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81 Queen Aleena

Sonics mom ditched him in a basket because she couldn't find someone better to protect him despite being the queen. The f@$&ing queen!



82 Maria Robotnik

Everybody wants her to come back... Come on SEGA! We want Maria the hedgehog!

Maria is awesome! She is one of the nicest characters and she cared so much about everyone!

Oh my god, everybody loves this terrifiying heroine, who grew up as a hybrid! She is so different from humans, Maria is a very clumsy girl who has a big strength and has peaceful harmony between her people and humans!

Shadow: *Remembering Maria* Why me, why Maria.
Silver:*Trying to comfort shadow*
Shadow:Get Away!
Silver:Bring back Maria please sega

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83 Biolizard

Bio-lizzy, I am such a crazy cartoon robot lover...

84 Sam Speed

Come on, people! He is the fastest human in the world! How can you not like him and his racing car' style! As a human, he can literally race with Sonic and Shadow, although he always lose... But still, he's still just a human, you can't compare him with some creatures from the other world or some genetically lab experiment.

What cracks me up about Sam Speed: he's a human! Also, he can rival Yoshi for sure.

He's not the fastest human in the world, he's just driving a high tech race car

Annoyances run in the Thorn in-your-side-family

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85 Inky the cyan ghost

Aren't you referring to that light blue ghost from Pac-Man? Oh, well. It doesn't matter much, but Inky the cyan is very cool & the perfect boyfriend for Amy Rose the Hedgehog. Also, Jay Sean would be a great voice for Inky the cyan ghost! We'd love that! ALRIGHT! A mix of a Southern/English accent would work great on Inky the Cyan ghost!

Are you referring to the laser wisp?

Well If their is a characters named cream and cheese then why not inky the best sanic character ever think about it for a minute.

86 Aethon the Hedgehog V 1 Comment
87 Flash The Hedgehog

If I see one more fan character on this list, I am going to kill myself.

Fake character. nice way to ripoff Shadow.

Post a picture of him! I like all things shadow, even rip of fan characters based on him

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88 Dark Gaia

I think he's the toughest monster Sonic ever faced

Beautiful most beautiful sonic character

89 Dave the Intern

Dave is a kinda funny guy to tell the truth.

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90 Big the Cat Big the Cat

Big the Cat is actually the most powerful, lovable, and amazing character in all of Sonic's history. You know who literally just sat there and WATCHED as Sonic defeated Chaos 6? Big. He probably threatened Sonic to do his dirty work for him! He fishes a lot, and he can constantly run around to catch his best friend Froggy. In Sonic Adventure 2, Big was able to survive a house-sized truck driving down the road god knows how fast, board a Space Station without any known rocket ship (he probably just thought of being there and he got there), escape out of a military base, and more! Big can go wherever he wants, when he wants, if he wants. That's why Big the Cat is the best Sonic the Hedgehog character ever.

Love Big! He's just so powerful when he wants 2 be!

The most underrated thing ever. I even tolerate the sonic adventure levels I love him so much! Well, I'm good at his levels but still.

Man that chest hair and manly whiskers make him #1

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91 Chris Thorndyke Chris Thorndyke

You're kidding, right? Right!?

I hope Justin Bieber comes to Chris Thorndyke's school all the time.

Gripe all you want about his whining and his so called hogging the spotlight , he came in handy when it mattered most. Resistance is futile. - Scorpio

131st on a list that's supposed to be a top 10. Pathetic.

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92 Seelkadoom

After all he is shadow and sonic's data mixed toghether and is faster than super sonic. Also he creamed super shadow and super sonic

Is there a youtube video about him 'because I'd like to see it

I just wanna ask you guys this, how do you put characters in h3r3 /here

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93 Wave the Swallow Wave the Swallow

Wave the Swallow is an awesome character. Her voice is cool too. Why the heck is she number 99?! Get her higher people! Plus, she's good with Jet!

I love Cream the Rabbit, but I can't go with any other, than Wave the Swallow... She's just so amazing, I just love her, and Wave's viocce is also very nice, especially in Sonic Riders Zero Gravity. Does anybody agree with me? Go Wave the Swallow!

Okay I Will Explain, She Is So Much Better Than Jet And Storm But She Also Has her Flaws Like When She Bullied Tails, Or Is With Thugs. In My Opinion She Is Okay.

Why is she here when big and Amy rose are absent from here!

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94 Super Knuckles

Knuckles is such an underrated Sonic character in general. Why? Because of how powerful he literally is!

95 Aeon the Hedgehog

Have you played final fantasy sonic x? If you did then you should know aeon.

Wow... Aeon's beating canons. Laugh out loud!

Mario is always cooler than Sonic.

How do you pronounce it?

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96 Uncle Chuck

Shadow has beter parents and they are both guys! Ones not even human and the other is a psychopath! But they are heven compared to sonics uncle!

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97 Omochao Omochao

Who put omochao here this character is awful!


Last place, and for good reason. May he forever be forgotten... (Turns on Sonic Runners) oh, for hades sake!

Enemies are NOT our friends!?!? "NO! " - Jesse Katstoplis and Joey Gladstone from Full House.

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98 Sleet

Sleet is so funny in the sonic underground episodes even funnier than dingo

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99 Dark Spine Sonic

The Sonic franchise is NOT cool at all!

Also, Sonic & the Secret Rings is bull & needs to be replaced by Mario & the Secret Rings! Please?!

There is no such thing as "Sonic Battle is awesome". Snic Battle needs to be replaced by Mario battle which will also have a crssover version.

Mario plays Sonic's role.

Yoshi plays Tails's role.

Luigi plays Amy Rose's role.

Princess Daisy plays Knuckles's role.

Wario plays Shadow the Hedgehog's role.

Waluigi plays Rouge's role.

Toad plays Cream the Rabbit's role.

Luma plays Cheese's role.

Bowser plays Eggman's role (Bowser would sound cool having Dr. Eggman's role).

Rosalina will play Charmy's role.

Donkey Kong will play Vector's role.

Diddy Kong will play Charmy's role.

Rosalina will play Espio's role.

Also, Princess Peach couldn't be Amy Rose in Sonic Battle.

Mario sucks, Sonic has way better games than he does and don't think that Mario would be perfect for games like Sonic Unleashed because Mario cannot compare to the awesomeness of Sonic the hedgehog, the fastest thing alive.

*Looking at the comments* This just proves my theory that Mario fans are Sabotaging the Sonic Franchise. GO BACK TO YOUR GENERIC TOADS!

I wish Dark Spine Mario were replaced by Dark Spine Mario.

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100 Zero the Wolf

I don't think zero is the best. (Mephiles is) but zero can be pretty awesome at times. Again, zero is not the best character, but I still think he is cool.

Zero is a cool name but I think more of a hedgehog than a wolf when I hear it

This was probably put here by the creator of the character.

Wait there's a wolf in sonic?

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