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Amy Rose is the sweetest and beautifulest girl. She cares for Sonic a lot and want to even rescue him, if he is in trouble. She even cries for him by little problems. Amy is very funny and powerful with her cool hammer too. She want to help her friends and make them happy with her optimisn. She is so much in love with Sonic, that people can't understand, how they would feel themselves if the person run away and give hopeless things. Amy is a strong and wonderful girl as a main female character. Of course Sonic loves her tight in his heart.

Amy really stood out from all of the other characters to me. She has a striking personality and tons of determination. She may have been just a damsel in festered in Sonic CD but in Sonic Adventure she came back determined and strong. She deserves to be in the top 3 because she was the first female character EVER and is a classic! Go Amy Rose!

Amy is a amazing character! She can be annoying at mes but that's cause SEGA wants her for one purpose. Amy should ditch the dumb Sonic and go for someone better. Amy is way better then a lot of characters and deserved more respect. Amy's Sonic Boom incarnation is the best by far, she's more of a hero with a awesome hammer and a cool outfit, plus Sonic Boom is the only time she gets a personality that isn't based on chasing Sonic around. Amy's Sonic Boom incarnation is the only thing good about that franchise.

I don't like Amy Rose, I love her! Not only is she the most sweetest girl of the series, for she is also the most beautiful. All of you who are calling her a coward need to watch the Sonic X series. Seriously, this girl has scared the heck out of Eggman, his robots, and many other villains/heroes due to her uncontrollable, (yet cool) display of rage. Plus, she pulls a hammer out of her dress (how cool is that! ). So I think you need to shut up and look at the Sonic CD video game so you know how disrespectful you guys are about the old Sonic characters.

Amy is the main female character in the Sonic franchise! She deserves to surpassed both Rouge and Blaze. Her hammer abilities are very serious. She's not someone to mess with.

Princess Peach gets really aggressive & violent when Mario doesn't return, too!

Also, Amy Rose is truly like a younger sister to Sonic the Hedgehog (whose big brother is Shadow the Hedgehog).

Amy is a character I want to see in real life and hug. She's an awesome character. She's better than everyone except Sonic, Tails, and Rouge. She needs to be higher than #12 maybe 3 to 7. She is sometimes better than Sonic and she deserves to be with Sonic not Sally but he and Sally broke up so Amy has a shot.

I think amy is the best character ever! I mean look at her she cute, sweet, and a cheerful girl! I wonder why Sonic loves Amy back? Maybe to shy to let Amy know he feel? ANYWAYS Amy is the best in my opinion. Ever in classic! I mean Amy never NEVER give up to sonic!

Amy Rose is cute, cool and I love to play games that have her as a playable character - TheCrazySonicFan

I know a lot of people say that Amy is very whiny, but man, is she persistent. Sonic ignores her but she still follows him. She has enlightened me to do the same, follow someone around.

Amy is my fourth favorite Sonic girl. Though she sometimes acts very crazy and gets angry a lot, I love her determination and perseverance. She is a sensitive but strong character and loves her friends.

Amy rose is my favorite female sonic character cause she is really strong cause she has her really big hammer and she and sonic would be a great couple because they both are perfect together and really make a good team and beat eggman's butt so yeah that why she my favorite female sonic character

The reason I don't like Amy that much is because of her fans. Seriously, she gets shipped with every Sonic guy ever created. Don't even get me started on the Shipping Wars!

Inky (the blue ghost from the Pac-Man franchise) would be the best boyfriend for Amy Rose the Hedgehog.

The major female character of the series. She can hold her own seen in many occasions and easily one of the most powerful characters in the series if you put the science behind it, as well as this in sonic battle amy states those rings around her wrists are weights, so she is fighting with weights on her wrists and still remaining unphased. This gal deserves much more respect.

A lot of people say that Amy Rose is annoying. I disagree with those poor saps! She is confident and bubbly and optimistic, it's just Sonic wont give her a break! Never give up Amy!

I hated her in Sonic X but I love her in Sonic Boom

Amy rose is the best hedgehog I've ever seen! Why doesn't sonic like her back? They're almost PERFECT for each other! Sonic isn't shy or scared of her at all he's AFRAID EVERYONE IS GOING TO THINK he's GONE SOFT OR SOMETHING! BUT HE didn't THINK THAT ABOUT SALLY! Didn't HE? Where is sally any way? Who cares? SONAMY FOREVER!

Amy Rose is the coolest girl in the Sonic C series. I mean yes, although Amy would seem like a sweet, and innocent hedgehogs she isn't. In fact she is so tough that if you make her angry she will kick you down to size. So all you Amy haters should SHUT UP! And stop talking about the Sonic X girls they're the coolest.

Dorkiest Sonic character ever.

I love Amy! I love how she never gives up... Even though it's cause she is desperate for Sonic, but she still is very confident and is very kind and makes great friends

Please switch this with super sonic!

She's awesome! She is my 2nd favorite hedgehog 1 being Sonic. This character should be #3 behind Tails (#2) and Sonic. Amy, continue to love Sonic and Sonic, admit your love! If you're not afraid to love Sally, why not Amy? Amy Rose is better than Sally.

What are you thinking!?!? She is beyond the most annoying character I have ever seen! - Dragontree102

It wasn't until recently when I realized how much I loved Amy as a character. Sure she's annoying sometimes, but she more than makes up for it when she whips out her hammer and starts beating up the bad guys with it!