Top 10 Scariest Mario Games

Since Halloween is coming up I decided to make a list of the scariest mario games. Yesterday I made a list of the scariest mario characters, so this time I decided to the scariest mario games list. Without further ado, let's start!
The Top Ten
1 Luigi's Mansion

The original game over had a depressed and unsettling looking Luigi. It looked almost as if Luigi was suicidal.

This should be number one. That original game over is spooky.

Haven't played this one yet, but scary is it of course!

2 Super Paper Mario

This is hands down the scariest mario game out there! While I haven't played most RPG's, this is the only mario game that was actually got me scared! As a teenager! Dimentio and Count Bleck are mad men who wants to destroy the whole universe! Dimentio is super scary especially since he's a psychopath who betrays his count and almost destroyed the universe! What game's more scarier than this? Oh that's right, no game is scarier than this! This game will scar you if you play it as a little kid!

Just how the hell did this game still get a E rating it should have gotten at least a T rating for its very dark tone and that's putting it lightly.

3 Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Not only the darkest of the bunch, but also the most depressing, especially towards the end. Elder Princess Shroob gave me nightmares

4 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Although I still haven't played TTYD yet, from what I've heard, this game truly is quite scary! Shadow Queen has a terrifying design and the story is quite dark from what I've heard. I really want to play this game!

Ah yes the game where your body gets stolen bad times bad times

5 Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

You guys might have noticed that I recently switched my profile picture from a super mario odyssey edit to a Luigi's mansion dark moon edit. It's a possesed Vampire luigi. The reason I chosed this game as a profile picture is becuase of how scary this game it is! I might only have started playing this game a few days ago, I had to play on my brothers 3DS since he is the only one who has it digitally. So far from what I've played this game is quite creepy! The eyeless ghosts and traps truly makes up for this game! I'm planning on realasing a review on this game this week along with Super Mario Odyssey, so be ready for that!

6 Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros.

"It's dangerous to fall asleep in a dream! " Enough said. On top of that Antasma has one of the most terrifying designs in mario history!

7 Super Mario 64
8 Super Mario Galaxy

This is hands down the most scary mario platformer. Unlike most mario gaes where Bowser just kidnaps Peach for the heck of it. Here he shows so much intimidation and his master plan is quite scary. This is easly one of the best mario games as well!

9 Paper Mario

I haven't played this game yet, but I know the story! Bowser steals the star rod that can grant him any wish and he defeats the only ones who could guard it! What's not scary about that?

10 Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

This game is quite light-hearted... Until you reach Bowser's Castle, Bowletta and Cacklettas Soul! I'm not even joking! It gets scarier and scarier as the game goes on (Joke's End anyone)!

The Contenders
11 Luigi's Mansion 3
12 Super Mario Bros. 2
13 Paper Mario: The Origami King
14 Super Mario World

When you enter a ghost house and hear the creepiest music in Mario's history. Speaking of ghosts, you guys heard of the Big Boo in Doughnut Secret House? Need a breather...

15 Super Princess Peach
16 Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
17 Yoshi's Story
18 Super Mario Bros. 3
19 Super Mario All-Stars

SMB3 is even creepier in this version!

20 Super Mario Galaxy 2

This particular game wouldn't be on the list due to Bowser being about as boring as almosty always and the game having a somewhat lighter tone, but what makes this game on the list is the fact that Bowser is as high as Peach's Castle! I'm not even over-exaggerating! Just play the game and you'll see what I mean! He was his normal size in the original but twice in the sequel (pun intended)

21 Hotel Mario
22 Hotel Mario 6
23 Mario is Missing!
24 Super Mario 3D World
25 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi Island
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