Top Ten Tips On How to Be a Good TopTenner

Want to be a good TopTenner? Well then, I will give you some helpful tips on your journey to become a great TopTenner like Kiteretsunu, Britgirl, and PositronWildhawk.
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1 Accept Others' Opinions

Exactly. If someone doesn't even like what I like, what I would do is respect their opinion. What I wouldn't do is defend my favorite movie, song, etc. Why? Because why do I care? I didn't make it, I'm not friends with the person who made it, and he/she has never done anything for me.

A better saying would be respect the person's right to having an opinion.

"You gotta respect my opinion or else I'll get mad! "

At first, I sucked at this, but now, I'm pretty good.

2 Be Original

I try, but at least half of my lists were made to be spin-off lists of other lists, though.
(This was true at the time. Now? Not so much.)

It can be hard sometimes but trust me being original gets you a lot more respect as long as your content is good and original

I wish I could do this! I really want to be a good user!

I am not very original, I just run out of ideas.

3 Have a Sense of Humour

I guess people like me here, so kindness doesn't really matter at this point.

I am not that much of the comedian on this site.

Learn to take a joke

4 Accept Criticism

Constructive criticism is pretty much the key to make yourself better.

Criticism is a good thing, but most people just take it as a bad thing.

Indeed criticism can help you improve it's not meant to cause harm.

5 Don't Focus on How Many Followers You Have

I can't help it but I look everyday to my followers

Followers are pretty pointless anyway.

6 Be Honest to Things

I'm actually way more honest online than in real life.

I try to be honest most of the time.

Trolls in a nutshell

7 Be Positive

Looking at you Disney 1994

"stay positive! "

8 Don't Be a Bully

I would no way never want to bully anyone.

That is saying a lot.

9 Ignore Haters

Ignoring haters can be worth it.

10 Make Good and Interesting Lists

Making lists have always been a weakness of mine.

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11 Be Yourself

being yourself helps you get through life it also helps you gain your own Identity

12 Don't Be Mean

I may have been a bit rude at first, but overall, I wouldn't say I'm mean.

13 Be Kind

What I do, even if they are users I do not get along with that well.

I be kind to people if they are being kind to me.

Well, duh, obviously.

14 Don't Make Ways to Kill Lists

How would this kind of list even get approved?

These lists are nothing but mean-spirited!

These are just mean-spirited and unnecessary. Just because someone makes bad music, doesn’t mean they deserve the death penalty.

15 Don't Make Repetitive Lists

Try to have some variety

16 Do Not Be Arrogant
17 Don't Bandwagon On Other People's Opinions

The Justin Bieber hate for example.

18 Give Credibility
19 Brainstorm Making Your Lists
20 Make Few Mistakes
21 Don't Plagiarize Lists
22 Don't Hate Because Someone Hates What You Like
23 Don't Feed Trolls

All it does is add fuel to the fire and causes pointless drama

Quite important thing. I'll reveal more about it in a post.

24 Don't Copy Lists From Other Websites
25 Don't Troll Other Users

I do not troll, but I do sarcasm.

Some trolls are okay though

Trolls are great people.

Sarcasm "IS" trolling.

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