Top Ten Best Sonic Youtubers

This is about people who play Sonic or make videos on Sonic.

The Top Ten

1 Shadow759

He made the Shadow and Silver watch series and is hilarious - Silverbronwyn

2 Mardic

He is the creator of Silver Eats A Banana and he makes lots of dubs which he names Evan Dubs. - Silverbronwyn

Sonic Shadow Silver and Knuckles series has a ton of views, and he does a Let's Plays show called Bounce Bracelet

Him and his friend Jesse are hilarious. -Espeon9891

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First person to dub a Sonic Colors cutscene, makes lots of Sonic parodies. - Silverbronwyn

Aka FireGurl (when he joined his channel with Mardic's) and sonicsneakers (he also does a ton of Sonic remixes)

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4 SonicSong182
5 TailsGuy7

One of the more new YouTubers who makes a main series about Sonic, Tails, Cream, Silver and Amy. - Silverbronwyn

6 Jigglymaster

Makes Sonic videos and Pokémon videos. - Silverbronwyn

7 The Sonic Show

Super awesome Summer Of Sonic coverage! And creator of parodies like #BADNIK. - ubersupersonic

A whole channel dedicated to Sonic, the number one source of PINGAS. - Silverbronwyn

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8 Balenaproductions
9 TailsChannel

Ryan and Matt are great people

A news update channel and playthoughs - Silverbronwyn

10 Cabanermani456

He is the best

This guy knows his stuff when it comes to Sonic. He is very passionate about these games and is willing to defend them from all the hate it gets. He has a very friendly personality in his videos which makes them enjoyable to watch. by the way his channel name is spelt 'Cobanermani456'

The Newcomers

? EmuEmi

One of most cutest Sonic Community, also she a very talented Singer, Voice Actress like as Tails.

The Contenders

11 TheRealSonicFan

RealSonicFan I love your videos especially the Mario and Sonic Olympic Games 2016 dance video those dances made me laugh.

Posts news updates and movies made out of cutscenes. - Silverbronwyn

12 Shadow The Hedgehog

A whole channel dedicated to Shadow - Silverbronwyn

13 Pokemanaphy
14 Peter Knetter

All hail Patter da Natter!

Like this?!

15 TheDragonSuperman

Amazing guy who cares about his sonic fans!

16 StormRedDesert

She makes loads of music videos for Sonic

17 SammyClassicSonicFan
18 Sonicpox

Cus he oesnt steal content like pokemanaphy, like he took sonicpoxs dark sonic video, complexity ripped it off, like what

20 Average Ace

Pretty enjoying videos about Sonic!

21 BlazeHedgehog
22 AnimatedJames
23 Dashiegames Dashiegames
24 RadicalSoda

This guy is HILARIOUS! He makes very funny Sonic videos and he is one of my favorite YouTubers. GO CHECK OUT HIS CHANNEL NOW!

25 Sam's Procrastination Station

He is a genuine, true Sonic Fan and his content is great. He definitely deserves more attention.

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1. Shadow759
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