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461 Dusknoir

I fought Dusknoir before but he had a team of six Sableye

462 Turtwig Turtwig
463 Taillow
464 Sharpedo

He is awesome I did an online battle at level 40 and beat level 100 Mewtwo

465 Ninjask

Has speed stat of 160 that's faster than anything

466 Noibat
467 Pelipper V 3 Comments
468 Golduck

Gold Duck is the only Pokemon that can take out an entire persons team while confused.

He confuses people he should be in top 10

No way horrible Pokemon ever

How is psyduck in front of it

V 2 Comments
469 Archeops
470 Murkrow
471 Toxicroak
472 Pangoro Pangoro V 1 Comment
473 Beheeyem
474 Armaldo

Armaldo is a physical attacking BEAST!

475 Zangoose Zangoose V 1 Comment
476 Torkoal Torkoal

I just got to catch him a little bit a go

V 1 Comment
477 Shiinotic
478 Passimian
479 Togekiss

I go into Ecruteak Gym. I start with Gengar, he uses a move or two then faints. Send out Togetic. Beats everything with Extrasensory. Even its pre evolution is gr8, Togekiss is my flying type in Soulsilver.

Togekiss with the right moves and modest nature can destroy in wifi or anywhere else

Togekiss is so elegant and pretty! Plus with a heart scale it can remember aura sphere and extremespeed how awesome is that?

Best pokemon knows metronome can learn fly and has great stats 10/10

V 4 Comments
480 Chikorita Chikorita

I think this a joke but I'm gonna give this Pokemon props

Maybe not the strongest but it is my favorite... -_- don't judge

V 2 Comments
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