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261 Weedle Weedle V 1 Comment
262 Swoobat

Now this Pokemon might seem weak at first glance but think again. This guy can learn double team, calm mind and stored power. Just spam double team before using calm mind and with his "simple" ability the buff from calm mind and double team will be doubled. Which means you can max your sp. Attack and sp. Defense ASAP. Remember: stored power's true power lies behind the "calm mind" move. More buff = more power. You can OHKO an arceus (except dark) but you can also use the remaining slot go get a strong special move.

263 Banette

He is so cool and is also my favorite Pokemon

264 Skitty Skitty

I will admit it has bad stats but has good moves

She is so cute, her enemies can't bear to attack her!

I've always had a bit of trouble with bulky Water types, but with a Skitty in my party, I can slay all the Wailords. :D

265 Mega Rayquaza

It breaks the rules into a million pieces and throws it out the window

I trino that rayquaza is strong cause there's a movie with him in it in netflix and the movie is called hoopa and the calsh of age and it has other legandary pokemon even mega evolve

V 3 Comments
266 Stunfisk

It's flat out awesome (lol pun I'm so funny)

V 2 Comments
267 Torkoal Torkoal

This is the best Pokemon ever. It has a powerful overheat and undefeated defense iron defense he is awesome VOTE TORCOAL

268 Druddigon

This is a popularity contest

Its actually powerful

Is one powerful Pokemon amd deserves to at least be in the top twenty

Drayden's druddigon defeated even iris' dragonite.It is damn powerful.

269 Stunky
270 Floette

Slap a life orb on this thing, and use light of ruin... DEAD EVERYTHING! No seriously, it is amazing. If you can EVEN train it to have max special attack, then special defense it becomes a bigger monster. Screw Florges, AZ's Floette is amazing.

271 Dragalge Dragalge

My favorite because his design is awesome, he is great in competitive play, and he evolves from a cute little skrelp into an awesome seaweed-dragon-monster.

272 Slurpuff Slurpuff V 3 Comments
273 Articuno Articuno

How do you know articuno best move but you don't know he's a legendary

This says strongest NON LEGENDARY Pokemon! This one is a legendary! - Goatworlds

Mind Reader and Sheer Cold combination anyone? That's really all I should have to say. She's amazing without it but with it she kicks serious butt!

No way articuno is a legendary Pokemon and should placed at first

V 2 Comments
274 Roserade

Roserade is one of the best grass type poke, Since it has Natural Cure and Hidden Technician Ability. And it can learn the move Weather Ball + Toxic.

V 1 Comment
275 Metapod Metapod

The ultimate troll RETURNS! With only knowing protect this annoying bug along with kakuna is the ultimate troll! The only problem is... When a fire type or a ground type comes up.. Goodbye Annoyence

His harden is to hard for you bitches

This used to be much higher. HOW! My knight Gardevoir will mess up your day metapod. Just teach it harden and protect. Also give it an evolite. No butterfree for you!

I like metepod because he is funny. METAPOD TO THE RESCUE! Harden harden harden. "Metapod you are dumb! " says bad guy. bad guy starts to attack. "OOOww! " Metapod wil be as hard as metal. keep hitting it and you will cry to yo momma! HAHAA!

V 1 Comment
276 Mega Charizard X

I'm not sure if mega evolutions count, but this Pokemon is BEAST. And, unlike Charizard, it's actually a Dragon type. If I can't have it, though, I'd love to get a shiny Charizard.

Your right the card dose 300 damage

BEST Pokemon EVER! Even though I prefer mega charizard y this one is really good to

V 4 Comments
277 Caterpie Caterpie

Caterpie is a legend. When ash caught it it destroyed team rocket. Also legend because it evolved into metapod and then butterfree. Then ash released him and him and his girlfriend flew away. Bye Bye Butterfree!

Caterpie is mad beast... He stood up to a Pidgeotto in the Anime and really held his ground when he could. Well anyways he tried his hardest.

Dude why isn't this at #1? I have on in my team and its kicks ASS, and I'm sure I could beat the whole elite four with this alone. Underrated

How could you have not put Caterpie in it you meanies

V 4 Comments
278 Xatu Xatu

The only pokemon capable of returning the pitches of Christopher robin. It was said that before the final outs of a game were to be made, Xatu would descend from his fly to banish the trouble soul back the the woods from which he wanders.

Xatu is the only Pokemon beginning with x legend.

A wise bird, capable of levelling the mortal conscious with its eldritch visage. IA SHUB-XATU

Its Psychic, and Grass Knot gets the job done against
Pidgeot, Staraptor, Swellow, Wailord, Sharpedo, Blastoise, Feraligatr, Swampert, Marowak, Omastar, Kabutops, and Onix (If its Bruno's Onix)

V 2 Comments
279 Scrafty

Amazing typing, good for all battle types, weakness coverage, explain how this giant #1?

This thing can kill any Pokemon
I have one in my black 2 named cain
And if I had a Pokemon no other could take out he came in and took it out
Hi Jump Kick, Brick Break, Crunch, and Strength/headbutt

280 Honchkrow

Has 505 base stat beat lv100 arceus with only suckish fly. Literally labeled BOSS Pokemon! Although it has sucky defense, it has only 4 weaknesses has 2 no effects, 3 one half damage and it can learn a fire type moves like incinerate. My first level 100

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