Knuckles the Echidna

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Knuckles sure is similar to Rosalina in many ways! Here's the 20 reasons why!

1: they both are top 4 on their "Top 10 Greatest Characters (in their respective franchises) List" since a long time.

2: Both are strong.

3: Both are tough.

4: Both can get hilarious.

5: Both & persistent.

6: Both have big asses nowadays.

7: Both have (close to extremely) long, unique hairstyles.

8: Both are tough enough to take hard knocks.

9: Both are highly smart.

10: Both are extremely cute.

11: Both usually stick to their respective color affinities.

12: Both are forgotten characters sometimes (most likely Rosalina).

13: Both are well-liked.

14: Both are well-known.

15: Both could be 3rd players in gangs.

16: Both are persistent.

17: Both seldom wear their hair up.

18: Both are sexy.

19: Both are mysterious (most especially Rosalina).

20: Both face their ...more

I always liked this guy..
You can't imagine how much popularity this guy gained when Sonic 3 released, even when kids were role-playing sonic and like that, they were fighting who to become knuckles, not sonic. (Ahh, good times..) Anyway, There's also some special things that may make him different from the others, I'll list it though..

1 - Along with sonic, they are the only ones who can become Hyper.

2 - Knuckles is the only one who can use the "Full" power of the master emeralds (Maybe the chaos emeralds too, but it's not "really" confirmed as much as the M.E)

3 - As sonic can be described as the "Wind", knuckles is also described as the "Mountain" and by that I mean, and it has been confirmed, that knuckles equals sonic's speed in strength (If you know what I mean..)

4 - Knuckles was the only one who had enough power to get the emeralds out of Super Sonic himself..

I hope SEGA gets back the respect this guy have always had..

Knuckles is maybe one of the best characters. I mean, all of them forms of him like demon god knuckles, super knuckles and even hyper knuckles! I wouldn't say he's the best one but he is one of my favorites! And he is pretty swag most of the time to! He is a great character However, He isn't included in most games which is disappointing. I like knuckles as the same as shadow and even silver! And Sega sometimes don't put much effort in his texture. Its always sonic who gets the most texture because he's the main character. In my opinion Knuckles should have his very own game. Sonic has owned most of the games. But knuckles should also have more versions of him as well like sonic does. Sonic is my least favorite of the gang. I also agree there should be a knuckles franchise as well. He also has the ability to glide and go to wall to wall which is one of the best skills you can have. Knuckles should have more forms like sonic does. For example, Dark sonic, Super mobian 4 sonic (e.c.t) ...more

Ah my favorite sonic character, standing next to silver. You have stayed a consistently good character, until sonic boom happened. But luckily that's just a different universe. I like knuckles because of his NORMAL personality. Inthink we can all agree with that. I also think that in both comics and games he's been a cool character, although the dude seems to have a ton of time not guarding he master emerald. Also I think he's sonics best rival, better then silver or shadow. They share things in common sure, but they also have their fair share of differences. He's just a really good character in the sonic universe. Also I'm not gonna be a cop out and pick sonic himself, that doesn't feel right. So I picked knuckles.

Knuckles has no weakness except girls, since he has little experience in social interaction. He's thought to have the same strength as Sonic's speed and is still pretty fast. Knuckles is also really clever and somewhat strategic. He is a bit stubborn, has a short temper and is a bit gullible but who isn't gullible in Sonic? He does think that every one has good in them, and with Eggman having an IQ of 300, who wouldn't be tricked? He does have a frenemy relationship with Sonic, somehow, being best friends with polar opposite personalities. He is said to be the mountain while Sonic is like the wind. He was meant to be Sonic's rival yet, to be one of his most trustful allies. Knuckles can also spindash, glide, climb, dig, and swim. He is also a master martial artists. Being the guardian of the Master Emerald, he has the most knowledge of the mysterious and not very known Chaos Emeralds. He can also feel chaos energy which can help him in a fight against Shadow. Plus, he doesn't need ...more

I've liked this guy ever since I was a kid. He's aloof, hot-tempered, stubborn, gullible, and not as intelligent as many other characters in the sonic franchise - but his flaws are honest and he possesses a heart of gold. I also find it endearing that he acts manly and tough on the outside but actually can't bear to see anyone in serious suffering. Knuckles was a very complex character, and I hate the fact that sega is trivializing him nowadays. It doesn't matter though, because in the end he is still my favourite character, was and always will be... Ugh, that was cheesy.

Knuckles has been my favourite since my childhood. He is strong, loyal, protective and one tough dude. Also likeable. Knuckles is the strongest thing alive. He is the guardian of the Master Emerald. Knuckles can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Honestly, Knuckles is the best hero in the group because Knuckles solves the problem without any need of help from others.

Knuckles deserves the number one spot, he has the best storyline of any sonic character by far. The only reason he's not number one, because the new show is making him seem so stupid, he can't fly, he has nothing to do with the Master Emerald, and he is so much dumber, this doesn't make me feel worse about knuckles, but more the producers of the show, it's like they didn't know, they completely downgraded him. Knuckles also has like four fan girls, rouge, shade, tikal, and Julie su. He has lways been a fan favorite, he's not stupid, he actually really smart, but he just has a hot temper, that is where people get confused, they mix strong and hot tempered dumb and hot tempered. He is better than sonic in every way possible.

A brilliant character - He's the strongest thing alive, guardian of the Master Emerald, he can glide, punch through almost everything. Some people call him stupid for being gullible which is incorrect. Knuckles beleives that there is good in everyone and that everyone deserves a second chance. He also has a very likeable personality. Knuckles has been an important childhood hero of mine. Also like to say that he deserves more respect than he is being treated lately, he is probably the most hardworking character, I mean he guards the Master emeralds EVERY DAY and almost all day, no matter if the weather is heavy or cold.

Lots of people like Knuckles. He is one of the main characters. I, personally, don't care too much about him. That doesn't mean he isn't cool, though. He is really strong, he can glide, and his jumbo emerald is just plain epic. Knuckles is in tons of great games too.

Knuckles deserves far more respect than how he is treated lately. He guards the Master Emerald every day, making sure nothing Will happend to it, but he Will never hesitate to save sonic or any of his other friends. And he's also a BADASS! I mean who else can lift trees, punch through walls and robots without feeling any pain at all. He's also born with spikes on his knuckles, one of the things I love about his character.

Some of you might call Knuckles an "idiot" but he's not I know he got trick 5 times before by the same guy but he's not a idiot
He can glide, climb on walls and more stuff and he's a guardian of the master emerald and a treasure hunter too

Knuckles is so cool. He can glide, climb walls, dig, ad is the last of an ancient species. His fists have spikes on them and he is the guardian of a legendary emerald that if in the wrong hands can destroy the world. What about him is not cool? He's totally awesome

He has much more interesting origins and isn't annoying.

Knuckles the Echidna is amazing. He's super strong for a 3'5 animal, has amazing abilities, and is very funny. His temper and how easily he gets tricked by Eggman makes him a humorous character and his determination make him mentally strong as well. Though he can get egotistical and fights Sonic a lot, he is valuable asset to Team Heroes and the whole Sonic franchise.

Knuclkes is Sonic's most important and less banal rival. Always strong and combative, but not dark or tormented, even if there were grounds for it. It's a lonely but he appreciates the company of others, a naive but profoundly altruistic, susceptible but loves tranquility and is not constantly angry, in practice it's not the typical antagonist Sasuke / Vegeta style, who instead are represented by Shadow. A power boost for him would be a good thing, but not necessary. He deserves a game and a deepening, perhaps with Shade and Rouge's presence to provoke him and delight part of the fans. I don't Know, the possibilities are many, even without inspiration from non-canonical comics, but... serioustly, stop with alternative Hedgehogs colors. I hope Sega will save this character from the decline of recent years.

He's cute, red, smarter than Sonic, not annoying and he is a much more complex character. He also has more Chaos powers than Sonic and doesn't call the others names. HE RULES!

Knuckles is just awesome and he may get pissed off sometimes but in the end, he will stay loyal to U. Knuckles is selfless and saves people, even if they are a villain, even if its someone he doesn't like. Knuckles is very forgiving and beleives there is good in everyone so he is not an idiot and you can stop calling him that because he is smart. As the only surviving member of the Echidna Tribe, his duty is to protect the Master Emerald. Locke, Tikal and many others were members of the Echidna Tribe. Plus, he is Sonic's first rival and is able to use chaos control. Knuckles is the strongest thing alive and is a master at gliding.

Knuckles is tough and the only real man in the sonic series. His fists are as powerful as chuck norris.

Knuckles is probably the best developed character. I mean he has his backstory about being the last of his kind, he's got awesome, but also unique abilities, he has his very own flaws and is not stereotypical, even though he is a stoic loner type of character. Plus, he's a humble rival to Sonic, and a pretty cool and level headed guy, you know, the type of guy you would really want to be friends with. He's a badass, pretty much, and also one of the characters that are most fun to play. What more do you expect?

Knuckles is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting and coolest series characters. His famous strength and often overlooked super speed make him a great rival for Sonic. Born to protect the Master Emerald, he spends his time on Angel Island, occasionally leaving to help save the world armed with awesome abilities like his glide and wall climbing. Also, let's be honest guys, he was the best genesis character for sure. I also enjoyed his treasure hunts in sa2 immensely (sa1's hunts were a little too easy for me). Like just about every character in the series, he was a much cooler character pre-2010, but he gets a vote anyway.

Silver is in front of Knuckles?! Knuckles has been around way longer than him. I first saw him on Sonic X and fell in love with him ever since I as him. Five years later and he's still my anime crush. I LOVE YOU KNUCKLES! - Krypta-the-Great-Dane

Knuckles is awesome because he is the strongest thing alive and he also guards and protects the Master Emerald every Day, no matter how tough it might get. Knuckles also has a very likeable personality. He is only gullible because he beleives in the good of people and that everyone deserves a second chance. I've been a fan of Knuckles since my childhood.

Imagine a "Reptiles in the Rose Garden" parody episode whereas at the beginning Knuckles is having a temper tantrum over his presents & going "IT'S NOT ENOUGH! I WANT MORE FOR MY BIRTHDAY! " in Tikal's face & Tikal anxiously calls zither enraged, brotherly brat named Knuckles who plays the role of Kootie Pie Koopa & wants to steal Canada for his 16th birthday & has the same voice as Carbapple from Annoying Orange. Also, this episode could be what Nintendo, Sega, Cookie Jar & Makers Studios will be responsible of the parody in 2020 because Mario, Princess Daisy, Kirby, Princess Zelda & Rosalina will be making cameos. Also, at the end of the short that takes place in 1998. Also, Sonic the Hedgehog needs to be grounded.

Knux is basically a much more complex character than the others. And he is also more attractive than the rest.