Top 10 Best Super Mario Land 2: The 6 Golden Coins Levels

If you know me, you know that I love Super Mario Land 2, and seeing that no one made a list about the amazing levels of this game I have decided to make one.
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1 Tree Zone area 3

I didn't realize it until now, but Tree Zone area 3 is my favorite level in the game. It is just so fun jumping from leaf to lead, and dodging all the different insect, and it is just a really beautiful level in general, with really good platforming.

2 Wario's Castle

This is definitely one of the best final level in the franchise. The level of challenge is very high, with many difficult hazards to avoid, all the while staying completely fair. There are piranha plant statues that shoots fire balls, moving platforms that hover over lava, giant spiky balls, giant Wario fists, skull platforms that eventually breaks when you stay on them, big crushers, and even floating Wario faces. Not to mention the awesome final boss fight against Wario. If Bowser using the cat bell to fight you, was cool, well Wario used the carrot, and the fire flower during his fight 21 years before 3D World did something similar. The only reason it is not number 1 for me, is because there is sadly no checkpoint which is really a shame, but other than that this level is amazing.

3 Tree Zone area 4

Sometime, I wonder if Super Mario Galaxy was inspired by this game, because many ideas that Galaxy had were used in Super Mario Land 2 years before this game came out. And this level is an example. Do you like Honeyhive Galaxy? Well let me introduce you to Tree Zone area 4, a level that takes place in a bee hive. The gimmick is that there are bees that are coming out of the holes in the background, and they are chasing you. And there are multiple bees. The small one, the big one that acts like thwomp, and even dry bones equivalent that regenerate after killing them.

4 Mario Zone area 3

To continue with Galaxy ideas before they were Galaxy ideas, Mario Zone has many levels based on toys. Out of all of them though, area 3 is my favorite. Not only are there toy based enemies like those toys soldier, but also conveyor belts, moving platforms where you have to dodge bullet bill, and even those claws that are used to pick up toys in those machines, except now you have to let the claws pick up yourself, and thankfully they are much more reliable than in real life if you know what I mean.

5 Space Zone area 1

Yeah! Super Mario Land 2, not only had the ideas of some of the levels of Galaxy before that game even came out, but it also have the idea of the whole concept of Super Mario Galaxy. Space Zone is a world entirely dedicated into going through space, and out of all of them the first level is my favorite. There are many cool enemies, like those pigs shooting cannonballs, and there is some tight platforming that takes place in a low gravity setting, allowing you to make super big jumps. I especially like the optionnal platforming section you have to go through if you want to unlock the secret level of Space Zone.

6 Tree Zone area 2

The concept of this level is that you go inside a tree full of tree sap. And you need to navigate through that tree sap in order to avoid pit full of spikes and other things. I especially love the fact that this level as two alternate paths. One at the top where you jump over a pit of sap, and another at the bottom where you need to go into that sap.

7 Macro Zone area 1

In this level, you basically go into an ant hole. And no it is not a giant ant hole, since going into Macro Zone make you super small. I like the multiple ants, and there is good platforming, especially if you try to go into the optional areas.

8 Turtle Zone area 3

In that level, you go into the body of a whale. I say that like it's nothing, but it's an amazing idea! What I especially like is that you have to dodge the bones of the whales which acts like spikes. There is also a nice boss at the end.

9 Mario Zone area 1

This level's theming is mechanical. You jump from gears to gears, some moving some not moving, and you have to dodge saws, and spinning blades. Now that I think about it, it's pretty similar to Tick Tock clock. I guess, this is the source of ideas of many future Mario games.

10 Pumpkin Zone area 2

I putted this level on here just for the amazing Japanese aesthetics coupled with many enemies based on the Japanese culture.

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