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141 Houndoom Houndoom

Houndoom is the best Pokemon EVER! It has great sp. Attack if it is not number 1 then no one should be number 1

How IS THE HOUND OF DEATH Put under baby Pokemon and stupid starter Pokemon. It's the best Pokemon ever. My shiny houndoom can beat arceus and when it mega evolves its boss. I earn its number 247 AFTER Charzrd and DRAGONITE. SERIOUSLY? Best mega evolution and Attacks this guy is Boss. I PERSONALLY LOVE DARK TYPES LIKE HOUNDOOM AND ABSOL AND THEY ARE NOT EVEN THE TOP 100. THIS LIST IS Bull! -DarkAngel17

I have houndoom here because of its awesome sprite and type - dark/fire this alone makes it one of the coolest Pokemon ever. - thepokemongenie

How dare you put it after all the weak starter Pokemon and baby Pokemon. Just look at it hound of death! Deserves 1st place because my shiny houndoom can beat out of arce us. w hen it mega evolves its boss. QUESTION where is ABSOL on this list? It should be after houndo om. i 'm Pissed Off with this li st. r eally best poke ever placed after totadile and DRAGONITE. Seriously Houndoom is boss To BE NUMBER 247. And Charizard trash By the way. THIS IS JUST BULL

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142 Dark Lugia

I think that you guys mean Shadow Lugia. It can't be used in the actual card game but was released as a jumbo promo card.

How is that possible he or she has 300 health and 100 attack

Has 160 special defense which makes him invincible

Its shadow lugia and he was like 80 on the list

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143 Mewtwo Ex

Definitely should be higher but not too high

Not even a pokemon in game WHOSE IDEA WAS IT TO PUT A MEWTWO EX IN A GAME LIST OF POKEMON? Its also a card game but were talking about the video game and T.V. show so BOOM

Why here is incorrect spelling

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144 Accelgor

Deals out quick damaging attacks and defeats Pokemon before they even get a chance to hurt him

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145 Exeggutor

My exeggutor can beat a full fire team. Give him a sitrus berry and breed him until he gets the ability harvest, giving him a 50% chance to restore his berry at the end of every turn. then give him sleep powder, leech seed, double team, and egg bomb. HE WILL WRECK

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146 Registeel Registeel

Registeel is one of my favorite pokemon among regirock registeel and regice

Ok first of registeel is actually the most powerful out of the Regis. So really it should be above regigigus

147 Milotic Milotic

Milotic is very annoying to acquire, but once you have gotten one, She will destroy all of your opponents with no issue. Yes it may just be a water type, but she can learn ice beam, dragon tail, and dragon pulse/iron tail as an egg move. She's good!

Levels up quickly, epic defensive stats without sacrificing too much speed, and spc. Atk packs a PUNCH!. Always a problem to face in a battle

MadMilotic, JessMilotic, it all makes sense now, and you don't even need to use rare candies on this thing!

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148 Dark Arceus

If you vote for him he will lend you his 130 attack which is op

Good pokemon to pu on list but just stick with arceus not dark arceus or any other arceus

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149 Aerodactyl Aerodactyl

Best fossil Pokemon ever, it looks awesome and it's attacks are awesome

It is named after the dinosaur Pterodactyl.

It's the strongest dragon type ever

So epic I'm a fan

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150 Bulbasaur Bulbasaur Bulbasaur, known as Fushigidane in Japan, is the first Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

I once used him as my starter in Pokemon red and I was only 5 and I beat 4 of the gyms. HE'S AWESOME!

It shouldn't be top 10 in millions of years seriously this Pokemon knows the worst moves

Bulbasaur is AWESOME on Pokemon go

Finally I found him.
He may not be the strongest but he would be a great companion (better than magikarp)

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151 Onix Onix

Extremely powerful, boss defense, he's great... What did I forget?

Love onix so monstrous all pokemon which roar are powerful

Onix has boss defense and is great

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152 Lilligant

CUTE AND STRONG! At the right level it can kick some butt

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153 Clawitzer Clawitzer V 1 Comment
154 Cresselia Cresselia

It should be in the top 100. even magikarp is in the top 100

She's elegant and pretty! I start with my eevee to battle my friend's Persian in Pokemon x and y and when eevee faints I send out that legendary and beat everything

Cress is a huge threat in vgc and competitive battling, and rightfully so. Huge bulk around, and great movepool.

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155 Pidgey Pidgey

He is the very best like no one ever was

Come on! It's Pidgey. Pidgey is bae!

My friend love pidgey so much he want's to be a flying specilist I hate him

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156 Dwebble

Just keep on attacking then DWEBBLE will win. Kill the other Pokemon.

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157 Ivysaur

Tell me 1 way this is worse than Bulbasaur

It isn't worse than Bulbasaur everything is drawed with no votes

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158 Goldeen

Goldeen is bae goldeen is love goldeen is life, right after dunsparce

Though not Gold or a Dean, it's still just as strong!

This things reks in online and destroys all pokemon and then the trainer. Thug

It can one shot mew mew two anything. I'm telling u it's an absolute beast.mad stats as well

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159 Weezing V 13 Comments
160 Nidoking Nidoking

I go nowhere without this guy in my party. Good speed and a decently high attack plus he's #1 for me!

I think nidoking is pretty cool :(

I don't use nidoking very often, but whenever I play against someone with a nidoking above level. 50, it is a very formidable opponent. Laugh out loud, that sounds so nerdy. ANNYYWAAY. It has great attacks. GO NIDO

It is very good

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