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Gengar, known in Japan as Gengar, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.


Before talking about gengar I will say something, I hate Dragonite and he shouldn't be number one ( I mean Dragonite isn't in the Uber tier for no reason). Now its Gengar time! Before generation 7 arrive, regular Gengar was in the Overused tier for 6 generations. Its simply because of his stats and of course his HUGE movepool. He is also immune to ground types attack thanks to levitate which is good since, on paper, Gengar is weak to ground. But the reason why I voted for him is his Mega. Not only it looks very cool, he haves one of the highest special attack of the game, he is the fastest ghost type and and he Shadow Tag, which is one of the most broken ability in the game. Don't mess with Gengar. (And also I saw most of the comments and you supposed to say why its powerful and not that he is your favorite).

How is gengar not at the top it has an awesome mega evolution it learns dream eater shadow ball and dark pulse witch are all of the strongest special type moves of there types. Witch brings us to special attack witch is like 130 witch is insanely one of the highest of its type. Being a ghost and poison it has so many resistances it's ridiculous. Speaking of ridiculous it one of the fastest Pokemon ever. I know what your thinking "but it looks lame shiny". It's regular shiny form may not be cool but it's mega shiny evolution is pure white. Another thing contributing to its cool factor is it holds one of the coolest Easter eggs in the game... Gengar is the shadow of clefable. Speaking of clefable ghost type is affective towards one of the newest types... Fairy type. Plus seeing that the new fairy type is affective towards dark and dragon gengar is a very op Pokemon.

Fairy is super effective against dark, dragon and fight and it's only weak to poison and steel, not ghost.

I'm surprised that Gengar isn't higher. It's underrated but it should still be in the top 5 at least. It can absolutely destroy a sleeping Pokemon with hypnosis, hex, dream eater and nightmare. Hex and toxic together are also a lethal mix, and you would still have two more move slots to put an ice or electric move in to chew up a dragon or water type. It's also a levitating poison type which takes a weakness off it's plate. A very good Pokemon with a really cool design.

Gengar is a great Pokemon with its only weaknesses being psychic, ghost, dark and ground. With levitate the ground problem is almost completely gone (if they have gravity or smack down your screwed) and gengar will usually hit and knock out a psychic type before it can hit him and the same for other ghosts. The problems are dark types but you can just switch out and hope they don't use persuit. It's stats are okay with it's high speed and high special attack being its bonuses and it's low defense being it's weakness. Gengar is best used with hypnosis as it's speed lets it put other Pokemon to sleep before they can get a hit off. - Gripper08

Gengar is a total beast. It's my favorite Pokemon ever and for good reason to. With a outrageous base special attack of 130 and base speed of 110 it is deadly in battle. Especially now with its mega evolution skyrocketing his stats to an absolutely absurd 170 base special attack and 130 base speed. All Pokemon who have to unfortunate luck to meet this Pokemon cower in fear and those who don't are met with an unfortunate demise.

One of the strongest pokemon around. The ability to learn ghost and poison moves makes him valuable member of any team. Not only that but he is the only poison pokemon to learn trick. Give him a black sludge and trick, Psychic, dream eater and hypnosis and he rules competitive play.

I have a Gengar named Nightmare, and she's a killer. She has the most amazing attacks, namely shadow ball, thunder, and the BEST combo ever: hypnosis and dream eater. Not only is it a practically one-hit KO, but restores it to almost full health. GENGARS FOR LIFE!

I think gengar is amazing because of the fact that he can trap the opposing pokemon in a Perish Song, insane special attack, its mega, and because it can learn so many different types of moves (ex: fire punch, ice punch, thunder punch, brick break, confuse ray, counter and so much more) for these reasons I think gengar is the best...

Gengar is my favorite Pokemon and definitely deserves to be in the top ten and here are five reasons 1) hypnosis at level one 2) moves that don't let the opponent use items 3) dream eater, hex, nightmare, and more 4) there aren't many types that are super effective on him and 5) he looks like a ghost and is from the beginning games.

Gengar is my FAVE pokemon I love how it can make portals and how it has ghost and poison powers even though it has really BAD defense it has really GOOD ATTACK the coolest thing about gengar is it's mega evolution its eye what I think it is is that it is a symbol of its type THANKS FOR READING

Are you kidding me this should be at the very least in the top 5! this Pokemon is invincible to all normal attacks which are very very common and the only types that have even a single percent chance of beating Gengar is dark and psychic and when it mega evolves it is a powerhouse!

Gengar puts things asleep and stuff like that to help win a battle or catch a pokemon it might not be the best fighting wise though but it is still a good choice. I don't have one but my friend lets me play her game and she has one!

AMAZING SHINY! When it looks white with it's mega evolved shiny, well, people turn white when they're scared right? I'm pretty sure shiny mega gengar is supposed to resemble that. Also, Shadow tag plus perish song combo equals DEATH. To the opposing opponent, any way.

I love gengar ok, and I think he should be in the top 3's for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, in most Pokemon games many trainers tend to have fighting type Pokemon but having gengar is no problem for Pokemon like that! Fighting type moves have no affect on gengar and the same for ground types! Also, as you look into the future (Kalos Region) Gengar also has a mega evolution, which makes him even more superior!

This thing has always been a top tier threat in Overused. It has a crazy amount of options such as Sludge Wave, Dazzling Gleam, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Thunderbolt, Icy Wind etc. It can even work as a spinblocker due to being able to learn Will-O Wisp and Taunt and being part Ghost gives it immunity to Rapid Spin. It's very hard to switch out of, let alone take a hit from it. It's frail, but has great speed and power and thanks to the new Fairy type and Steel no longer resisting Ghost this thing is better than ever.

I think Gengar is the the one of the strongest ghost type Pokemon. It's basically immune to Normal, Ground and Fighting types. Though weak against Dark Types.

Here's a story. In Generation 1, Gengar was pretty awful. All ghost and poison type attacks were physical, in which Gengar had horrible attack. Plus, Psychic used to be immune and had an advantage against Ghost back then. But in the newer Generations, it starts to change. Gen 2 removed Psychic's immunity and type advantage against Ghost, now giving ghost types a chance, though Ghost types were still physical. And then, when Gen 4 came out and introduced the Physical-Special attack split, Shadow Ball? Check. Sludge Bomb? Check! Gengar NOW takes the crown. And look what Gen 6 added here. Fairy type? Weak to poison? Gengar gets the job done! No ghost type can compare to it having great Soeed and Sp. Attack! Chandelure? Frosslass? Dusknoir? Aegislash? Pfft. Gengar uses Shadow Ball and now they're all dead.

Gengar is one of the greatest pokemon! His combination of hypnosis and dream eater easily out matches MANY other pokemon you got my vote!

Good team but I didn't like tyranitar but I loved everything else and I want this team to play hand games because I have finished every pokemon game till date!

Gengar is the best ghost type Pokemon you can get. However, he is impossible to get on single-player mode because you need to trade a haunter with another player and then get it back.

Gengar is the best with the fast speed and the great special attack it's a walking monster only a few pokemon can outspeed this thing honestly this should at least be in the top 10

Gengar has to be the best! It can see through dimensions and has spooky ghost type powers! How dare you put it on 10th! IT SHOULD BE #1! Or better, let it be zero the hero! (I hate you by the way)

Gengar is quite easily the best ghost Pokemon. The ghost Pokemon as a whole are pretty cool. Part of the original 150 Pokemon

I won the double battle against the hard champion with only using Gengar and Mega Blaziken. He can learn some of the best special attack moves and is extremely fast.

Gengar has really good speed and special defense stats and when he mega evolves his special goes all the way to about a base 170, that's a good special attack should be #1