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461 Metang Metang V 1 Comment
462 Luxio

Luxio can be super powerful especially if he's japenes ex he's just to powerful to be true

463 Shinx Shinx

To op for words killed my mega pidgeot in one hit

Shinx is a super cute Pokemon.

464 Dratini Dratini V 2 Comments
465 Dusknoir Dusknoir

I fought Dusknoir before but he had a team of six Sableye

466 Turtwig Turtwig
467 Taillow Taillow
468 Sharpedo Sharpedo

He is awesome I did an online battle at level 40 and beat level 100 Mewtwo

469 Mareep Mareep
470 Ninjask Ninjask

Has speed stat of 160 that's faster than anything

471 Pyroar

Pyroar is so strong with choice specs, you can use her with STAB Hyper Voice, and when you do, you don't even need to hit grass types with dem fire type moves, cause they just die anyway. WATER TYPES? You outspend and kill. And on ground, rock, and steel types, well, most are physically defensive, not specially, so there is still a good chance of OHKOing it. Let's face it, good speed and special attack is just too much now.

Okay, so when you first start the game Pokemon X/Y and you travel down some of the first few routes, you normally see a cute little Litleo. You may be thinking that this Pokemon isn't very tough, but when your Litleo evolves into Pyroar, you'll know which Pokemon is your best one!

Your Pyroar can learn many great moves that can instantly kill your opponents! Plus, your Pyroar will always stay fabulous, even during battles.

Having a Pyroar on your team won't just make your team incredibly strong, but your other opponents will pass-out over the sight of your monstrous Pokemon. Also, petting your Pyroar is cool, mainly because you can't pet a real flaming lion. Or even just a simple lion.

In fact, I have an amazing Pyroar on my team called Maya. She is by far my strongest and most beautiful Pokemon!

472 Larvesta V 1 Comment
473 Noibat
474 Pelipper Pelipper

He can catch anything!

Boss...enough said...


475 Carracosta

I've beaten the top 10 with this guy
His balanced stats and great ability and movepool

V 3 Comments
476 Litten Litten

He is quite cute and I love Panthers and cats

V 4 Comments
477 Golduck Golduck

Gold Duck is the only Pokemon that can take out an entire persons team while confused.

He confuses people he should be in top 10

No way horrible Pokemon ever

How is psyduck in front of it

V 2 Comments
478 Sigilyph Sigilyph
479 Murkrow Murkrow
480 Toxicroak Toxicroak

He is well better than arceus

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