Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games You Would Most Like to Rate

The Nintendo Switch launched in 2017 and since then it’s become one of the most successful consoles Nintendo has made in a long while. It’s not hard to see why. It’s innovative and games look amazing. But looks mean nothing if the games aren’t fun. Luckily the Switch Lineup has some fantastic games that will hold up for years some arguably the best in their franchise yet.
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1 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Product Image

Mario Kart 8 was a successful game but it was stuck on a struggling Wii U console. It had a few flaws but enter Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. This fixes nearly everything about the original game with a few minor additions as well. Fan favorites such as Bowser Jr King Boo and Dry Bones are back along with the Inklings. All 48 tracks and the DLC content is here for free. The Boo item makes a return and now you can hold 2 items again like in older games fixing the coin problem. But the biggest highlight here is Battle Mode is back! 8 Stages to pick from and a wide selection of fan favorites like Balloon Battle Coin Runners Shine Thief and Bob Omb Blast. And the addition of a brand new mode Renegade Roundup working like Cops and Robbers. There’s a few minor flaws here and there but this is a phenomenal port that I recommend

I again, already did a review about this game, and gave it a 10/10. This game is my favorite Mario Kart game, and while I would have prefer Mario Kart 9 as much as the next guy, that doesn't make this game go down in quality for me. Great tracks, music, and battle mode. Legit the only reason why it didn't get an 11/10 is because we still didn't a get Mission mode or any replacement, which prevents it to truly be the ultimate Mario Kart.

8.5/10 I like the added tracks, they never fail to come up with a track that out of the world. It’s also very smooth. Battle mode is also interesting but I kind of wished the rules balloon battle was similar to the ds’s.

8/10 ONLY because it’s just a port and brings the likelihood of Mariokart 9 on the Switch down. Plus majority of the content I’ve already played 1,000 times on the Wii U

2 Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Product Image

I already did a review of that game a long time ago, but overall I gave it the extremely rare score of 11/10! While not my personnal favorite due to the fact that open world games are often a little bit too big for me, and prefer games like collectathons, who favors exploration while still limiting the area in order to concentrate all the fun in one area, I can't deny that the ammount of freedom this game gives you is wonderful!

9.5/10 It’s extraordinarily great! Always have so much fun playing it because of the sheer variety of what you can do. I have no issues with the game itself, most of the complaints I have are the puzzles and some random tidbits.

Arguably one of if not the best Zelda game if you want open world this is the game for you taking that concept and running away with it. It was a Wii U game originally but when your game was selling more than the Switch itself at one point and was the best game in 2017 you know that it’s a masterpiece of a game and a true milestone accomplishment 10/10

Best Zelda game of all time 10/10

3 Super Smash Bros Ultimate Super Smash Bros Ultimate Product Image

Another game I already reviewed, and that I would give an 11/10. I could have given it a 10/10 instead, but it is clear that this game got a lot of content and that giving it another score would than 11/10 would be an insult to all the effort Sakurai and his team putted into that game.

This is the ULTIMATE package what more could you possibly want? Sakurai pushed the limits with this one and then some. Content alone gives it a 10/10

9/10 awesome stages, cool new characters. You can honestly play for hours and never get bored.

This Game claims to be Ultimate and the title doesn’t lie. This really is the Ultimate Smash Bros experience. You have the largest amount of characters and stages and every time I turn around it feels they added something new to the game still. There’s a lot of returning fan favorite characters and a lot of newcomers as well. That’s not even getting to the story mode campaign. Overall the sheer amount of content alone gets it a 10/10. Amazing all around and will be tough to beat

4 Super Mario Odyssey Super Mario Odyssey Product Image

Just when you thought you knew Mario Nintendo does this and makes you think again. Odyssey does a great job bringing Mario back to the good old days of Super Mario 64. Although this game takes it to the next level. The precision gameplay is fun every moment and the gameplay mechanisms are a blast. Cappy truly stands out in a really good way. This game is inventive, dazzling, smart, seamless, joyful, and creative.
The Best 3D Mario Game yet 10/10

Best 3D Mario Game of all time the capture mechanism is so cool and it’s finally open world. Really brings the series back to Sunshine/64 vibes 11/10

8/10 very reminiscent of 64 and even galaxy. It’s a fun game with beautiful kingdoms to explore. The music is also great.

10/10 love the creativity here!

5 Animal Crossing New Horizons Animal Crossing New Horizons Product Image

Best Animal Crossing game and arguably the best game of 2020

10/10 huge improvement of an already great game. The summer update is also really cool. Overall, it’s a very fun, satisfying game.

Animal Crossing is one of the most beloved series and after the fallout of Amiibo Festival which we don’t talk about the series needed some redemption. New Horizons not only does that but takes the series to new heights or horizons if you will. This one came out very recently on March 20 2020. During a stressful and overwhelming time in our lives with COVID-19 Lockdowns in place there couldn’t be a better game than this to come out than now. It’s a very relaxing and stress free game all about building your own deserted island. Really you can’t go wrong with that. It’s almost 100% customizable so you can make it exactly to your liking. There’s a few very minor issues with the game but this will be a candidate for Game of the Year in 2020

6 Super Mario Maker 2 Super Mario Maker 2 Product Image

11/10. Not my favorite game, but probably the objectively best game ever made. Of course, when I say objectively, it is not TRULY objective since what is objective to us is still subjective, but point is, this game lets you create levels in the way you want, and there are a lot of cool other modes you can have as well. The adventure mode is surprisingly addictive but the way.

It’s everything the original was and more. When I say that I mean WAY more. It goes beyond what the first game could ever dream of. Easily a 10/10

You thought the first game was special wait until you play this. Just the amount of options available to you makes this one way more insane than the first one could ever dream of. That’s not even mentioning the single player campaign which has been massively revamped. The Fact 3D World is an option and the fact you can make your own freaking Worlds this is pretty much the childhood dream. It’s A DIY Mario Game. 9/10

7/10 It’s... okay. There are many, MANY reasons it could be better that I won’t dive into. It’s not a bad game though, and I guess I will like it more if I tried it out more but... I dunno. This really shouldn’t be like this, but overall it’s... confusing.

7 Splatoon 2 Splatoon 2 Product Image

Splatoon was a hit new IP on the Wii U so a sequel was inevitable. While in a traditional sense this barely qualifies as a sequel but like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe it still manages to deliver a solid experience. there’s a couple new things to do one of my favorites being Salmon Run. It still retains that crazy feeling from the original it’s still paintball mixed with first person shooter game mixed with actual painting and it’s still a blast. 8.5/10

8 Sonic Mania Sonic Mania Product Image

Sonic Mania to me is the perfect blend of the classic games which I love and adding new ideas to it. In the end we get this game which is simply amazing. The soundtrack graphics and controls are excellent and it really feels like the classic games. The New levels feel like lost levels from the old games. This is Easily the best Sonic Game since at least Generations

10/10. I have only played the classic Sonic games (not that I don't like the other games, but I just CAN'T play those for accessibility reasons) and let's just say, this game made all of the things that made the classic so great, and more! It can be hard to get into, but once you get use to this game you have one of the most fun and replayable games ever made!

*Chef kiss* this game Is perfect.. I love everything about it perfectly ties in the older games and adds a new twist to it 9.6/10

Haven’t played it, but it looks pretty neat!

9 Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition Product Image

8.5/10 One of my favorite Minecraft editions.

10 ARMS ARMS Product Image

Arms is like the new Splatoon in a way. While not quite as successful as Splatoon is this game is still decent enough. It takes the idea of boxing and makes something new out of it. Still Boxing but with robotic arms and special powers. Not perfect by a long shot but still inventive, innovative and surprisingly in depth.

Oh yeah I forgot this game exists 7/10

The Contenders
11 Luigi's Mansion 3 Luigi's Mansion 3 Product Image

10/10. This game was really good, with amazing graphics, great exploration, and by far the best bosses in the series. That being said, this game is still worst than Dark Moon in my opinion, since the story is less interesting to follow in my opinion especially since E Gadd is way less funny than he was before, the regular ghost fights are not as good, and it's funny that many people complained that because Dark Moon is mission based, it doesn't give you a lot of freedom to explore and therefore is less replayable, but in reality, both the first game and the third game are actually just as linear since most of the time, when there are two paths you can choose, one path is block, and you need to go to the other path to get the thing you need to unlock the path that was blocked. Meanwhile, Dark Moon benefits from its mission based structure to implement a ranking system that rewards you from playing through the game well, which gives it more replayability than 1 and 3. That being said, ...more

To me this game is just as good as the original. The graphics, puzzles and gameplay are all great and Gooigi is an excellent addition making the level design that much more interesting. Luigi has an upgraded move set and overall a solid addition to the series although the whole slam mechanic can be a little overpowered and the fact that money isn’t really that useful. But outside of that it’s still really fun I’d say definitely give it a shot if you like Luigi’s Mansion 8/10

I was PUMPED for this game and it delivered I still prefer the original but this one is a close 2nd. It gets a solid 9/10

12 New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Product Image
13 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Product Image
14 Kirby Star Allies Kirby Star Allies Product Image

10/10. It lacks a little something to get an 11/10, but it is still an amazing game with lots of fanservice, and many great modes on top of the of achieving the combinaison of mixing abilties together, and keeping the Kirby Super Star ability system.

15 Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokemon Sword and Shield Product Image

9/10. This game is good since it is a pokemon game, but there is not much that this game does that really make it stand out aside from the wild areas, and I guess the amazing soundtrack too. USUM is still my favorite pokemon game, and honestly I'll rather play ORAS as well.

16 Yoshi's Crafted World Yoshi's Crafted World Product Image

10/10. While Luigi's Mansion 3 and Pokemon Sword and Shield came out in 2019 and are sequels of games that are really good but have a lot of rooms for improvements, yet they are still worst than their predecessor, Yoshi's Crafted World came out in 2019, and managed to improve on a game that already was amazing. Wooly World was great, but Crafted World went a step even further. This game gets my vote for the best looking game on the console, and has a lot of creativity with its levels. Collecting everything can be exhaustive, but it is still fun for me.

Decent enough game. 8/10

17 Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! Product Image
18 Super Mario Party Super Mario Party Product Image
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