation. Stating himself he hates fighting the ladies, but doing it every time he appears. This guy is one of the most hilarious characters in the Sonic universe while simultaneously being one of its most clever ones, which alone makes him more than deserving for the top ten.

Ah, Vector, where do I start with you? Whenever he completes a job, he sometimes refuses to get paid because he thinks that helping people is reward enough and I think that's brilliant. My favourite animals are crocodiles and he has the best Modern design.

He needs to have some development away from Espio and Charmy and I would love to see him as a playable character again. I also find that he gets the worst treatment in the franchise.

I love Vector! Please bring him and his two Chaotix boys to Sonic Mania!

13 Cream the Rabbit Cream the Rabbit

I LOVE CREAM! Oh and yeah you guys should like at least be voted for, ya know what I mean. Doesn't any other guys think she's cute as well? (DON'T THINK I'M GAY because I'm NOT! )


She gets a lot of hate for nothing. People say that she's useless but she's awesome in Sonic Battle and Sonic Rush, and someone says that she's a clone of Amy with Tails abilities, but it's not true, Cream isn't a fangirl who only cares about how to chase her love interest character, nor is a yandere; yes she can fly like Tails, but the fly ability is not her main ability, her main ability is the one of having a chao as assistant, think of Rosalina & Luma from Smash Bros. Aside of Super Tails that's not canon, nobody else has a mini flying assistant that you can use in gameplay, in the Sonic cast; also she has unique design and she is not another hedgehog nor a recolor of someone else. I vote Cream because she gets a lot of undeserved hate from the fandom.

SEGA should get Cream to be Tails top tier number 1 apprentice so they will work together and hang out more because that would be fantastic and brilliant, change her age to 7 and give her a chance to start all over again but keep her sweet and helpful personality. Cream is really super brave and heroic she would do whatever it takes do get the job done, without breaking a sweat. Her voice sounds brilliant. She know how to defend herself and fight back no problem. Cream is never annoying at all. She knows how to be mature. people seriously need to get their minds straight NOW and she's not even useless nor cowardly at all because she can face up all sorts of challenges either with her friends or on her own in order to succeed. Cream also knows how to save and protect others from any danger or harm, even when she's doing her own secret vigilante crime fighting stuff even for fun. she's also supportive and super helpful to all her friends and others. whenever they need her even at most ...more

14 Doctor Ivo Robotnik

Without Eggman, the Sonic franchise is nothing. I mean come on he is a genius and his creations are way too epic. Without him there is no Death Egg, Metal Sonic, or any of the great enemies or bosses we have today. Sure he fails a lot, but that doesn't stop him. And he's hilarious when he's angry!

How can this guy NOT be more popular? It's moronic to even think. The doctor was created alongside Sonic. He's the cause of nearly every video game's events. Just because he isn't furry doesn't make him a poor character. Quite honestly, how in the bloody hell can a super transformation snag a place above the doctor? Or Metal Sonic?

He's the damn Eggman.

Every series needs a villian, and Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik certainly does the job! Without Eggman the franchise would be nothing. Even though Eggman will stop at nothing to beat Sonic, he has a bit of a soft spot to him, and that's what I love about him. He's got that comic relief edge that makes him fun to watch. Eggman is the best Sonic character. No doubt.

Robotnik and eggman is the same guy stupid

15 E-123 Omega E-123 Omega

Omega is amazing awesome, Badass Robot ever.

Honestly I found this character through Mario and sonic at the olympic winter games. but he is an awesome ROBOT. (yes I know what he is) @:-D - masterblaster

The Sonic/ Mega Man & Crash Bandicoot franchises should not have a robotic setting whereas the main antagonists are old, male & evil scientists & the main protagonists are tall, lanky & same-color-obsessed males with annoying hairstyles. The Pac-Man franchise should, besides, Sonic is nowadays an adult.

He is awesome! Plus I like the back story of him as a robot, but he's still friend friends with Rouge and shadow!

16 Jet the Hawk Jet the Hawk Jet the Hawk is a character from SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog series. Jet is very arrogant, prideful, and always seeks riches and fortunes. While also the Babylon Rogues' leader, Jet rarely takes his responsibilities seriously, though he knows how to assert his authority.

He is the greatest although shadow silver and sonic are cool jet is awesome it's a shame he is only in 3 games

Jet should not just be in spinoffs

Jet domination he is awesome no questions asked

No sweet name jet I will beet sonic and shadow in a race

17 Mephiles


This guy had a lot of potential, but at the end he ended up being a generic doomsday villain with unclear reasons for his actions who won't appear again. He still has some pretty neat aspects, as he's also the same as Shadow (time-space related powers, born from an experiment, and obviously also the same looks) but more deranged and creepy. From a certain point of view, he is what Shadow would have become if he let himself sink deeper in his hatred. So when Shadow battles him, he is, in a way, fighting his inner demons.

P.S. His general hamminess, Dan Green's voice, and awesome boss themes also make him more enjoyable.

Mephiles is the best. He is a way better villian than eggman could ever be. And he is like the op shadow.

He reminds me of Kanye West. What else is there to say?

18 Chaos

Chaos is super amazing! He's the god of the Chao!

. Water? Creature. Perfect clear water around its altar of the master emerald. Turns into perfect chaos and beautiful graphics in Sonic Generations. Awesome.

Chao's are so cute and adorable! There about the same size as Chip. They don't speak and that is so cute.

No not Chao's. Chaos the Water God. Main villain in Sonic Adventure.

19 Shade the Echidna Shade the Echidna

The best!

She has a mix of knuckles and Tikal, along with shadow and espio. She is just what I like to call ( from Pokemon) a garchomp. Shade isn't in the series but everyone can still know her story. Shadow- she's not afraid to kill someone or something straight away, knuckles-she's kinda clever, Tikal- I think she was sweet until something happened, espio- she has ninja like skills! Who can't love her! If you don't like shade... Go sit in the corner and think about your life

Shade has a lot of potential to become the most favorite female Sonic character along with Blaze, she may need some character remodeling but she could make It top 10 easily. She deserves another chance to be in a sonic video game!

She's makes a good sonic character shame she only appeared on sonic chronicles the dark brotherhood and she's an echidna and mysterious

20 Tails Doll

Before we got sonic.exe he was the scariest part of the sonic franchise

He's slow, but cute!

I think he is kinda cute

One of my top 10 favorite characters in the sonic franchise.

21 Mecha Sonic Mecha Sonic

I really want to see this guy again. - EvanWellens

Mecha Sonic is way cooler than Metal Sonic - Smash64

Remember him from super mario bros z? He was so cool in that. Also he can fly and looks cool. But not just that he can blast people but best of all his super form is just so outstanding.

Just saying I don't think any super forms should count because they're the same person just different powers but that's beside the point, if there was a fighting tournament but only normal forms I'd think that mecha sonic would come close to winning because sonic has almost no powers in his normal form and most of sonics friends are weak (. Mainly charmy tails and amy etc) but shadow would have a good chance in his normal form. Reasons why I think mecha is powerful are he has a machine gun and rpg built into his arm and he did blow up yoshis island and defeated sonic and his friends and koopa bros and axem Rangers all at once (although half the battle he was in super form which is boss) but no one notices mecha much since he was only in sonic 3 and smbz. Also it was pretty cool when he said monster? I am no monster... I AM A GOD

22 E-102 Gamma

Best story of Sonic's games.

Gamma is better than Omega. - EvanWellens

Really guys! Come on gamma was programmed for mass destruction... Yet he made his own choices and decided to free the trapped animals in the other robots. He died just so the bird that was functioning him could be free with his family.

His death was the most heroic and human thing I've ever watched

Only Sonic character that made me cry.

23 Chip (Light Gaia)

He is my favorite character too

Chip is my favorite character. He's got a cute design, an awesome voice actor, and his personality is adorable. He's so optimistic, hyper, and happy, but when things are looking bad or someone's feeling down, he's there for them, like a true friend. He's also got an awesome story. Poor guy had amnesia and couldn't even remember who he was. Even when he found out he's practically the god of light, and that it's his destiny to save the world, he never let it go to his head. He was still his same sweet, childish self. Also, I have something in common with him: we both love food!

In sonic unleashed after finale boss it's so cool at the end it's cool music one cut seem chip saved sonic in battle and made Gaia colosus with a rock temple chip also has a power a shield that protected sonic theirs a song called endless possibility the credit pictures are so beautiful and adorable. It's a cool character chip is if you beat dark Gaia again you can use super sonic and chip the

Favourite character

24 Super Tails Super Tails

Isn't this just Tails though? - EvanWellens

Super tails is faster than super sonic for some reason but super tails is 432%500 powerful which means super sonic is more powerful than super tails

Are we talking about the sonic here's super tails when his powers are terrible or the highly unused but released super power in sonic 2&3 when he gets the three flickies which destroy all robots in half the screen radius, can't be killed, unlimited rings, magnetism and infinity flight which made him the most brokenly beast character in sonic history, he had all of sonics power, divided between himself and 3 flickies and can fly higher and faster than sonic as well as actually go FASTER than SUPER SONIC whilst In HiS OWN SUPER FORM
Super tails was better before sonic heroes

You don't see many comments about THIS topic

1 Comment
25 Hyper Sonic Hyper Sonic

so cool

Hyper sonic is just amazing I am not a fan boy but he is just too cool for words.

Hyper sonic is the best. Come on people, seriously?!
He has the ability to kill all enemies on screen can breathe underwater and travel at incredible speeds.
I cannot believe Chris Thorndike can beat one of the best characters in the entire series!

Characters, not transformations, geniuses.

26 Sally Acorn Sally Acorn

The only thing I like about Sonic The Hedgehog - KrayzeeCatBoi

Ugly, untalented, boring Mary Sue. Please kill her off. - AngelOfTheSkyStarsMoon

When I was younger I always imagined Sally as this bad ass who'd blow stuff up, and slice through almost anything. If it wasn't for that one Sonamy fan on the Archie team Sally would've been a much better character. - EvanWellens

It sad that Archie Sonic Comic was Cancelled no thanks to Ken Penders who talk Scott Fulop into sueing Archie and giving the fans the middle finger because of the 2016 lawsuit Sega ended it ties with Archie which was the only Media Keeping Sally & the Fighters alive was discontinued no thanks to Ken Pender and greedy Ego.

27 Tikal the Echidna Tikal the Echidna

Tikal is my favourite Sonic character. She is so calm, helpful and always knows what's right. In the comics, she is a magical spirit and people pray to her. If I get the chance to work in SEGA I would absolutely make a game with her as the main character. "Chaos is power, enriched by the heart..." - the words I'll remember forever. Tikal is also very beautiful and her theme song always makes me happy. Even though she's not real, she is the thing that gives my life meaning. Whenever I feel sad or depressed, I think about Tikal. She is my idol. I've never seen someone so awesome, so perfect as she is! I even like her more than Sonic, I draw comics about her and listen to her song almost all the time. The world would be way better if we had more people like Tikal!

Definitely an underused character with lots of potential. Her interesting background and cool spiritual powers would make a great addition to the franchise, as well as provide a friend for poor, lonely Knuckles. Could have been a cool sidekick in guarding the master emerald. At the very least, have her be a reoccurring guide as the little ball of light from sa1. That would be better than omochao (shudder) or basic question marks for sure. Of course, with the series "returning to it's roots" aka "we're killing off all the non-classic characters and not actually changing much else" this will never happen.

I think Tikal is a very mature14 year old Echidna. The only thing though that would make Tikal better for me is if she lived in the present and not the past. Face it! We need more Echidnas in the games, sure there's a few in the comics, but the comics apparently aren't canon. Besides that I think she's mature, kind, thoughtful and genuine. She's deserves a place in the top 10-20 at least! So people please vote for Tikal for Tikal fans and her sake!

On Knuckles the Echidna's 16th birthday Tikal refers to Knuckles the Echidna, her brother/boyfriend/descendant as "Sweet 16" & Knuckles wants British Columbia for his 16th birthday. Knuckles gets angry because of how pompous he is & guess what? This is a parody of the "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3" episode whereas Knuckles the Echidna plays the role of Kootie Pie Koopa & is a boy echidna who is called "Sweet 16" which makes Knuckles act like a little girl. Also, Nintendo & Sega could be responsible of the crossover episode whereas Knuckles is voiced by Ray William Johnson & having the same voice as Crabapple from Annoying Orange.

28 Infinite Infinite

Sonic: are you a pirate?
infinite: SHUT UP!

The coolest

I Am The Tallest of Mountains
I Am The Roughest of Waves
I'm The Toughest of Terrors
I Am The Darkest of Days

This man controls the cubes. Compared to him? You are nothing. - InfiniteFun

29 Sticks the Jungle Badger Sticks the Jungle Badger

I like her being single. to be honest. I like a lot of the Sonic couples but I like Sticks being a strong powerful single female I can't see her being in a relationship. - AngelOfTheSkyStarsMoon

Annoying as hell. I do agree with her that robots are evil though. - Smash64

Why is she on this list she's the worst sonic character EVER
I don't want her to appear in any more games!

She's a coward I could imagine her in Amy's arms Scooby Doo style and she has an I.Q lower than Patrick Stars and I'd oughta whack her with an oar if she comes into my house and eats all my food and attacks my sister like a Gremlin I would call Video Game Animal Control.

30 Classic Sonic Classic Sonic

I just want to hug the guy. - EvanWellens

Something about Classic Sonic that makes him stand out from modern Sonic is that this little preadolescent 'hog is basically the first character you saw in a Sonic game. He even appeared before Sonic 1, as an ornament in a driving game! This was when Sonic was huge (even though he's like 2 feet tall, but still! ) (Note-to-self: Make Sonic power-up which grows the user. That'd be cool. ), he helped Sega lift its blue feet, marketed blast processing, rivaled Bart Simpson as the coolest 10-year old of the 90's, and least we forget- But if someone tries to touch you in a place or in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, that's NO GOOD! Truly the best, in my opinion, as without him, Sega would be stuck with Alex Kidd!

In 1991 - 1994, sonic the hedgehog then was a fun game 1,2,3 and knuckles good times, now he's not fun as he use to be, at least he made a huge return I sonic generations which was fun.

I have played Classic Sonic games on Sonic Mega Collection ever since I first got it for the PlayStation 2.

31 Helen

She is very nice and kind. In some of the very first Sonic X, she was so happy and she made me want to smile.

A important character from Sonic X.

32 Marine the Raccoon Marine the Raccoon

Marine would play an amazing feat with Yoshi.

Marine's voice actress: Cher Lloyd, her height will be 4'10" & she'll weigh 175 pounds.

Yoshi's voice actor: Mike Posner, his height being 6'0" & weight being 125 pounds.

Marine is a cute 7 year old raccoon who should be in more sonic games!
I think marine should be playable!

Marine is my favorite character I hope she appears in sonic boom she is so cute.

Marine is amazing and one day she will be playable!
So vote for her!

33 Black Doom Black Doom

Definitely one of the series more developed and serious villains. While I don't think he should personally make a return, the remaining Black Arms could still make for a good Shadow The Hedgehog 2.

He may only appeared in Shadow the hedgehog but he's still a awesome villain his personality is very similar to Mephiles

First villan in the sonic franchise that takes his work seriously and actually kills people

34 Nights

Nights is really cute. - AngelOfTheSkyStarsMoon

NiGHTS into Dreams

The best sonic character hands down

35 Super Silver Super Silver

Super silver must be the 1

Silver is a bad butt guy and kicks butt as well he is the boss!

Silver, in super form. What's not to love?

Silver badass super silver amazing

36 Super Shadow Super Shadow

I love shadow where he is in his super form

Super shadow rocks! He should at least be in the top 3!

Shadow rocks you guys should love shadow his powers are awesome. And those people who like sonic and silver change your mind

Completely agree.

Super shadow should be fairly on second place since normal shadow is on first place.

37 Scourge the Hedgehog

Honestly, for a long time, I have alwayshoped he'd make an appearance or even be a referred to as a character in the shows or games, even a subtle poster blowing off into the breeze of a cutscene or something. He's an amazing character and has been through a lot in the comics. Not even that- imagine the boss fights if he was in it! I mean he is a Sonic replica after all! (I'd forgive Amy if she mistaken Scourge for Sonic in a game or show lol) but he deserves more love and appreciation then he's worth.

Scourge is really underrated. Just because he's not in the video games does NOT mean he's not important. He is probably more powerful than everyone and even beat sonic, shadow, and the whole gang all at the same time. Shadow is still my favorite but you gotta give props to scourge as he is extremely powerful and straight up just bad@ss. (Yes I'm a huge fan of the comics)

Scourge is the best character (this is my opinion) and I really think he should be in the show it would be so much more interesting and to all those scourge fangirls he is amazingly hot and he s got a badass girlfriend to fiona fox and in my opinion her and tails don't belong together I mean she's a teenager and tails is like 8 I also think scourge should be in the top 5 and for crying out loud he s a king of his own planet

He is tied with Sonic and Shadow for fasted person. He also has more swagger than everyone else. Plus he looks super cool with his shades. He has also spanked Sonic and Shadow.

38 Classic Eggman

Everyone is starting to hate Classic Eggman in favor of Modern Eggman. Classic Eggman is way better! Why? Stouter, much less annoying, less uglier, etc...

39 Classic Knuckles

What's this "classic" mean? Knuckles is knuckles and that is that.

Doesn't exist, but would be pretty cool 😊

40 Neo Metal Sonic

Man, I wish this guy could have been a reoccurring villain. His reveal in Sonic Heroes blew me away as a kid, and he has all kinds of potential for a wicked boss fight! Sadly, he hasn't appeared since.

Why is he not higher on the list, seriously he is way better than metal sonic plus its next form is awesome.

Who is this!?


41 Cosmo (Sonic X) Cosmo (Sonic X)

Was a really graceful and mysterious character, I liked her a lot. She shouldn't have been killed off, bring her back SEGA! Bring her back!

Already mentioned as cosmo the seedrian

See because the seedrian for details

Tails:I wish I didn't have to say good bye😭!

42 Mighty the Armadillo Mighty the Armadillo

my boi! - Smash64

Best he should be over shadow. Shadow sucks please sega make a game of mighty and tails in 3d and put it on xbox one s

Come on guys, Espio is my fave but Mighty needs some love! Show me the love SEGA! Put Mighty and Espio in Sonic Boom for me!

Mighty is one of my favorite Sonic characters. I hope he comes back in the new Sonic Boom.

43 The Chaotix

These guys are the funniest in the whole series and I hope they make it to sonic boom. All of their personalitys are different, making them argue, and they also have great fighting techniques

44 Super Sonic Super Sonic

I love super sonic he's like very strong!

Super sonic is the best character


How has no one except me voted for super sonic. Come on he doesn't drop the rings and it makes him more powerful I like shadow but super sonic is the best.

45 Omega

The Sonic franchise shouldn't have constant robots, the Mario franchise should.

46 Vanilla the Rabbit Vanilla the Rabbit

Creams mom sucks and has an annoying high pitched voice that's almost to soft to hear.


Why is she in the vote?

She appeared only in the cut scenes, she is not an actual playable. Character in any game!

47 Chao Chao

Chao are a cute species in the Sonic series and deserve higher!


MY FAVORITE IN SA2! (besides tails.)

my first chao was a her flight with pheonix wings named Soul. HE IS ADORABLE!

Shadow: eh
Sonic:I love em!
Silver: so cute I might die of cuteness! 😇

48 Emerl the Gizoid

Shadow can't compare to the awesomeness who Emerl, Emerl can out speed, out strength, and completely destroy Shadow. "Ultimate Life Form"? Get real, Emerl is the true powerhouse.

Shadow the hedgehog is very donkey and dog and toillette and ify and dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG

Emerl is AWESOME in Sonic Battle he is your own character wich you can modify as you want. He appeared only in Sonic Battle and Sonic X and then he COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED! In Sonic Chronicles are involved loads of Gizoids (i think, I still didn't played that game) and HE STILL WASN'T THERE! Please SEGA Make him appear in more games! (P. S: forgive me if you spot some errors, I'm Italian after all :))

I agree with you, Emerl was an awesome character, in my opinion, hew wasn't really destroyed, did the thing tikal did and went into the chaos emerald - jay10

Emeral is the best character ever in the entire sonic universe. and he's unique for everyone. he can also destroy shadow and sonic AT THE SAME TIME.

49 Fang the Sniper Fang the Sniper

He is without a doubt my most favorite Sonic character. It's sad that he's not in many of the games,he is very underrated and not a lot of people know him. I really like his personality,plus he's one of those really funny and goofy characters,we don't have a lot of those around. And people who dislike him HAVE NO SOUL! (sorry if I offended you lol)

Just...Why is he gone? This character had an interesting design and great potential to be a rival/good guy like character. Think about it, he appeared in tons of games after his apparition in Triple Trouble(Sonic Drift 2, Sonic The Fighters etc...) He was even planned to be in Sonic Extreme before this game was cancelled.Along With Bean and Bark, I would love to see him in a future Sonic game as a Hero. Fang, Bean and Bark are my all time favorite characters from the sonic franchise.

Underused and underrated. He needs to return as a full time minor villain.

I mean, I like Mighty as much as the next person but we really need Fang a lot more, he was originally a main character in the series, and was the only villain that is an animal until his subordinates Bark and Bean were first added, and even then, they're only evil in the comics. This guy would make a great anti-hero/anti-villain a criminal that still helps sonic and co when he feels the need to, but he can also be an enemy towards the cast, depending on the situation. I wonder if he would still be here if Sonic X-treme was made.

1 Comment
50 Ray the Flying Squirrel Ray the Flying Squirrel

Awesome. This squirrel is the best character and so is Mighty. I'd love to see Ray in the next Sonic game!

I like him in sonic mania plus

Thankfully, he's now playable in Sonic Mania Plus, meaning he will definitely get more attention, along with Mighty.

If there's ever going to be sonic adventure 3 I would like to see him as a playable character. He is great character in archie comics.

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