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121 Eevee Eevee Eevee, known in Japan as Eievui, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Eevee is one of the most unique pokemon evolving into Water, Electric, Grass, Fire, Ice, Dark, and Psychic. Eevee's evolutions cover all types, and each evolution has its own unique strong stat, (For instance, Espeon is Sp. Atk).

In my opinion this whole thing shouldn't be about opinions, it should be about the facts from the pokedex. If your a serious Pokemon fan you would understand, so arceus get your butt off the throne for #1! Eevee truthfully would be much higher in ranks for strongest if this wasn't about opinions.

He is my sisters favorite Pokemon

Eevee is awesome she can evolve into eight other Pokèmon depending on where she is

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122 Suicune Suicune

Suicune is outstanding it has got to be the strongest water type and anyone who disagrees is just crazy I think suicune should be in the top 20

Ridiculous defenses and good typing. IT IS AMAZING.

The fact that Suicune is ranked this low is a metaphorical dagger in my heart. come on, AT LEAST the top 40 (though it deserves much better than that. )

Are you crazy? Suicune has to be in the top ten!

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123 Regirock Regirock

Regirock is like regigigas, regeice and Registeel. In Giratina and the sky warrior regigigas called a bunch of Mamoswine. Regirock should have the same amount of power."

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124 Munna V 5 Comments
125 Charmander Charmander Charmander, known as Hitokage in Japan, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

It has really good moves Ember, Fire Spin.

He has really good moves and it was my first Pokemon...

I love charmander and all of the individual evolutions

The cutest pokemon ever.

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126 Teddiursa

It wrecks the house and takes no prisoners. Teddiursa is so brutal a monster that it had to be toned down for every adaptation.

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127 Drapion V 3 Comments
128 Mega Garchomp

It is BOSS Pokemon x I recieved a lv 1 gible at start of game I had a battle with a lv 100 arceus and won with a level 90 mega garchomp it should be at the top of the list

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129 Mega Gyarados

Mega Gyarados is a BEAST. Pop on a Dragon Dance and it will slaughter every single Pokemon in it's way. Definitely got more power than arceus to be honest.

Lol Mega Gyarados 356, Gyarados 39, MAGIKARP 18

Probably the most powerful pokemon in the game!

He is awesome

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130 Gardevoir Gardevoir

Gardevoir will try to guard its trusted Trainer with its life. It has the ability to see the future See how Gardevoir can Really be Useful

Gardevoir is an extremely strong Pokemon, even with its weaknesses. Not only that, but it would give its life to protect their trainer, plus it can create black holes on command. Try and top that.

My brothers gardevoir can take out my whole team. Or maybe it is because my whole team is dragon type...

This Pokemon is awesome. It's fans are what. - FrozenHatingPokefan

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131 Haxorus

With haxorus I defeated 3 of alders Pokemon only using outrage and no max potion or anything I think outrage is the best move haxorus should have in his moves

Haxorus should be in the twenties not 126 he is far stronger than that look at his stats closer

It's not the best but it belongs in the top 10

Swords Dance + Dragon Claw/Outrage/Dual Chop = Easy win
One shot the entire water gym in Black 2 with this beast.

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132 Incineroar Incineroar

He is a really useful pokemon, his dark type moves are good against ghost and poison and his fire is good on steel, grass, and bug.

This Pokemon is strong because it's a starter Pokemon that doesn't take long to evolve. In Pokemon sun and moon he can use the Z move.

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133 Hippowdon V 2 Comments
134 Riolu

Cool and cute pokemon! Awesome design and evolves into the most amazing non-legendary pokemon in history! Has awesome attack and speed so owns!

Riolu is cute and cool at the same time + evolves to badass lucario

Riolu evolves into my favorite Pokemon

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135 Gliscor Gliscor

Gliscor is a pokemon that is highly disrespected it is a strong pokemon with stats of 520 with great speed, it is easy to come by. Its has a stunning design and is really cute and awesome in the anime

I love gliscor... Don't know why but anyways.

My favourite Bug type Pokemon and is pretty strong and extremly fast but mainly good at defense

What not a fan

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136 Stoutland V 2 Comments
137 Emboar Emboar

Mew is the best he held back on Mewtwo but if he was serious he could beat Mewtwo in one hit and no other Pokemon could even attack Mewtwo no matter what.

This Extreme, Funloving, Fire/Fighting Pokemon. This Starter Pokemon Packs a Punch, Or a FirePunch

Emboar. This Pokemon has a terrible design and is ANOTHER Fire-Fighting starter. Hate this stupid ugly pig - Goatworlds

If embargo where the first fire fighting starter, would he be liked more?

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138 Bisharp

You know what?
Bisharp(Pokemon White) has one hit KO skill..
Whatever your pokemons, it will be destroyed by Bisharp in one turn

Same as camerupt the attack is called explosive jet

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139 Camerupt

Camerupt should be first because he can do 2500 damage

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140 Rattata Rattata

Focus Sash + Endeavor + Quick Attack. ANd in case of Ghost-Type, use Sucker Punch for the win. I remember when I was small, I would bring my Raticate everywhere and sweep stuff

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned FEAR yet. Focus Sash + Endeavor + Quick Attack? Anyone? And Super Fang. This thing can take out Arceus that way.

If you think it is strong why didn't you vote lol, also this Pokemon is only good at attack everything else is terrible

This creature, or should I correct myself: GOD is a beast that will destroy anything!

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