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Charizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Charizard first appeared in the video games Pokémon Red and Blue and subsequent sequels. They have later appeared in various merchandise, spinoff titles and animated more.


Okay I picked Charizard mainly because of its strength I am not like most of the others who pick Charizard because it looks cool or because it is a first gen starter and many people say it is strong because it can learn Flare Blitz that is stupid base Charizard is a special attacker that means flamethrower and moves like that are stronger however this also does not mean it is strong for one move Charizard can learn a lot of moves that are okay I would say and has decent typing on it's moves it can learn dark type moves like Brutal swing and rock slide, bulldoze, toxic, rest, solar beam, earthquake etc if you want to know all the moves it can learn go to bulbapedia it does have some very big problems like 4x weakness to rock type moves this can be a huge problem however with the advantage of brick break or solar beam with sunny day on you can tear through them this does not make it an unstoppable monster if you look at Tyranitar you can see it has a way better odds in a fight and I ...more

Anyone who voted for charizard on here is blinded by its excellent design. Its typing is horrible and is 4x weak to stealth rock, one of the staple moves of the metagame. It is also weak to other popular moves such as surf as well, and is crushed by stone edge. To top it all off, charizard's movepool leaves a lot to be desired. It lacks coverage moves and stat boosting moves. Its stats are mediocre at best as well. While charizard has quite possibly one of the best aesthetic designs in the series, its horrid typing and movepool paired with its mediocre stats leave it as a horrible choice for serious battles

Agree, except for it lacking a good set up move. It gets Swords Dance, Dragon Dance and Belly Drum. Call that a lack? - BlazikenBro

With that 84 attack, it doesn't make good use of dragon dance, swords dance, belly drum at all - Woyaojinkela

Just look at the comments, non of them have legit reasons. It learns flare blitz, so? It is not the best move in the game and charizard is not the only Pokemon with flare blitz and it doesn't make good use of it because charizard is a special attacker. Powerful stats? The best stat it has is 109 and it has a bad defensive stats of 78/78/84, u call that powerful? Somebody said"a variety of move, fire type, flying type, fighting type had dragon type". It is not like charizard is the only Pokemon who can learn four types of move or more, infect, most(or almost all) Pokemon on the list can do that. Somebody said"it's so powerful that mega's don't matter! ", explain how charizard raised from NU to ou. If u think charizard is the best Pokemon, u r clearly noob in video game(when I mean noob, I mean player that doesn't know much about a game not really time).

What. You guys gotta be kidding me. I don't get how Charizard is even close to being strongest.
There's something called, Sneaky Stones, and it will wreck Charizard's ass. - bidoof

Charizard is an amazing pokemon - and you can choose it from the start of the game! Charizard could basically be counted as a dragon type for all the dragon-type moves it can actually learn. Charizard's statistics are very high - especially the attack. Charizard learns a plethora of fantastic moves, and is one of the best non-legendary pokemon that there are.

Stats, you say? What about the horrid defenses? Every Pokemon has a bad stat. - Totaldramatime

Definitely NOT deserving of its spot at number 3. This could MAYBE make number 11 or 12. People don't seem to understand what this thing is. It's not a badass fire breathing dragon. It's an overgrown lizard that gets scared at the sight of a pebble. I like Charizard, but come on. This is ridiculous. - Mr_Awesome

Charmander was my first Pokemon ever when I first got firered and now its in my black 2 a level 100 Charizard and it just k/o's EVERYTHING bring my charizard and a few hyper potions and I can take out the entire elite four charizard is just Pokemon royalty it kicks serious ass and I have always had a special place for charizard in my heart CHARIZARD ALL THE WAY!

Anime Charizard, would be above Dragonite and ultimately the best non legendary Pokemon. I mean he even held his own against legendary pokemon and defeated a legendary pokemon without even completing his training.

Game Charizard has amazing stats and is capable of learning a good range of moves including fighting and dragon-type moves. He is a beast of a pokemon.

Charizard is a beast. It is weak to rock type but if it learns mega punch it can defeat them. If you want to defeat water type Pokemon you can defeat them with dragon type moves,normal type moves or steel type moves. It can learn a wide variety of moves like fire moves, steel moves, dragon moves, flying moves and normal moves.

Not dragonite I prefer charizard instead because he is awesome in the games he is ash's strongest Pokemon in the anime and talk about his movepool as he said few fighting type, many fire type, couple of dragon and aerial type, has the spirit of never giving up as in anime he has lost only 2 battles which is one with a poliwrath and another with a blaziken. Oh talk about his design it's awesome, even though having such huge wings due to its wings (aerial type) move superfast. This charcoal lizard is beaten by none. Personally it is the most powerful non legendary Pokemon and my favourite one

Few fighting type, many fire type, couple of dragon and aerial type, so? Dragonite has them all. Design is not a good reason to say a Pokemon strong - Woyaojinkela

Charizard is my most favorite of all its signature move flamethrower and blast burn impress me by its hot flames, if the pokemon is true, I'm always choosing it, he is useful because bug type are mostly type in regions, it defeats articuno and entei so vote for char char

Two words for charizard, "the beast." Wiped out most of the elite four with out any potions. But the thing is I was shock to see its stats, I thought it be higher. It's the best fire type there is and could smash legendary Pokemon's. And I think charizard is a beast it's because in the first movie he was gutsy to fire a flamethrower to mewtwo. So that's why charizard is the best!

I played fire red and I chose charmander as a starter, I leveled him up to 16 then he evolved, then I battled all the gym leaders and all trainers everywhere, defeated E4 and at the end of the game he was level 100, that's why he is the best non-legendary Pokemon

P.S. He is my favorite Pokemon of all time

Charizard by a landslide. I recently started playing diamond again, and to mix things up I sent pokemon over that aren't normally in diamond, to see how it was. When my charizard went to the elite four, it single handidly beat every single pokemon besides Cynthia's Garchomp. It was only level 56 at the time. He's insanely powerful.

It is awesome I finished the champion of kanto Gary only with my charizard

I would say charizard is the first Pokemon most people have loved from the first gen game.
I would say that is enough of a reason to love this awesomely epic fiery flames Pokemon of excellence!
Woot I love him and he was my first epic Pokemon and odds are its was yours too!

Charizard is look like dangerous Pokemon, and it's move is more damage than other move like blast burn, overheat, flare blitz, etc. It is also dragon type, so it also able to use dragon types moves that thing make it spectacular Pokemon than other Pokemon.

Lol, blast burn, not a good move. Also a dragon type? noob. how many fire type can't learn flare blitz and overheat, it is not like they are the best move in the game you know - Woyaojinkela

I'm pretty I don't even need any explanation for this pokemon. Its just bad ass. Being a starter it can blast burn which is a really strong move plus an additional flying type gives it an edge over any other pokemon really

Charizard is really powerful he can take out blastoise either with fly or blast burn. Also doesn't die quickly my level 60 one survived Gary's blastoise hydro pump once I used fly and it was gone. Charizard is just plain badass and should be the strongest non legendary

I would have to go with Charizard, though Tryanitar is great along with Dragonite. My decision was tough, but I had to choose Charizard for his explosive power, fire type and flying type. The top 2 are great, but this is my choice and will always be.

Charizard is a powerful Pokemon. It could take out Pokemons like articuno, darkrai, mew two, rayquaza, groudon etc

Its my favourite pokemon and it never let me down in Pokemon Firered version. It can take on the Elite Four and The Champion who have pokemon about level 75 solo.

Now that charizard has a dragon/fire mega evolution typing, he is now even more powerful. With Power up punch, Steel wing, Dragon claw, and Flare Blitz, he is almost un beatable. I also like him because he is a fan favorite thanks to the anime. Go CHARIZARD!

I'm going to be honest, Charizard is cool and good but overrated. I hate using the popular Pokemon. I am a fan of using obscure Pokemon and finding out really how good they are. Charizard is boring to use

Charizard is the worst Kanto starter and one of the worst starters. Sure, it can use attacks, but it's in the second lowest tier, a tier it only shares with two other starters. And the other two starters in the tier can rip it apart, being Samurott who's water type, and Torterra, who can tank one attack and then counter with Stone Edge. Charizard has no right being on this list, let alone in the top 5. - psychiclion