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Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by Sega, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.


Sonic is the best character in the entire Sonic game/comic universe. He may not be the strongest, but his speed, heart, and all-around awesomeness allow him to defeat his opponents. Don't get me wrong, I still love Shadow, Silver, Scourge, Mighty, Sally, and more; I just think that Sonic is better. His trash talking is hilarious (though sometimes cliche), His bravery is unparalleled, and his heroism is just inspiring. His speed allowed him to defeat Shadow (before they became allies), his trash-talking continues to drive Eggman insane, and his morals allowed him to defeat Scourge and persuade Silver that he wasn't the traitor to the Knothole Freedom Fighters (in the Archie Comic universe). That being said, Sonic is my favorite character, followed by Shadow/Silver, then Scourge/Mighty, then Sally/Tails.

Sonic is the most heroic main character I have ever seen in my life (so far). He is funny but compassionate, extremely powerful but he knows his limits, and he is all around just awesome. Don't get me wrong, I love Shadow, Silver, and Scourge; I just think that Sonic has the qualities that make him the best out of them. Sonic is slightly faster than Shadow, which gives him the power to beat him in battles. Sonic is smarter than Silver, which allows him to win battles with the time traveler. And as for Scourge- well they're equal. But Sonic is more kind, which somehow weakens Scourge's spirit. Although Shadow and Silver are now friends with Sonic (in both video games and comics), I come out liking the blue hedgehog the most because he just seems the most good. Also, I find his trash talking and high spirits just awesome.

Sonic vs Silver vs Shadow: Sonic will always win. So don't think because Shadow owns a gun that he can destroy them both. Or that Silver will win because of his powers in sonic generations he lost against Sonic. Sonic no one else can beat him up only in times where the enemy is too strong for him like perfect dark gaia or even Eggman at points and you know how it goes Sonic is the best because the series of video games is called Sonic the hedgehog franchise not Shadow or Silver the hedgehog franchise. So wake up and realize that Sonic is the true hero. Because Shadow in his game almost destroyed the planet with Black Doom and Silver was naive enough to try to kill Sonic even though he doesn't know that he is actually the hero who stopped many monsters. The three characters are good ones but as you can see Sonic is and always will be the best of the rtrio

When Shadow first appeared, you no longer cared about Sonic anymore. You just think Shadow is invincible, huh? If you were true Sonic fans, you would like him. And also shut up saying that Shadow is badass. The true badass is Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog!

Sonic is the ULTIMATE Hero of retro gaming and Mobius! You guys might think shadow is, but let me ask you. How come sonic's always saving the world while shadow is moping around STILL trying to figure out his past and thinking about Maria? Sonic saved South Island from Eggman, destroyed the death egg TWICE (actually 3 times), stopped Metal Sonic and Eggman from destroying the future, destroyed perfect Chaos, defeated and killed DARK GAIA, Stopped eggman AGAIN saving AN ENTIRE ALIEN RACE!, And defeating the time eater (egg-men) from destroying him and his friend's past! And what's shadow done? HELP sonic defeated another abomination, HELPED sonic defeat the Bio-hazard, and destroyed a comet... That's all? I mean come on! Sonic (and knuckles) is the only one to go hyper! I mean yeah there was nazo unleashed but that wasn't an official hyper shadow OR an official Dark shadow. Don't correct me shadow lovers but I believe and KNOW that sonic is the all time Greatest sonic character! And a ...more - Zombieman99

Sonic the Hedgehog is the real badass of the Sonic franchise, not that copycat Shadow the Hedgehog. If the Shadow fans hate Sonic, they should never play Sonic. If they hate him, they are not true Sonic fans. Also, Sonic is better than Shadow and he always will be. Sonic is something that Shadow isn't. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG IS THE REAL BADASS!

Sonic is the best because he's original and because Shadow is a CREATION! He was MADE. Yeah he can "hover" because he has those shoes but without them he can't hover or be faster than Sonic. If Sonic wore those shoes then he would be like Shadow. And sure Shadow is awesome. I like him too but Shadow was MADE to be the was he is. Sonic is NATURALLY fast and he has his powers NATURALLY. Non of Shadow! S powers are natural. Sonic is the real thing. Shadow isn't. I like Silver too but as I said before. He isn't the ORIGINAL character.

I KNEW IT! There must be someone out there who have the same opinion with me! Shadow is a creation, a project and his shoes, it's a ROCKET shoes. He might be able to run fast, but without his shoes, he was nothing for Sonic.

Sonic is definitely the best character! Without him, all the Shadow fans wouldn't even have Shadow. He has a likable attitude, a great outlook on life and will do everything he can to help people. He's also better because he doesn't have a whole bunch of powers. He just uses his wit and his speed. And unlike Shadow who seems to be perfect, Sonic has flaws. He doesn't think things through all the time and makes mistakes. After realizing his errors, he fixes them and has fun while doing it. Then he makes friends wherever he goes. His attitude and willingness to help and protect easily gives him an atmosphere that people want to be around. He isn't uptight and is an all-around, fun-loving, adventurous, caring, great guy!

Some people are agaisnt Sonic because he's a show off and somewhat arrongant, but that's one of the reasons to why like him. He's the hero! He's cool, funny, nice, heroic (duh), cunning, VERY skilled, etc. So they needed to give him a flaw a or two. And believe me, not knowing how to swim isn't really enough. It's not like his daily life depends on him swimming. He's basically one of the VERY few main characters that aren't completely overpowered and aren't complete loners. As to his past, we don't know anything about it (at least in the games), and that just makes him more interesting. He's the main character and he has a reason to be! He's always trying to stay optimistic and It's pretty contagious. He's also nice to Amy even if she can be a pain, and doesn't push off Chris even if he can be annoying (but that's not canon, is it? ). He gave Tails a much needed friend and accepted him as a sidekick, more so as a best friend and brother despite their age differences. So, my pick is ...more

You know your problem, Shadow fans? You think that Shadow is the most powerful Sonic character but he isn't. Sonic defeated Shadow five times and Shadow hasn't and you still think that Shadow is better than Sonic. You must be idiots. Sonic was always the best ever since his debut game. To me Sonic is the best of all time.
Most powerful characters
1st Sonic the Hedgehog
2nd Shadow the Hedgehog
3rd Silver the Hedgehog

Well, of course the world's favourite speedy blue blur would be first! He is laid back and cool (and rather cute, hehe). He always helps others when they are in need and seems to enjoy just relaxing. He loves toying around with Eggman. Go Sonic!

1) First of all sonic can fly (for a limited time) check the sonic news network but shadow's shoes only let him hover or slow falls, 2) sonic is cool and doesn't use guns like batman but weilds Excalibur (better then any gun), 3) sonic is faster than shadow. Shadow himself admitted it and can only rival sonic's speeds with his shoes, 4) even if sonic dies at least he can find love get married and live a good life unlike shadow, 5) who cares who is the faker, 6) tails is a genius and throws bombs, flies planes and can go 760 mph and can go super. Knuckles can glide, survive explosions easily, is friends with espio and can lift 500 metric tons (like a boss) 7) shadow's super form is a copy of sonic's because the idea for a super form is an opposite color e.g Sonic (blue)-Super Sonic (yellow), Scourge (green)- Super Scourge (purple), 8) Sonic is a badass who killed a genie, destroyed the death egg twice, wielded Excalibur, and beat metal sonic every time they fought, 9) Liking Shadow ...more

Sonic the hedgehog is the best. He has good heart. He is kind even to Shadow sometimes. I don't like Shadow the Hedgehog that much because he is not cool, he even doesn't have a girlfriend. People remember that Shadow is robot. The grandpa of Dr. Eggman built him! Don't think the Shadow is cool only because of Shadow the Hedgehog game. Also I have a question how could he have guns in Shadow the Hedgehog game. He is not mechanic or engineer. Tails didn't help him build guns in Shadow the Hedgehog game. I hope you agree with me.

If you're a true Sonic game fan, Then you would choose Sonic over Shadow, Sonic is the one who started it all, And he is more memorable than Shadow, Shadow also doesn't appear in all the games, and Sonic has a hyper form, Unlike Shadow.

It's easy to explain: Sonic was mostly friendly and in Sonic Boom (T.V. show) in one episode at the end he actually said happy new year to egg man. He even ASKED egg man if he could borrow some parts for tail's project. (Sorry I might be wrong because I don't watch Sonic boom anymore and I can't remember which episodes they were) now these phrases make me laugh: your to slow!, come on step it up!, that's no good..., so if Sonic was real he would be a good friend all because of the laughs, fun, wildness, and friendship. Come on man Sonic's cool too!

Why is Sonic not at top? He's the best, no one is a true Sonic fan if they like Shadow more, Shadow and Silver probably wouldn't even exist, Sonic started it all, Sonic beat Shadow and Silver, none of them are stronger, maybe because both are cheap when they fought him, Silver had telekinesis, without that, he can't beat him, Shadow uses chaos power and has a gun, Sonic only relies on his natural powers and has been kicking butt longer than Silver and Shadow, I hate how people once were Sonic fans, then dropped him for Shadow, come up people Sonic was the best and is better than Mario, I do like Shadow, but Sonic is better - jay10

Sonic is the greatest Sonic character and the most powerful of the Sonic series. Hell, he defeated Shadow in Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic Chronicles and Sonic Generations.

If you setup a comparison between Shadow and Sonic, chances are by appearance you'd vote for Shadow, with that black 'n red color scheme. But, looking at it from a physical standpoint, Sonic does seem stronger. Sonic does have all the abilities Shadow has, even if he just gives them different names (Chaos Control= Timestop or Timbreak etc. ) he's just reluctant to use them. On the subject of speed, in all the spin-off games (excluding Sonic Battle) Sonic has a higher speed stat. Than Shadow. Basically, in a fight, it seems Sonic would come out on top.

Sonic is the fastest hedgehog around shadow needs skate's to keep up with him beside with out Sonic the hedgehog none of these charater's would be alive! I mean ya sonic has had some bad game's but right now he been doing great and also Sonic is blue enough said

These is pretty darn obvious everyone. Sonic can run faster than 1000mph! Show me someone or something else that can run faster than that.

Sonic beat shadow already and he is fun to be around.

Sonic is the fastest thing alive! He has more forms than Shadow and Silver combined. He's sweet, caring, and always there to save the day! He cares for his friends and actually has a personality. (Unlike one hedgehog we know). Plus he's SEGA's mascot and the reason why all Sonic characters exsist. Do you need more information? Because I have a full list.

Is this for real? The fact that silver is even on this list is depressing, like he has no character, he's dumb and sucks and his only game was the worst in the series. How anyone can think to put a moody recolor above the main character is beyond me. List must have been made by a bunch of fan girls and 10 year olds obsessed with guns. GUNS in a sonic game, just why. At the very least tails, amy and knuckles should be up here; they may not be original but they're interesting and engaging

Sonic! Of course he's the best. He's the main character, he's a hedgehog with an attitude, he saves the world all the time, he can defeat anything, he never loses and never gives up, and he is WAY PAST COOL!

Sonic is so awesome he moves faster than the speed of sound and if he wasn't here you wouldn't have minor characters like shadow or silver!