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Salamence deserves to be way higher than no.5, that's just sad. He is the the complete ideal dragon. Being a pseudo-legendary adds so much to him. Why are there so many band-wagoners and make Charizard, a non-dragon under the best best dragon of all time. He has extreme stats that soar way above the rest. His move set is super powered. No other non-legendary Pokemon has stats that come NEAR to his. Besides, don't tell me he has a bad design because he's awesome. The just is raw. Sick. Epic. Any body with Pokemon Omega Ruby would know how overpowered Salamence is. #votesalamence

Having train its attack stat to the max gives you the edge. You could really ko a lot of powerful Pokemons. Even though Pokemons such as dragonite/tyranitar/ or even gyarados could easily destroy it, salamence will overtake them easily with its speed. Its like destroy your enemy or let chance take you to the next round right. You could almost say its an attack counterpart to the might special attacking alakazam.

My favourite dragon Pokemon is Salamence because of his or her image of a real European dragon and awesome powers which shames the almighty Charizard and possibly even a legendary Pokemon. Salamence has great speed, incredible powers and can know any type of power. If this almighty Pokemon were to be the Jewel of my team I would riding through the skies as warlord in battle

I think it is either Salamence or Garchomp. A Garchomp with swords dance and earthquake and some good dragon moves, it can easily sweep teams. But, I vote Salamence. I like using its moxie ability and gaining attack as it takes down its opponent. It is literally unstoppable once it starts killing. As long as there ain't a fairy type or ice type, he can't be takin down after taking down two or three Pokemon.

Salamence is one of the greatest pokemon I have ever used! My friend and I got my salamence and his charizard up to level 100 and made them battle. He planned on using dragon claw but my salamence was faster and used hydro pump. I personally can not keep calm if there is a bagon out there. That's why I'm trying to get waterfall in emerald as fast as I can. Salamence, king of the dragons!

Super Mega awesome boomerang in ORAS. Yes it's a boomerang not a Frisbee. But anyways with arielate 30% boost and STAB to moves like return/frustration, thrash and double edge coupled with STAB dragon claw or outrage only 38 Pokemon are resistant to your moves! And then add ground and you can hit everything but skarmory. To top everything off it gets roost and dragon dance to recover and boost speed and attack meaning not much can stop it.

Salamence is about the best dragon type in my opinion when salamence came out I was so excited. He has a base stat of 600 like mos legendaries. People only think of Pokemon like dragonite garchomp tyranitar and charizard in my opinion salamence is better than all of them. If salamence mega evolves he will get a base stat of 700! Arceus has 720 that means salamence could be better than mega garchomp and charizard. In my opinion salamence should be first.

No doubt he's the best he's awesome I beat the Elite Four with him alone. He squashes Rayquaza! And I'm not saying this just because he's my all time favorite. Mine has never fainted and never will. And I'm not just saying this because he's my all time favorite! Long live SALAMENCE!

For starters, it's Salamence...
He has a high speed and great attack which makes him one of the strongest pokemon. Not to mention his resistances due to him being adragon. Just watch out for the 4x multiplier when facing ice pokemon.

Outrageous attack stat. And great speed, with pretty decent defensive stats thrown in to top if off, this Pokemon is fearsome. Teach it outrage, dragon dance and earthquake and there's pretty much nothing out there that can stand up to it.

Salamence man, he will destroy dragons types such as dragonite. He is a complete beast on my team and demolished all gym leaders, and he started from a level ONE. If you don't get one, man, you'll regret it. I you do get him, use him right. HE should be at the top.

Are you kidding? Monster attack, great special attack, huge speed? O. o it can be anything, special, physical and mixed sweeper! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT? I mean charizard can't be higher than Salamence.. :S

Dude, Why the hell is this thing only five. Salamence kills. It has a great all around stats and it had kill every Pokemon. There is no way that this guy can be rated only five. Vote Please

Salamence is hard to get from a bagon but it is super worth the long wait I had mine as a level one from the first day I played oras and it just evolved and I was here all day wonder trading for rare candies

This is my dad's favorite Pokemon. He was the one who wanted to capture it, name it, and train it. When it was the second Pokemon to reach level 100 (after my Swampert of course) he was satisfied with the results.

One of my strongest pokemon alongside Swampert in Pokemon Emerald. He has high physical and special attack, which makes him an absolute beast. Might take a lot to evolve but it will be worth it.

I really think that Salamence is the strongest Dragon type I know. I always beat everyone online or on the game with it because of his moves, Flame thrower, Fly, Rage, and Dragon dance

Salamence is awesome, and face it, the only reason charizard, lucario, and dragonite made it onto this list is because they are the top three most overrated non legendary pokemon.

Salamence is just an awesome Pokemon. It may not have a good defense, but his awesome offense covers up for that. My Salamence knows hydro pump, fly, flamethrower and draco meteor.

Salamence is a beast, with a good move pool, it's pretty OP, but since it's a dragon type, and with the new popular fairy type, it's not as good as it used to be.

I just love the fact that it doesn't matter how you train a salamence, it will still be incredible.

It's a really great Pokemon. It has a cool design, not to mention its huge wingspan. Does anyone else think its mega evolution looks like a jet pack/

Salamence is a awesome pokemon why is not number one oh that's right because everyone thinks dragon item is better well salamence can learn fly just by leveling up!

Salamence is fast and powerful, not to mention looking awesome. It's ability Intimidate is one of the best in the game. Once it mega-evolves it's defensive stats match many legendaries and it's speed and attack go much higher. Salamence also has an advantage in that Intimidate activates immediately, cutting the opponent's attack by 50%. When it mega-evolves it becomes aerilate, changing normal type attacks, like Thrash, into flying types.

He is slightly faster than Dragonite and also can have the ability intimidate, lowering the foe's physical attack.