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21 E-102 Gamma

Really guys! Come on gamma was programmed for mass destruction... Yet he made his own choices and decided to free the trapped animals in the other robots. He died just so the bird that was functioning him could be free with his family.

His death was the most heroic and human thing I've ever watched

Gamma is Boss! He betrayed his master and (SPOILER ALERT) Dies in a most depressing way. He really had a heart unlike those other robots...

The only thing in the Sonic series that made me cry was seeing Gamma's death. Beta, you have no soul, because your a robot.

One of the few things in sonic that almost made me cry

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22 Tikal the Echidna

Tikal is my favourite Sonic character. She is so calm, helpful and always knows what's right. In the comics, she is a magical spirit and people pray to her. If I get the chance to work in SEGA I would absolutely make a game with her as the main character. "Chaos is power, enriched by the heart..." - the words I'll remember forever. Tikal is also very beautiful and her theme song always makes me happy. Even though she's not real, she is the thing that gives my life meaning. Whenever I feel sad or depressed, I think about Tikal. She is my idol. I've never seen someone so awesome, so perfect as she is! I even like her more than Sonic, I draw comics about her and listen to her song almost all the time. The world would be way better if we had more people like Tikal!

Definitely an underused character with lots of potential. Her interesting background and cool spiritual powers would make a great addition to the franchise, as well as provide a friend for poor, lonely Knuckles. Could have been a cool sidekick in guarding the master emerald. At the very least, have her be a reoccurring guide as the little ball of light from sa1. That would be better than omochao (shudder) or basic question marks for sure. Of course, with the series "returning to it's roots" aka "we're killing off all the non-classic characters and not actually changing much else" this will never happen.

I think Tikal is a very mature14 year old Echidna. The only thing though that would make Tikal better for me is if she lived in the present and not the past. Face it! We need more Echidnas in the games, sure there's a few in the comics, but the comics apparently aren't canon. Besides that I think she's mature, kind, thoughtful and genuine. She's deserves a place in the top 10-20 at least! So people please vote for Tikal for Tikal fans and her sake!

Tikal? Hmm... I would enjoy seeing her hug knux or something I mean it (if she can hug a evil sea monster thing she can certinally hug the last living boy enhidna). The only problem she's long dead :( well I'm glad Knuckles knew her for a bit.

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23 Shade the Echidna

She has a mix of knuckles and Tikal, along with shadow and espio. She is just what I like to call ( from Pokemon) a garchomp. Shade isn't in the series but everyone can still know her story. Shadow- she's not afraid to kill someone or something straight away, knuckles-she's kinda clever, Tikal- I think she was sweet until something happened, espio- she has ninja like skills! Who can't love her! If you don't like shade... Go sit in the corner and think about your life

She's makes a good sonic character shame she only appeared on sonic chronicles the dark brotherhood and she's an echidna and mysterious

Shade has a lot of potential to become the most favorite female Sonic character along with Blaze, she may need some character remodeling but she could make It top 10 easily. She deserves another chance to be in a sonic video game!

Shade was cool.

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24 Chip (Light Gaia)

In sonic unleashed after finale boss it's so cool at the end it's cool music one cut seem chip saved sonic in battle and made Gaia colosus with a rock temple chip also has a power a shield that protected sonic theirs a song called endless possibility the credit pictures are so beautiful and adorable. It's a cool character chip is if you beat dark Gaia again you can use super sonic and chip the

Chip is so adorable! Chip is practically in love with food and because he is so small, can sit on top of it. I want a Chip!

Chip has a physic necklace thing on him. The Gaia colossus punched dark Gaia in the face a lot of times in the final boss it's a really cool boss

I thought Chip was annoying, but that's just me. At least he became Light Gaia.

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25 Super Tails Super Tails

Super tails is faster than super sonic for some reason but super tails is 432%500 powerful which means super sonic is more powerful than super tails

Are we talking about the sonic here's super tails when his powers are terrible or the highly unused but released super power in sonic 2&3 when he gets the three flickies which destroy all robots in half the screen radius, can't be killed, unlimited rings, magnetism and infinity flight which made him the most brokenly beast character in sonic history, he had all of sonics power, divided between himself and 3 flickies and can fly higher and faster than sonic as well as actually go FASTER than SUPER SONIC whilst In HiS OWN SUPER FORM
Super tails was better before sonic heroes

You don't see many comments about THIS topic

Transformation not a character

26 Super Silver Super Silver

Silver is a bad butt guy and kicks butt as well he is the boss!

Silver, in super form. What's not to love?

Silver badass super silver amazing

Super silver must be the 1

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27 Super Sonic Super Sonic

How has no one except me voted for super sonic. Come on he doesn't drop the rings and it makes him more powerful I like shadow but super sonic is the best.

Super sonic is powerful! He has all 7 chaos emeralds! He's ultimate!

He can drop rings in Sonic Rush the Extra Zone.

Super sain sonic

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28 Honey the Cat

Honey is so cute! I think you should vote for her she deserves your vote.

Honey the cat is one of my favorites. The thing I like about her the most though is that she is a fashion diva and sorta like a pop star and she kicked tails's butt

Best Female Sonic Character Ever! That's all I have to say about this wonderful cat that is Honey.

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29 Tails Doll

One of my top 10 favorite characters in the sonic franchise.

I swear when tails sees this he will faint

He's a good idea to make you get creeper out

Counter part to metal sonic
Look at super sonics review, then add an extra sence of mystery to it and you get tails doll

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30 Marine the Raccoon

Marine would play an amazing feat with Yoshi.

Marine's voice actress: Cher Lloyd, her height will be 4'10" & she'll weigh 175 pounds.

Yoshi's voice actor: Mike Posner, his height being 6'0" & weight being 125 pounds.

Marine is a cute 7 year old raccoon who should be in more sonic games!
I think marine should be playable!

Marine is my favorite character I hope she appears in sonic boom she is so cute.

Marine was awesome. I don't care what haters say.

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31 Neo Metal Sonic

Man, I wish this guy could have been a reoccurring villain. His reveal in Sonic Heroes blew me away as a kid, and he has all kinds of potential for a wicked boss fight! Sadly, he hasn't appeared since.

Why is he not higher on the list, seriously he is way better than metal sonic plus its next form is awesome.

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32 Helen

She is very nice and kind. In some of the very first Sonic X, she was so happy and she made me want to smile.

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33 Storm the Albatross

Storm is so underrated on this list. Also, Storm the Albatross could've been in Sonic X & faced Rosalina from the Mario franchise who is always willing to mess with him.

Look at Storm the Albatross. He's so cool! Also, he would have an awesome rivalry with Rosalina from the Mario games.

Has a easily likeable dopey personality

Poor guy. He gets bossed around by everyone and, even though he looks happy, he's waiting for revenge! Yes! *does insane cackle*...What? I've been through it before.

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34 Scourge the Hedgehog

Scourge is really underrated. Just because he's not in the video games does NOT mean he's not important. He is probably more powerful than everyone and even beat sonic, shadow, and the whole gang all at the same time. Shadow is still my favorite but you gotta give props to scourge as he is extremely powerful and straight up just [email protected] (Yes I'm a huge fan of the comics)

Scourge is the best character (this is my opinion) and I really think he should be in the show it would be so much more interesting and to all those scourge fangirls he is amazingly hot and he s got a badass girlfriend to fiona fox and in my opinion her and tails don't belong together I mean she's a teenager and tails is like 8 I also think scourge should be in the top 5 and for crying out loud he s a king of his own planet

He is tied with Sonic and Shadow for fasted person. He also has more swagger than everyone else. Plus he looks super cool with his shades. He has also spanked Sonic and Shadow.


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35 Mecha Sonic

Remember him from super mario bros z? He was so cool in that. Also he can fly and looks cool. But not just that he can blast people but best of all his super form is just so outstanding.

Just saying I don't think any super forms should count because they're the same person just different powers but that's beside the point, if there was a fighting tournament but only normal forms I'd think that mecha sonic would come close to winning because sonic has almost no powers in his normal form and most of sonics friends are weak (. Mainly charmy tails and amy etc) but shadow would have a good chance in his normal form. Reasons why I think mecha is powerful are he has a machine gun and rpg built into his arm and he did blow up yoshis island and defeated sonic and his friends and koopa bros and axem Rangers all at once (although half the battle he was in super form which is boss) but no one notices mecha much since he was only in sonic 3 and smbz. Also it was pretty cool when he said monster? I am no monster... I AM A GOD

Sonic characters could encounter the Koopalings in Super Mario Bros. Z & I'm surprised that Princess Peaxh was in it instead of Princess Daisy. Alvin Earthworm must read this comment, please.

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36 Classic Eggman

Everyone is starting to hate Classic Eggman in favor of Modern Eggman. Classic Eggman is way better! Why? Stouter, much less annoying, less uglier, etc...

37 Vanilla the Rabbit

Creams mom sucks and has an annoying high pitched voice that's almost to soft to hear.

Why is she in the vote?

She appeared only in the cut scenes, she is not an actual playable. Character in any game!

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38 Classic Knuckles

What's this "classic" mean? Knuckles is knuckles and that is that.

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39 Maria!

I love maria! Even for shadow. Shadow and maria forever

Maria robotnik really is underrated. Many people overlook her. She must come back!

Mario would believe in reincarnation. She was just slow.

Maria and Shadow fivever! That's ever longer than forever! But Maria Robotnik really does need to come back. Maybe even star in her own game with Shadow aboard the Space Colony ARK 50 years ago! That would be awesome.

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40 Chao

Chao are a cute species in the Sonic series and deserve higher!

MY FAVORITE IN SA2! (besides tails.)

my first chao was a her flight with pheonix wings named Soul. HE IS ADORABLE!

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