Top 10 Biggest Misconceptions About Adulthood

Things you thought would be different when you were a kid looking forward to being a "grown up".
The Top Ten
1 You can do anything you want

You technically can, actually, but you're pretty much guaranteed to be caught.

You can't. Laws are made for a reason. We have to do things we don't want to.

You cannot. You could get in trouble.

2 Collecting a paycheck means you don't have money problems

Until you find out about taxes, bills, and the other 'responsibilities' of being an adult.

3 Drinking is cool

It actually is cool... until the next morning...

4 Once you're done with school, you won't have to read, study, write reports, etc.

You also don't have to deal with those horrible bullies!

5 You can eat whatever you want whenever you want without consequences

I nearly got diabetes years ago from too many servings of dessert...

6 You'll always have cool people to hang out with

It's much harder to make friends when you finish school.

7 When you're grown up, life is more fun

Adults have a lot of responsibility and less free time.

After you go to work, pay bills, and taxes, it's a little fun!

Boy, I can't wait for my prostate exam!

8 Cars/transportation doesn't cost anything
9 You can still do the things you did as a kid and not look stupid

I still ride coin-operated horses, but now people give me weird looks and sometimes even laugh at me... They're probably just jealous.

I cannot have any more temper tantrums or other childish behaviors without looking stupid!

Well, they have bouncy castles and ball pools that adults can use. They have adult dot-to-dot books, and anyone can still go to the theme park.

10 Your parent(s) will always be there

Worst thing to take for granted. When you think about it, how many friends would stick around after wiping your backside, cleaning up your vomit, and putting up with difficult, stroppy behavior for YEARS, endlessly declaring that everything is boring?

Not always, and not both (some people live with a grandma/grandpa).

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? You have to be in a romantic relationship
? You have to have kids
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11 Sex is the best thing about marriage

Don't even try to coax me into believing that!

12 Your house will have a waterslide, go kart track, and all kinds of toys and video games
13 Marriage guarantees love lasts forever
14 Everything will always be ok
15 You won't get seriously sick

The risk for cancer/diabetes might increase...

16 You can scold your children whenever you want

Of course not! Equality is the most important, along with democracy. Stupid, hypocritical, bossy parents.

17 You will be an astronaut

When I was little, I wanted to be a vet (a job little girls probably would like to do when they grow up). I would never be able to become one now.

If you still can't explain it to them, show them the movie Gravity.

18 You can stay up as late as you want

Well, you can, but you'll be really tired if you stay up until like 3:00.

I'm an adult, and I'm not allowed to stay up late.

Ha ha. Oh sure, I could stay up to all hours if I wanted, but I still have to get up at 5:30 to go to work!

19 You'll be happier
20 Your kid(s) will be perfect
21 You can buy anything with a credit card and you won't have to worry about it later
22 Your grandchildren will care for you

This is the most annoying thing to do. Be stronger, and others will admire you.

23 You'll be incredibly wealthy
24 You won't turn into your parents

This one is sort of like the idea that siblings, when growing up, suspect they are adopted because they look nothing like you or your parents. Time and a lot of growing up show this usually turns out to be untrue.

Remember, our parents installed our buttons (behaviors) and know how to use them or abuse them. We often reinstall those buttons on OUR children, whether we intend to or not. Sorting the good from the bad is sometimes the tough part.

25 You can lie and get away with it
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