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81 Without Anesthesia and Pain Surgery Equipment

how is it to move while being operated in the surgery room - ronluna

82 Robot Fairy Godparents
83 Nano Mites That Eat Through Hardest Objects

I want something that can eat my giant dick

84 Anti-radiation "Heat-Sink" for extinguishing house & forest fires, etc.

This is something that I have been thinking about as well. Water is not optimal for putting out fires. I wonder how much research has been done on this subject. It would be monumental to find a better way to fight fires.

Cavemen learned to "put the wet stuff on the red stuff. " We haven't really improved or learned much, since then, about inhibiting molecular movements.

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85 A Mirror That Takes Pictures

Because you allways look better in the mirror, even if you have a face like a rhino that's headbutted a shovel.

86 Device to transfer sleep; some people like to sleep and could sell their sleep; others don't like to sleep and would purchase it in order to stay awake V 1 Comment
87 A Way to Monitor Blood Sugar Levels Without Poking Holes In Oneself

An rfid device embedded under the skin would perform the actual measurement when powered by the rfid reader and would transmit the number to the reader where it would be displayed. This would be a best seller to all those battling the disease who currently number about 1 out of 3 of our 50+ population.

88 Weather Controls
89 Tornado Creation
90 Ultra Image Converter

converts the worst picture and video ever into super high quality and sound without using adobe photoshop or other equipment - ronluna

91 Chemical, Microorganisms, Salt, Sugar, Etc Filter

it filters all the unwanted things that can cause harm to your body and cause many kinds of diseases - ronluna

92 Ancient Time Clock

when was the dinosaurs live and when they died? it is known thru this watch - ronluna

93 Portable Deploy-able generator
94 Another Way of Reading That's Quicker

It already exists, check out Spritz reader

95 Emergency Cut Off for Your Home's Electricity and Gas

Should a tornado be heading to you, or actually hit your home, people need to be able to turn off their electric and gas; or even when an ice storm hits and downs lines.

This one is doable in the very near future. Whoever actually does it will makw big bucks!

96 Kapu Com Plantas

This Invention has to be done because we have seen certain natural disasters because of deforestation. And in this Name 'Kapu' means 'gate' in hungarian and 'Com Plantas' means 'with plants' in portugese. In this invention a Gate with be there of thick PVC transparent layer which can be concluded from each other and some space will be left in betwen we can open the gate from middle and fill soil and plants in it will have water pipes on the upper ceiling of the gate and water can be circulated over and over again which will also help in preserving water and when it is needed we can change the water.

97 Spray That Will Make Your Shoe Laces Stand Straight-up for 24 Hours
98 Wet and Wash

An arch with top and side sprayers, you run your vehicle through to wet and rinse your vehicle.

If you are washing the vehicle in your driveway, I would be easier to have the arch on wheels and move it forward and back over the vehicle rather than having to move the vehicle.

99 Computer With 1TB Ram

My computer has only 4 Ram and like really I am running out of space on the the Ram

100 Static electric vacuum to remove dog hair from rugs and clothing.
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