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41 The Fourth Wall

"Creepin' like a creeper" lol funny episode. The reboot/regret of losing the old Titans style was written in for us to enjoy. The Titans' self imposed reboot to british-style humor was also a great touch. Not a huge fan of the fart jokes but we all know that the kids love them. The fourth wall is always a good joke.

This is the one episodes that shows how the animators are on a tight schedule and a low budget and it compares the Teen Titans with the current ones. This episode is the best and only good one because of the following reasons.

Love the clever use of the fourth wall. This episode is one of the only episodes I would actually sit down and enjoy to watch.

You see a villain you never see

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42 Rad Dudes with Rad Tudes

It's rad dudes with BAD tudes, and this sucks!

This episoide is sweet and heart breaking at the same time. Robin is finally seen happy. None of the other Titans poke fun at him. Beast boy is really mature. If the writers put their mind to it they can make an emotional episoide. The managed to make me shed more tears than I do for Steven universe. Great job writers.

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43 Belly Bros

The episode is called smile bones. Honestly, I don't know why this one is overrated. it's a funny episode, and it does not teach kids to inhale food, like everyone says, but savor their food.

Cyborg belly sound like Shrek. Shrek, takes ogre!

My favorite! !
I like when cyborg's belly says
"Yes brother! " In the weird voice!
Also, when the bellies all get big.


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44 The Art of Ninjutsu

I love the art style and the whole plot of this episode

I very hate BBRae, In my opinion, they are the founders RobStar haters!

45 Staff Meeting

This is a funny episode you talk too much so funny

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46 Caramel Apples

You actually see the titans fight and you see ravens old pictures

I LOVE THIS EPISODE'! Ravens dad Finally comes and THE TITANS GET EVEN BETTER POWERS! they say ravens dad is a WIENER you guys have to watch this episode bye

What I like about this episode was that Robin wasn't a jerk and Trigon came back! Did you notice the Mario and Luigi skeletons?

That is a different episode

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47 The Teen Titans Go Easter Holiday Special
48 Garage Sale

Awesome because they show other episodes in it

An eppy dedicated to past stories and a nice episode for reading the marked boxes in the attic.

49 Yearbook Madness

Awesome episode should be in the top 10

Awesome episode should be in the top 10

50 Operation Dude Rescue (Part 2) V 1 Comment
51 Starfire the Terrible

Her evil laugh is hilarious as she gurgles water

Starfire looks cool in her evil outfit, it looks horrible when she spills or gets hurt on that suit.

Starfire DOES have feelings for Robin she is just to afraid to say it.Moon scene proof

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52 Books
53 Pirates

I love this episode because Raven is just so perfect

This episode was so cool! I love this show!

Super super funny! Raven likes Beast boy more then Aqualad!

WHY DID CYBORG THINK AQUALAD WAS A PIRATE? And why did Starfir think a pirate was a pie rat?

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54 Second Christmas

This was a tale of awesomeness
Funny line
"Collectors edition, sweet! "
Yeah, raven does like pretty pretty Pegasus a lot

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55 Mas y Menos

A good episode that brings latino heroes to the forefront for a nice change of pace. Charged with training them further, Robin forms a bond with Mas and thinks Menos is holding Mas back. Mas y Menos end up teaching the other Titans encouraging lessons about teamwork. Mas y Menos speak only Spanish throughout the episode, which is a thumbs up to the writers for not having them conform.

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56 Opposites

I oughta kiss her whenever I want to instead of that annoying piece of scrap metal known as Cyborg.

Surprised this episode isn't rated higher

This is my second favorite episode

Why is this not higher? YOU GUYS THINK GROSSOUT EPISODES ARE BETTER THAN THIS? I am disgusted like Mindy Kaling.

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57 Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp V 2 Comments
58 The Croissant

Guys! Make Up Your Minds People! This Episode Was Disgusting!

I liked this episode a lot

Ulp! That episode makes me vomit

Halarious! I loved it! It shows you don't judge a person by looks

59 Breakfast Cheese

This episode might the worst Teen Titans Go episode because all that happens in this episode is Starfire teaching the titans to be peaceful

One of the only episodes, er, the ONLY episode that does this

Shows a great message to kids

60 Two Parter: Part 1 & Part 2

Beast boy says Ya we got some star wars up in this peace
Raven says should I be dressed like Han solo then
Starfire says and I will be the bacca that chews herr herr
Robin says Not The Darkside, Darkseid

These 2 were my favorite episodes. I hated how they described martian manhunter though. I also love that they acknkowledged that there were multiple green lanterns


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