Top Ten Teen Titans Go Episodes

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61 Scary Figure Dance
62 Secret Garden
63 Obinray
64 The HIVE Five


65 Operation Dude Rescue (Part 1)
66 The Streak
67 Gorilla

Is one is aweful

Almost never on T.V.

68 Artful Dodgers
69 You're Fired! V 1 Comment
70 Ghost Boy V 1 Comment
71 Driver's Test

It's called Driver's ED.

72 Mr. Butt

Why is this episode number 34? This is my FAVORITE episode EVER! Maybe it's my favorite episode because I'm weird but you know whatever...I love Blackfire and at the end when Starfire turns evil I just LOVE IT! And I am pretty sure they indicated that Starfire was either dead or injured...

Your butt looks so great with that skirt on

Funniest part: Starfire punches Robin and Beastboy refers to Robin as Mr. Butt LOL
" Mr. Butt, are you o.k.!? "

I hate this episode

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73 Man Person
74 Tamaranian Vacation
75 Hey Pizza
76 Sidekick
77 Cool School

Rose Wilson and Raven hang out with robin trying to convince Rose is not in jail while the others go to cool school.

This and Video Game References are the only good episodes - Gangem

So so so so funny! Rose and Raven drive Robin crazy till the end.

How do you like my butt?

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78 Beast Man

The titans want to see a movie Death toilet 3 but they an adult then they play random animal alley when cyborg says the word man Beast boy turns into a man but that night the man got to him.

79 Knowledge

Raven gives starfire a magical necklace that turns her smart so she woudn't ruin any special days.But the titans tell her the more you know the bigger bummer you are!

80 Nean

Raven gets stuck in a spell that makes her nice while starfire gets married to chilli.

That's why the world needs Nean people to keep dumb people from doing dumb things all the time speaking of which I need to go

This chili wedding is really dumb there someone had to say it

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