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Are we basing strength off of mythology or strength in the competitive Pokemon game?

If in mythology, it's likened to God by being able to flap its wings and cause a storm similar to that of the Great Flood that cleansed the earth, aka don't piss him off or he'll wipe out the human race.*

Competitively, he's a tank as well. 106/130/154 Defenses with Multiscale? Any Pokemon slower than him will have a hard time getting past his toxic stalling ability. (with an admitted exception in Kyurem-White and Black, whose ability negate Multiscale yech) Oh, and Whirlwind will stop many sweepers in their tracks, including the deadly Power Herb+Geomancy Xerneas. Although his attack and special attack are abysmal (only 90 Special Attack LOL), he doesn't need it to stall you to death.

*not that he will. He knows of his own immense power, and deliberately seals himself away because of that. What a nice guy.

Lugia is better than charizard.. Why did you put this kind of legendary Pokemon after that fire flying Pokemon charizard? It's not fair.. We all know that he is one of the powerful Pokemon cease he rule the sea.. He is like the Poseidon of the Greek mythology.. You don't even know what Lugia can do.. He can learn psychic and flying and water moves.. Lugia is the best Pokemon for me

For me this is THE Pokemon! Its why generation 2 for me is still the best, before the later games became oversaturated with too many legendaries (with too many spikes) Lugia was the BOMB! Still the classiest looking Pokemon around. The way they built it up in in "the power of one" as well, they can try and make increasingly ridiculous looking legendary Pokemon and pass them off as the most powerful (Giratina and Groudon I'm looking at you) but game freak knew they hit their peak with Lugia

Elite for regretted when they said challenge accepted. I think lugia should be number 3 or number four as much I hate to admit it it could never win against arceus or Mewtwo but other than that this is pretty strong aero blast literately owned all of the elite four including lance. Yup

My friend and I had a battle once... Lugia vs. Mewtwo.. Lugia is super resistant to psychic type moves and it was an easy win for lugia... Next I will get arceus vs lugia and I bet lugia would win because of it's limited weaknesses.

LUGIA, the most simple looking legend yet amazingly strong, he's aeroblast could take down most legendaries... He looks awesome, he kicks ass, he is smart and he has a damm well stats... So place him at least in the top 5... No comment..

Well not to be a cheater but I used an action replay and accidentally caught this Pokemon at level 2. I used it most of the time and leveled it like crazy. Around level 65 I beat a level 80 kyogre and level 86 groudon.

Lugia doesn't only look the coolest but he is definitely better than the rest than any johto legendary Pokemon, and I'm not saying this because a lot of the people chose this because he is there favorite because mine is QUAGSIRE!

This guy's got to be my #1 pick. Not only does Pokemon 2000 show off his awesomeness, but he also began my journey in Pokemon (my first game was Silver). Also, anyone think he looks killer on the box art for Soul Silver?

Oh, COME ON. Anyone who doesn't like Lugia sucks! I have a Lugia and it is the strongest pokemon in my group. And I have Ho-oh too! It's Aeroblast took out all of one of the Elite Four's pokemon.

Arceus is Junk! LUGIA is not! Lugia is cool cool cool and STRONG! ITS even CUTE! So if you do not think it is the BEST YOU ARE OUT OF LUCK! After it was not made FOR NOTHING!

A light flap from its powerful and large wings can flip a house. He may not be as powerful as Arceus, but Lugia can cause a 40 day storm, not to mention it has to live underwater to make sure it's powers don't destroy things, yikes.

Lugia learns hydro pump and aero blast which are almost the same power as a hyper beam but it gives it a type because it's better than a normal type. It can talk to humans and take down all three legendary birds at one time and produced an offspring. This Pokemon is a boss man and this was the first legendary ever caught and aeroblast is my favorite move in the game.

As seen in the movie it can talk like mewtwo it's so powerful that it lies in the bottom of the ocean one flap of its wings can cause a 40 days storm one of its signature move AEROBLAST it just huff in air and blasting it definitely that it should be 2nd after ARCEUS but however that weak rude mewtwo came 2nd it should be last

U PEOPLE ARE LOCO FOR NOT VOTING LUGIA I mean we all like the lake monster so Lugia is pertty much the same thing exept toatlly EPIC!

This pokemon can cause a 40 day storm are he can be a storm too also he can talk his aero blast is awesome he's the leader of the birds trio he is a psychic flying type but also a water ice dragon type too

Lugia is simply the strongest Pokemon ever. In a flat out brawl between Mewtwo, Arceus, Rayquaza, Giratina and Deoxys, Lugia would win. He just doesn't give up and is the natural leader of Pokemon.

Dude Lugia is the best Pokemon in the world Arceus is not Lugia is so powerful did you see Pokemon movie 2000 it is the best Pokemon you list is wrong

Lugia is OP... That's all I have to say. But I will say more! In the Anime Movie with Hoopa Lugia was holding out against a Demon Legendary and Lugia could have fought longer if Demon Hoopa didn't send him Away. Also in the Pokemon Movie 2000 Lugia was said to be the King of the Legendary Birds. He also has the Best Entrance ever! Bursting out of a Whirlpool! I don't See Kyogre doing that! Also he has his own Theme Song! Does Darkrai or Mewtwo have a Theme Song? I don't Think So! (Not entirely Sure on that...)

I've seen my share from Lugia. Logia beat lance for me... Twice my fire types were ineffective but since it learns such a variety of moves like blizzard it saved me

I think that lugia should be number 1 because he can battle moltres zapdos and articuno at the same time and no matter how many times he falls into the ocean, and I seems like he's lost, he always gets back up.

How can be lugia is not first he is unbeatable and can destroy a planet his wings can cause 40 days strom and can destroy earth he can become strongest Pokemon ever please vote him

I think lugia should at least be top 3. He defeated articuno moltres and zapdos all at the same time. He can talk like a human and is the coolest Pokemon ever

This Pokemon has one of the strongest moves! It can do 1 hit kills. No wonder the cards for it are so rare!

He is the true god Pokemon. His hyper beam just destroyed the thing that captured the three birds. He can destroy everyone!