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Miles Prower, more commonly known by his nickname Tails, is a fictional character in Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a significant main character after the title character Sonic, who is also his best friend.


5 reasons Tails is the best:
1. He learned to fly with his tails! (THAT IS AWESOME)
2. I think Sonic just helped Tails, but now, Tails is even better than Sonic
3. He was the 1st Sonic character to fly so that makes him even more awesomer (I know... Not a word) than he already is
4. He gets his own arc so I think that makes him awesome.
5. He is just plain AWESOME!
Got a problem on how we Tails fans love Tails? TOO BAD!

Tails is epic. He's smarter than Eggman, basically as fast as Sonic, strong enough to life 10 TONS, and has saved the world on multiple occasions. Yet he doesn't point that out, because he's a good friend. Also, in Sonic Boom, he survived a PLANE CRASH AND AN EXPLOSION. Also, if someone in Sonic messes up, they laugh about it. But if Tails messes up, they either don't help him, or scold him. He doesn't get enough respect. Also, he's sacrificed himself for Sonic on about 3 separate occasions. Yet he gets number 5? Seriously? Even Silver is above him! He should be at least number 3 or 2.

Number 1) He has an IQ of OVER 300!
No 2) His flight Over rides any difficulties in the stages including the water ones.
No 3) His boom redesign was the most popular of all the other characters
No 4) He can run over 100 mph and fly other 500 mph.
No 5) He has the biggest variety of moves out of the sonic series, except on the dark brotherhood if you don't include his combination with eggman due to the fact you NEVER playing with him that much apart from 3 of the 18/ 19 stages, and two of those stages where so short you never entered that much combat (broken metropolis and under ground metropolises)
No 6) He can recreate fake chaos energy and due to his rarely seen super transformation which is just like super sonic but weaker but shared with three flickies which basically destroy ANYTHING you run near, so he can basically create unparalleled power by reproducing these fake chaos emeralds and combining all their power.
No 7) He is strong enough to lift 1 tonne, and ...more

I'm not sure if I like him better than Cream and Tikal but, I just felt the need to vote for him! He was Sonic's first sidekick, he is a two-tailed fox than can fly (pretty original if you ask me), and he's very cute! I remember liking him a lot when I was a little girl, he was my absolute favorite! Until I met umm, Cream and Tikal... But now, I'm not so sure. Tails just brings back a lot of memories from my childhood. I remember when I first met Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. My brother showed them to me. He was like "Look, this is Sonic and he can run fast. This is Knuckles and he can climb walls. And this one can fly with his tails like a helicopter." I was like: "! He's Adorable! From that moment I was solo fascinated with Tails, I wanted a plush of him so badly, and I got it like 6 Christmas ago! #HailTails

Guys, this is Sonic's FIRST SIDEKICK. He pilots an airplane, he's one of the only characters who can FLY, he's smarter than Eggman with an IQ of THREE EFFING HUNDRED and he CAN'T DIE. Why is he not at LEAST number 2 under Sonic? And sure, I get that Knuckles has practical super strength and Shadow has a gun, but COME ON! This is Sega's second MASTERPIECE. Screw Sonic. THIS IS MILES BLEEPING PROWER! Now vote for this (mutated? ) two-tailed fox before I rage!

Guys you do realise comics are non-cannon also why can't some people just like tails for NOT being a OP fox cub honestly tails has NOT ONCE used chaos but in heroes with super tails but I think sonic helped there, tails doesn't fly circles around silver or beat knuckles in a fight knuckles can cause volcanic eruptions (because he IS op ) tails' main abilities are flight and mech making can't you just like tails for being cute. Look you can like him even though he isn't powerful he can also run fast but not near sonic's level (sonic is as fast as a jet plane )

I think tails is the BEST character ever made him and knuckles, I like tails because he is SO ADORABLE and he tries his BEST to deal with sonics dumb self BUT no matter what happens with tails ill ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS love him :-) (his skin is my favorite color YELLOW)

One. Tails has more chaos power than shadow or sonic or knuckles.

Two. Chaos syphon, super tails, super emeralds, titan tails and mechanic skill

Three. He could learn enough fighting moves to OWN shadow!

Four. If it weren't for all the years as a childish character tails' character development would've easily made tails more badass than all other sonic characters.

Five. Tails lost two different girls, on two different occasions for two different reasons. That=badassness

Tails, why does everyone say he's weak? He sonic, could use chaos powers better than shadow, and could even beat knuckles in a fight because of how smart and talented this cute little fox is, and fly circles around silver. Need more proof? He beat mogul in the comics. A psychic user. Basically mogul is like Aizen, and tails was Ichigo. enough said

How come Tails is all the way down here on this list. He is a kind and loyal friend to Sonic who is pushed aside for these new horrible Sonic characters like Shadow. Seriously Tails has been here the whole time, and doesn't get a nick of respect. That is messed up

Pick any sonic game where Tails is a playable character and not in one of his machines. His abilities make him by far the most overpowered character in the games.

Why bother with speed when you can fly stright to the goal in a few short seconds?

Plus, in SA1, he has that and the rhythm badge, making him the only character in the game who can run at full speed while constantly attacking at the same time.

Plus, he's smart, he's resourceful, and there are plenty of times he's saved Sonics' hide. He's the Luigi to Sonic being Mario.

Look tails is a great sonic character both personality and in game use he can be used in speed running flying around the whole level and not need to do anything well at least take a break every once in a while but still he's also a very nice person he'll help out every chance he gets without tails sonic would be running around like an idiot.

Tails is a great character with a very relatable personality. When he was very young he used to get bullied because of his two tails but when he met sonic he was inspired to be just like him and now he's RESOECTED because of his 2 tails! He's an inspiration to little kids everywhere. he's very important to the sonic universe because let's face it... Without him sonic would be dead a long time ago! He also makes sonic better by building machines and making ideas. He flies a couple of planes and he's the inventor of the spindash ( according to the comics, that is) and he also uses his relationship with sonic to bring out one of the main themes of the sonic universe: FRIENDSHIP. he's constantly trying to prove himself like he did in lost world. That makes him an intriguing character because despite his IQ of 300 he still can't realize that he doesn't need to prove himself to be sonics friend. Its also cool how he said in sonic adventure that even though he treats sonic as a role model he ...more

How come Tails is number 5 on the list? I mean come on! He is cute, kind, and smart. And above all he is a loyal and true friend who is pushed aside for these stupid new sonic characters (besides Cream and Silver, because they're pretty cool! ) But still, don't you think he should be farther into the list than this? At least 3rd place.

Tails is awesome. He is definitely smarter than Eggman, He built the Tornado 2 AND the Tornado 3. He can keep up with sonic. He can fly and is a awesome sidekick. He definitely deserves more respect.

Tails is the best character. No exceptions. I think that he's too underrated, because he doesn't even have a Super Form! Who else thinks that Tails needs a Super Form? Surely that makes him even better for the fact that he did all of his Epic Wins without a Chaos Emerald?

I'm a tails and shadow fan. So it really doesn't matter who gets the most votes, tails is my most favorite and shadow is my 2nd favorite so it really still doesn't matter I'm still a fan of certain sonic characters. :3

Tails is so cute and cool. He makes planes and can fly them which aids Sonic in chasing down the Flying Ships Eggman Makes. He can even fly with his own two tails which is why he is my faveourite character to play as in Sonic 3 and Knuckles. How Tails is below Shadow is beyond me. Tails is the best Sidekick in video games!

Shadow is my favourite but since he first I will have to go with my second favourite, Tails. Yes, I know lots of people hate Tails for some absurd reason but Tails is a fast, intelligent, friendly and awesome sidekick/best friend to sonic and he just is a great character! Do I have to say more?!?!

Tails is so smart, is a fox with two tails and the first sonic character to fly. Not to mention, it's with his tails. He is a pilot, a great friend, has a great design and is in almost all the games

I honestly think tails is the best character, but watching an episode of Sonic Boom, Tails is treated like garbage by Amy, Knuckles, Sticks and the two robots, but tails can fly, both with his tails and his gadgets, he's one of the smartest characters in the whole franchise, and he's just a kid! Yet he's treated like utter garbage, #TailsFTW

Tails miles should be at least #2
He was the second character of sonic ever existed surely he needs a lot of credit and should be #2 or #1!

Tails is intelligent and a nice person overall. How could you not vote for him?

Tails should be before Silver if you ask me. He was the third main character added(Robotnik/Eggman is technically 2nd) and he makes a great sidekick. He was the first character to actually fly, not hover. He is almost as fast as Sonic, and he's super smart. He is very lovable and loyal to his friends and is just as adventurous as his blue friend.

Tails is just awesome. He's a supportive friend, and puts up with Sonic's dick-wad and egotistical ways... Somehow. But he's courageous and brave for an eight year old, and Sonic doesn't give him enough cred for flying his tiny ass all over the levels in games like Sonic heroes and Sonic Advance 3.