Top 10 Best Sports Games/Moments of 2017

As we start counting down the days left in 2017 it’s time to recap the best events of the year from the sports world.

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1 Super Bowl 51 - New England vs Atlanta

Now Brady is just showing off. He has nothing else to prove

Atlanta led 28-3 and then either the Pats stormed back or Atlanta collapsed to force OT. Then the Patriots won 34-28. This game was arguably the best super bowl to date - Randomator

2 MLB World Series - Houston vs LA

This addition of the Fall Classic was the most memorable in a long time. The Astros pulled away in 7 for their first World Series title in franchise history. It was nice to see Houston win a first title at a time when the city was in distress from Hurricane Harvey. - Randomator

3 College Football National Championship

The rematch was just as exciting as the original a year ago. This time Clemson dethroned Alabama in the final seconds of the game thanks to Deshaun Watson’s Touchdown pass putting Clemson on top 35-31 - Randomator

4 NBA Finals Cleveland vs Golden State

Although this series was all Golden State it was still memorable to see a Finals trilogy with these two teams - Randomator

5 Floyd Mayweather vs Connor McGregor

I don’t pay attention to boxing but this fight was so popular it was almost like the super bowl of the Boxing world - Randomator

6 Sergio Garcia Wins the Masters

It was his first major win which was exciting as he was not even predicted to win but he defied the odds and put himself on the map as a threat to win majors - Randomator

7 South Carolina Men’s Basketball team Final Four Run
8 Northwestern Men’s Basketball team  makes first NCAA  tournament
9 NCAA Women’s Basketball: Mississippi State ends UConn’s winning Streak at 111
10 NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Green Bay vs Dallas
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1. Super Bowl 51 - New England vs Atlanta
2. MLB World Series - Houston vs LA
3. College Football National Championship


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