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Mew is one of the fictional species of creatures from Nintendo's and Game Freak's Pokémon media franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri.


Mew is the "origin" of Pokemon It's Pokemon entries state that it possesses the DNA of all Pokemon. It can learn any move which would allow it to bypass resistances, making Arceus's Multi-type virtually useless since mew can change its attack types as Arceus changes its own type. Can transform into any Pokemon including other legendaries, which would allow it to change its resistances and weaknesses whenever needed as well as acquire stats and abilities that would better benefit it in any given situation. In the first Pokemon movie it is seen fighting head to head with Mewtwo without losing any ground, and in this instance he was fighting only using Psychic attacks, and without the need for transformation. Not to mention Mewtwo was created from Mew's DNA.

Statwise, it's impressive. Not jaw-dropping, but impressive. It's incredibly immense move pool also really helps it be a viable team member. Mew was also the "original legend". All other legendaries could be accessed in game. We all thought Mewtwo was the ultimate, final catch. We were wrong. Only those who cheated or went to events got this extra special Pokemon. But we aren't voting for Mew based on just the game (s). We're voting based on the movie (s) as well. When Mewtwo started trashing all the trainer's Pokemon in the first movie, he seemed invincible. And we truly thought it to be so. Until this adorable little pink Pokemon stole our hearts when it deflected Mewtwo's shadow ball. It also helped save the world again along with Lucario (another favorite of mine). It's cuddly. It's playful. It's powerful. It's mew. I love Mew, and it is the best. And no one can convince me otherwise. Glad to see it's so high up the list

Mew is WAY overrated. He did not defeat mewtwo. He cannot learn every move; can he learn draco meteor or sacred sword? I will admit that his movepool is pretty decent, but that's the only good thing about him! He isn't strong. His shiny sucks. And, you guys are so hyped that he can transform into any pokemon. You wanna know who else can do that? DITTO, but I don't see him up here. Also, any pokemon with mimic! There are so many better pokemon than mew. I honestly don't even think mew should make top 500 pokemon. The only reason he's at number 4 right now is because you all have your facts wrong, and obviously don't know the difference between a good pokemon and a weak pokemon. BRING ON THE HATERS! - JoeysRattata

I believe Pokemon is about the cute and cuddly and mew fits that description like a glove. Not only is he cute but he harmless he would rather not fight and hide because it contains the DNA of all pokemon and should be considered the mother of them all.

They clearly state in the first movie that mew is the strongest pokemon ever. It can even destroy mewtwo but doesn't because it hates fighting. Then arceus came along but no one mentioned it to be the strongest. And plus mew is the most mysterious Pokemon as no one knows about it. So mew rocks!

Dude are you stupid or something. In the movie that you are using as a reference, Mewtwo says what I must mews shadow. The scientists says your superior to mew thanks to science and genetic manipulation. Then Mewtwo blows up the science lab and says I am the strongest Pokemon, even stronger than mew.

Honestly, I think mew wins number two, I've done research and it was the strongest Pokemon for a very long time, then arceus was added. It can use "me first" a move that makes you go first and use the move the opponent was about to use, and then "mega punch" which is very strong, and "metronome" I think it's called where it can copy it's opponents move list! So overall pretty awesome stuff. (and it's really cute)

It was NEVER strongest. Mewtwo has always been strongest until arceus came along. mew's base stat total is a LOT lower than Mewtwo's. - xboxonesux

Mew is better than any other Pokemons even arceus it is because mew created many Pokemon considering that mew is not a god. How much more if mew is a god. Mew knows all the moves that is used by all other Pokemon considering again that mew is not a god. For mew and Mewtwo, they have the same power because mew is the origin and the nutural Pokemon which is mew's advantage and disadvantage while Mewtwo is created by the human or an artificial which is Mewtwo's advantage and disadvantage. They are both invulnerable dew to the manipulation of the different forces, energy and matter around them. Mewtwo was defeated by charizard it is because of the sympathy.

Grammar much? Mew is actually ass by the way. Rattata can defeat it: Focus sash, quick attack, endeavor - JoeysRattata

Sorry mew fans, but I'm here to tell the truth. Yes mew can learn many moves, but not all of them. It can only learn the moves if you give it the tm, not by giving some guy a heart scale. Meaning, it can learn 100 new attacks it already cannot learn. Also, Mewtwo can beat the crap out of mew, because of its overpowered stats, and it learning shadow ball. And did I also mention that Mewtwo can mega evolve? But Mewtwo will be beaten up by rayquaza, a stronger version of Mewtwo. Because 1. It can mega evolve without a mega stone 2. In order to let it mega evolve, you have to let it learn dragon ascent, a very overpowered attack 3. Swords dance+extreme speed+dragon ascent= win. By the way, mew didn't create all of the Pokemon, gamefreak did

Mew is the strongest Pokemon by far don't worry about stats they have super training now which like ups stats whenever you choose plus mew can learn every tm/hm not to mention he can become any Pokemon including arceus, Mewtwo, and rayquaza and if you think he can't change his type he can when he's arceus or if he uses reflect type or mimic on a type changing move plus even though mew doesn't have a mega he can still mega evolve if you give him a mega stone when he becomes a different Pokemon. Boom! STRONGEST OF THEM ALL AND IS THEM ALL!

Mew should me at least number 3 or equal to its clone mewtwo no doubt mew is the strongest and the most famous and wanted pokemon is the pokemon universe many generations has past with every pokemon game most people are asking where's Mew

Has to be the best because it is said to be the ancestor of all pokemon. Also they say every super legend is the strongest every new series Mew was the from the first series he has to be the strongest and more superior than it's feeble foes.

This Pokemon is the ancestor of ALL mortal Pokemon (please note that it is not God, it is more like Adam and Eve (I don't know any other religious ancestors, so I apologize if it offends you)), it can learn ALL TMs and HMs, it can learn Transform, and last but not least, it's so cute that it's hard not to love it! It is so awesome, that it used to only be obtainable as a glitch until it ame out as an event Pokemon. He did not "defeat" Mewtwo, he was equal to Mewtwo in the fight until Ash sacrificed himself, and Mewtwo learned his lesson and decided to stop. Please check your facts before posting.

While I am fully aware that Mew's base stat total is 600, it can learn ANY move. HM, TM, Transform, Metronome... You name it... With the exception of a few signature moves. So unless you're an Arceus, a Mew could cripple you and your entire team. I guess I am being biased because Mew's my favorite.

This should be at the top, or at least with mewtwo. Like you said mew is the only one to stand against mewtwo, so he should be at least in front of rayquaza. When mew battled mewtwo in mewtwo strikes back, he got one attack on mewtwo and mewtwo got none on him. So they are pretty much tied, if not mew is better.

Mew was the real creator of all Pokemon. all others were formed from Mew! The first 3 GEN were way better than the newer stuff. it seems like now they've run out of ideas and story plots around 4th GEN. and the newest stuff proves it with the new mega evolution (which is really just a different color scheme).

He is the ancestor of all Pokemon and despite what Bulbapedia says, I believe Mew came before Arceus and since he was to lazy to create everything, he created Arceus so he could avoid the work. He also can learn all the moves even transform, so he can transform into Arceus himself or any other Pokemon for that matter.

It has the most ADOREABLE laugh in the history of the world! Not only is it SUPER DUPER UNBELIEVABLY CUTE... It took on Mewtwo! It's super playful and inspirational! It teaches a REALLY good lesson!

Mew learns transform and almost every move ever, so it is technically all pokemon on this list. It has a massive special attack stat to back that up, and gets same type attack bonus for all of his destructive psychic moves

Mew is the all time classic Pokemon card. It's supposedly the first Pokemon ever in both the show and the games. It is one of the hardest monsters too obtain and even beat Mewtwo in the first movie.

Mew is the best and people shouldn't think that mewtwo is any better because remember, mew is the ancestor of all Pokemon including mewtwo, who was reconstructed using mew's genes!

These the AWESOME oF all because it can use all attack + Mew create all normal POKEMON except ARCEUS, , , its just CUTE but it was the strongest pokemon

Mew is both cute on the outside and powerful on the inside. People like Mewtwo because it can mega evolve. Mewtwo is coldhearted, and overrated. If I could pick one of these Pokemon, it would be adorable Mew with a heart of gold.

How is mew not the top? It has always been well known that mew is the best. It can learn any tm or hm in the whole game and gets insane EV's. Looks cute and cuddly but will wipe out everything in the game.

It WAS the strongest Pokemon, and there's nothing wrong with the originals! Not only does it have the best move ever, metronome, but it's super cute and fun to have in your party of Pokemon! If you're a true Pokemon fan, then you would vote for Mew!

Mew is the best pokemon because he can 1 transform into different pokemon 2 he can learn and use any pokemon move and 3 mew beat mewtwo in pokemon the first movie from pokemon master lance