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81 Queen Aleena

Sonics mom ditched him in a basket because she couldn't find someone better to protect him despite being the queen. The f@$&ing queen!



82 Maria Robotnik

Everybody wants her to come back... Come on SEGA! We want Maria the hedgehog!

Maria is awesome! She is one of the nicest characters and she cared so much about everyone!

Oh my god, everybody loves this terrifiying heroine, who grew up as a hybrid! She is so different from humans, Maria is a very clumsy girl who has a big strength and has peaceful harmony between her people and humans!

Shadow: *Remembering Maria* Why me, why Maria.
Silver:*Trying to comfort shadow*
Shadow:Get Away!
Silver:Bring back Maria please sega

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83 Biolizard

Bio-lizzy, I am such a crazy cartoon robot lover...

84 Sam Speed

Come on, people! He is the fastest human in the world! How can you not like him and his racing car' style! As a human, he can literally race with Sonic and Shadow, although he always lose... But still, he's still just a human, you can't compare him with some creatures from the other world or some genetically lab experiment.

What cracks me up about Sam Speed: he's a human! Also, he can rival Yoshi for sure.

He's not the fastest human in the world, he's just driving a high tech race car

Annoyances run in the Thorn in-your-side-family

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85 Inky the cyan ghost

Aren't you referring to that light blue ghost from Pac-Man? Oh, well. It doesn't matter much, but Inky the cyan is very cool & the perfect boyfriend for Amy Rose the Hedgehog. Also, Jay Sean would be a great voice for Inky the cyan ghost! We'd love that! ALRIGHT! A mix of a Southern/English accent would work great on Inky the Cyan ghost!

Are you referring to the laser wisp?

Well If their is a characters named cream and cheese then why not inky the best sanic character ever think about it for a minute.

86 Aethon the Hedgehog V 1 Comment
87 Dave the Intern

Dave is a kinda funny guy to tell the truth.

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88 Uncle Chuck

Shadow has beter parents and they are both guys! Ones not even human and the other is a psychopath! But they are heven compared to sonics uncle!

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89 Sleet

Sleet is so funny in the sonic underground episodes even funnier than dingo

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90 E-101 Beta
91 Bokkun

Bokkun's a cute robot, but naughty

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92 Tiara Boobowski

A sad forgotten and cancelled character.

Poor Tiara...She wasn't even shown to the public after her game was cancelled...She deserves to be reckognized and maybe even coming back in a future game with other forgotten characters like Fang, Bean and Bark.

93 Metal Knuckles
94 Scratch

Brings back funny memory's of watching the video

95 Grounder

Brings back funny memory's of watching the video... My favourite of the two, scratches voice annoyed me SO much

96 Elias Acorn

Heroic and a brave character, a great king to his kingdom and an excellent role model for his little sister, Sally. I mean what's not to love about this guy?

He needs to be together forever with Rosalina from the Mario franchise.

97 Geoffrey St. John

My third favourite Sonic Character, Geoffrey is a sweet talking, well designed character and he is currently a spy for Ixis.

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98 Dr. Finitevus

Best Archie villain by far in my opinion. I miss old Archie...

Best Archie exclusive villain. He should be in a game.

99 Mammoth Mogul
100 Lord Ix

This dude, took me 2 and a bit years to defeat when I first fought him in sonic and the dark brotherhood... I was 7, that's mean on a kid SEGA
THen I defeated SUper Ix in 40 seconds after having the game for 4 and a half years
Why? What? How?
So broken

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