Top Ten Ludicrous New Policies Admin Could Implement

There are plenty of terms and conditions in TheTopTens' Terms of Use Agreement. Policies such as not plagiarizing content from other sites, not bullying others on the site, and keeping content appropriate are not only common sense but also a matter of law in most countries/states.

Because of these rules (the policy), a lot of users feel like they are not allowed to have an opinion on the site or that they are being censored. They are upset, but the admins say they created the policy because people were complaining and because it is better for the site. But what if the admins really went insane and started creating a whole bunch of new asinine rules?

Below are some new policies the admin could implement on the site. These are crazy policies based on what users complain about on the site or based on other problems people see.

Rules: The punishment should fit the crime in such a way that they need to be somehow related. They should also be somehow physically possible to accomplish. Also, no terminal or inappropriate policies such as those involving death or other crimes.
The Top Ten
1 Lock a user's account and force them to listen to Baby 11 times before it is unlocked if they add Justin Bieber to a list where it doesn’t belong

If anyone doesn't know, I still have "Baby" in my playlist. So if anybody needs help in that matter, I'm all ready.
Though if visitors add this item, what will we do?

This could be interesting but I've listened to so much worse music that I'm practically immune to Baby by Justin Bieber.

There should be a similar punishment for any other internet meme or running joke.

Don't give admin ideas.

2 Change a user's profile picture to Captain Crunch if they say “m8” in a list

Best thing about being anonymous is that you won't have to deal with Captain Crunch being forced as your profile picture m8.

Looks like my profile picture will forever be Captain Crunch m8s

What an nightmare... O_O
Captain Crunch is a mascot for Cap N' Crunch and my name contains cereal and I always say m8...that's me probably

M8 Confirmed?!

3 Remove 6 followers at random whenever someone adds themselves to a list of best users

I absolutely love this item. It would really help get rid of some attention seekers on those lists.

I'll confess: I've been guilty of doing this when I was a new user.

What if they have no followers?

Then I'd have about 20 followers.

4 Users must change their profile picture to a clown every time they mention Baby by Justin Bieber

Baby by Justin Bieber
Nothing happened

My lips are sealed.

5 User must change their profile picture to a current photo of themself in a diaper whenever adding/commenting on a TV show/movie meant for audiences in an age group younger than they are

This one seem pretty straight forward. If the show Arthur is intended for children aged 4 to 8, then nobody over the age of 8 should really have anything to say about it. If you think it's a stupid show, it probably is...if you're 10. Or you're stupid for still having to watch a show meant for 4-8 year olds.

I know South Park should be fine, but what about Total Drama?

Damn. What about SpongeBob and Gravity Falls?!

6 A user must sing every song from Frozen whenever referencing Anna or Elsa

This is somewhat amusing to think about.

7 Remove 10 member score points every time someone confuses there, their, or they're

Well, if I edit my comments back to the correct ones, will I get the score back?

Same with "your" and "you're". This needs to happen.

Are u serous there carazy m8 they need to sort they're issues before going out their hey

Oh, please, make this happen!

8 Block access to anyone who posts on their profile page that they are trying to get TheTopTens shut down so they get exactly what they asked for

I was just about to do that *cries*

9 Users have to do the chicken dance for 10 hours every time they make fun of meat or meat eaters

Ooh, I'd love for ThatVeganTeacher, PETA, etc. get an account and watch their madness. Who's got the popcorn?

10 A user must complete a 3 page original essay on the meaning of the word whenever "overrated" or "underrated" is used incorrectly

Actual definition: "have a higher opinion of (someone or something) than is deserved"

Urban Dictionary definition: "A word which recently has been used liberally as a way of discrediting something without having to give a proper justification, most often when someone finds they have a disliking for a popular phenomenom and is resentful of those who embrace it. Often used by anti-trendies."

So basically, it has little to do with popularity. A movie can have one review saying it is great (it's rating) and a second person can disagree and say that it is not great (meaning that the first review was overrated) but the meaning is purely subjective either way. Likewise, if a person is only referencing their own opinion and not taking the opinions of others into account, a thing CANNOT be overrated. There needs to be two opinions and they need to differ. The person thinking something is better than the other person rated it can call that thing ...more

I'd like to know the admin/visitor who made this awesome list. Good job (wo)man.

The Contenders
11 Require any user who claims admin is restricting their right to free speech to pass a test on Constitutional law before they are allowed to post again

I honestly wouldn’t mind this so people realize what the First Amendment is actually for.

12 Remove one member list when an apostrophe is used incorrectly

Apostrophe's must be used correctly.

13 Users who create a blatant knock off of a PositronWildhawk list have to write a 1,000 word apology post to him for each offense

It isn't that users only knock-off Positron's lists only. There are many other users too like Turkey's, Puga's, booklover's, Britgirl's and other notable users., whose lists are knocked off also.

What if it's satire?

14 User must start playing, and finish, any video game added/commented on that was released before they were born
15 Let another user re-write a member's profile page for one year whenever users add a list about themselves
16 Remove all member achievements and points from a user whenever they add repetitive/derivative lists
17 Any user who misuses the words "Your" and "You're" must go through one month of grammar tutoring before they can get back on TheTopTens

I love how everyone obsesses over using you're and your correctly but no one cares about using too and to correctly

18 User must visit and vote on every list on TheTopTens in exchange for submitting a comparison list

If that happens I'm ruined. I need comparison lists!

19 Force people who put Herobrine on Minecraft lists to play Fortnite
20 User must watch 3 episodes of Sesame Street every time they add a list that includes "Top #" in the title where # is any number other than 10
21 Users have to PayPal $1 into a swear jar each time they post a profanity. The user with the most popular list of the month gets the money

What about an incorrect grammar?

Swearing is banned boi

22 User must add a valid 500 word comment for each item added on a "why x list is wrong/inaccurate" list
23 Any remix of "All Time" that does not include any items from more than 10 years ago will be removed and the user will lose the ability to vote for 1 year

Isn't that real censorship of opinions?

24 Lose 1 member point every time a user makes a typo
25 Change profile image to the PETA logo whenever someone says People Eating Tasty Animals
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