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OK. This is actually a list of the top ten lists on TheTopTens.
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1 Best Songs of All Time

Couldn't of got it more awesome. Its one of the first things that show up when you type in "Best songs of all time" or any other
music topic on google.

"Fack" and "Stupid How" are higher than "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" and "A Change is Gonna Come" in the 3,000s. Worst list ever, let alone on this website.

Even though the top ten list is biased on rock, metal and old music, this list is good because you can make your own remix.

2 Top 10 Users of TheTopTens

A really kind list and is extremely fun to write about genial users on there. Hopefully 'Top 10 Users of TheTopTens' will be number one on this list!

I'm 130,sadly two visitors and Puga think I'm bad just for my comments on the list "top ten reasons why epic jake is a good user" that were jokes,I pointed out that they were jokes,yoshi lord was defending me,yoshi lord Is a nice user in general,go follow this underrated user

Overrated list I really don't care for it anymore because it seems all people do now is vote for themselves (though I know the reason why)

3 Best Singers of All Time
4 Top Movies of All Time

Best list, though it is extremely biased and many people vote every day for the same movie.

Well, it reminds me of a quote I once heard, "Becouse you like it does not change it but becouse you can like it it will change it- Jeff Bridges"

A very fair top ten, list based on pop culture, and peoples favourite

5 Best Rock Bands of All Time

Led Zeppelin is in the first. Their music is generic to be honest. I can name 150 bands better than them. They are mediocre. Queen and Pink Floyd deserves more.

Led Zeppelin at #1? I need some bleach. Ok, I'll respect your opinion.

Led Zeppelin should not be at #1

6 Ten Best Websites
7 Best Rappers of All Time
8 Best Video Games of All Time

I agree, I love Nintendo the most.

Ocarina of time duh

Nintendo games


9 Top 10 Best Lists on TheTopTens

Top 10 Best Lists on TheTopTens is the best TheTopTens list, and Top 10 Best Lists on TheTopTens is the best Top 10 Best Lists on TheTopTens as well. And Top 10 Best Lists on TheTopTens to the sixth power to the ninth power is the best Top 10 Best Lists on TheTopTens Top 10 Best Lists on TheTopTens list. Ah yes, satire.

10 Best Movies of All Time

I have seen a lot of movies so this was fun

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11 Greatest Guitarists Ever
12 Hottest Women in the World
13 Best Albums of All Time
14 Best Roblox Games

This list is a list to truly express your opinion on your favorite Roblox games and explain why you love them.

15 Greatest Things Ever

Jackie Evancho is higher than a lot of things.

An endless source of positivity. I love it.

16 Greatest Rock Band of All Time
17 Most Random Things Ever

I like the "most random things that could happen" list better.

18 Top Ten Underrated Lists On TheTopTens
19 Top Ten Favorite Colors
20 Greatest People of All Time
21 Best Video Games of 2013
22 Best Beatles Songs
23 Top Ten Best Religions
24 Best Metal Bands
25 Top 10 Best TV Shows
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