Top 10 Best Theatrical Disney Animated Movies


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1 The Lion King

It doesn't deserve to be beloved, praised or treated better than other films. It is one of the worst, not the best.

Not gonna leave until The Lion King as a whole is destroyed.

It will never happen. Just accept that you're not gonna twist people's minds and destroy a beloved film. It's fine if you don't like it but that doesn't give you any right to bash it 24/7. - PeeledBanana

Will you shut up Lion king hater?!

TLK hater, please go away!

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2 Bambi
3 The Fox and the Hound
4 Dumbo
5 Pinocchio
6 Big Hero 6
7 Fantasia

This movie is flawless! An absolute work of art! - MegaSoulhero

Sorry, TLK, but this is Disney's true masterpiece along with the other 2 movies that came before Fantasia.

Fantasia is a fantastic beautifully animated masterpiece but I still think The Lion King is the best so I put it at #1. - PeeledBanana

8 Beauty and the Beast
9 Zootopia
10 Up

Dang it! I forgot to add Pixar movies! - PeeledBanana

The Contenders

11 Finding Nemo
12 The Rescuers
13 The Little Mermaid
14 Lady and the Tramp
15 Oliver & Company
16 The Jungle Book
17 101 Dalmatians (1961)
18 Tarzan
19 Aladdin
20 Frozen
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Top Remixes

1. Beauty and the Beast
2. Dumbo
3. Up
1. The Fox and the Hound
2. Bambi
3. The Lion King
1. The Lion King
2. Pinocchio
3. Big Hero 6



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