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1 Mario and Peach

Anyone that says Mario X Daisy, Mario X Pauline, or any other pair that I don't know about, it's not happening unfortunately. Mario and Peach show interest in each other and have always been ever since Peach was first created in place of Pauline. And besides, they are made for each other:
1. They're both sweet
2. They both care for people
3. They have great chemistry
4. Mario would do absolutely anything for Peach (same for Peach)
5. Nintendo puts them together as shown in the games and it's awesome!

Mario and Peach is one of if not the best Mario couple in the series. Besides being semi canon, their personalities would make them a good match.

Yeah, Mario and Peach DESERVE each other. And for all you haters, give some space! Like that is not gonna change. So don't be talking!

You just like Mario and Daisy because Game Theory ruins lives. Mario doesn't deserve dumb ol Daisy - DCfnaf

Don't assume, DCfnaf.And I totally agree that Game Theory Ruins Lives. Remember the consequences.

2 Luigi and Daisy

I love that Luigi and Daisy are complete opposites of one another, but their still my #1 favorite Mario couple. I hope they get a scene or something in the 2022 Mario Movie, because nintendo is really missing out on how much potential this couple has.

I do ship Luigi X Rosalina, but I do have to say, Luigi and Daisy are really quite cute in the games as well. They have been shown several romantic moments in the games and they're great.

Daisy can help make Luigi more confident. She is very optimistic and knows how to kick butt really well! Luigi is also very sweet and can kick butt amazingly! I love it!

I love this couple! They seem to have good chemistry, and opposites attract. And its pretty much canon in the mario universe

3 Luigi and Rosalina

While I will admit this is a good couple, Luigi and Daisy are the canon couple and I think work well together, and I think that they are the better couple. Also, Rosalina is a literal goddess of the galaxy, I would think it would be hard for her to be in love with a mortal.

I love Luigi and Rosalina! I just love it! Why? Because they look cute together and if they got together in an official Mario Game, no characters would get angry with each other. Also, both of them are somewhat tragic. This would be an empathetic relationship. Luigi is always in Mario's Shadow and made fun of, Rosalina has a tragic origin...I JUST LOVE IT!

They are so cute together! Rosalina is so beautiful and luigi is so kind! I hope they are officially get together!

If luigi ha to be with a girl, please let it be rosalina...

4 Yoshi and Birdo

This one is interesting and good. Birdo is actually a male according to the manual for Super Mario USA. Yoshi accepts that anyhow, and they accept they are different species. I hope this couple gets more focus in the future

Yoshi doesn't care if Birdo is a male (or female I don't know anymore), but he still loves Birdo. So what if they're different species? They will still love each other no matter what. They're always by each other's sides (not always but you know what I mean). Mario Tennis, MKDD, and Mario Party 7 just to name a few. And that's why Yoshi x Birdo is my OTP (One True Pair) :-)

I like that these two don't care if they are completely different species from each other. As long as they love each other they don't care what people think.

Yoshi and Birdo are the sweetest mario couple ever, in my opinion. They accept each other for who they are, as long as they love each other, there is no limits.

5 Toad and Toadette

Hayashida just never THOUGHT of a gender for these mushrooms. On Nintendo's website for Mario Golf, they were using way to many pronouns for Toad he/him/his and Toadette her/she

they are just adventure buddies, and Nintendo is weird about genders of toads. However, I'm okay if there are some characters that will forever be not shipped

Why do my favorite character shave to be genderless and not in a relationship? People ship Daisy and Waluigi all the time even though they despise each other. Makes no sense.

@HeavyDonkeyKong: Nope. They're not siblings, they are just adventure pals. Hayashida also confirmed that Toad and Toadette are genderless. They have also been confirmed to not be a couple. Kinda boring if you ask me.

6 Mario and Pauline

I wish Nintendo would do this one, but sadly, they wont. Pauline even throws mario a party and song in his honor! But at least there is fanfiction

They broke up though...

The original couple.

Cutest couple ever

7 Wario and Coins

The best and cutest couple ever! This should be number one!

They're perfect for each other.

This one made me laugh so hard!

His one true love

8 Wario and Captain Syrup
9 Blumiere and Timpani

Although Peach and Mario form the series' main couple, it's hard to deny that Blumiere and Timpani's story is far more beautiful and touching. They are Romeo and Juliet done right

10 Mario and Vivian
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11 Wario and Princess Shokora

He smirks real big when she kissed him...unless it was in her fugly forms

12 Chestnut King and Eclair
13 Goombario and Goombella

The problem is that Goombella's into Mario! That just ain't right!

14 Geno and Rosalina

Cool, but I see it as more of a mother and son kind of relationship.

What a doll & a goddess what in the world?

15 Antasma and Cackletta

They could actually be a cool couple!

16 Bowser and Rosalina

Yeah…this ain't happening. They don't have any chemistry and bowser tried to take over the universe! Pretty sure Rosalina will remember that

Just because they're both single parents doesn't mean you have to ship them.

Bowser has a crush on Peach.

Bowser deserves a princess too and Rosalina seems like the one for him

17 Bowser and Peach

Peach actually likes Bowser, she just doesn't want to show it.

18 Luigi and Pauline

Good luck getting Daisy to allow that
Also they don't interact much

19 Mario and Daisy

Look, I like game theory, but I disagree with this. They seem to be friends, nothing more. Luigi has much more chemistry with Daisy, and Same with Peach and Mario

Game Theory fanboys support this couple, but the thing is, Daisy and Mario clearly aren't interested in each other anymore.

Guys, not all Game Theory fanboys like this couple. At least, I don't.

20 Paulina and Donkey Kong

I would only want them together if Donkey Kong was a person not an ape

21 Rosalina and Samus

Both beautiful girls who protect the galaxy so why not?

I don't really ship it. (Or hate it, I just didn't know about it till just now.) I only came here for the joke: The REAL Guardians of the Galaxy

22 Yoshi and Mario
23 Mario and Brock

Two ladies men alright

24 Mario and Goombella
25 Daisy and Knuckles the Echidna
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