Top Ten Qualities of a Good TheTopTens List

There are thousands upon thousands of lists on TheTopTens and hundreds of thousands of visitors every day. With so much traffic, entering a good list is very important so it doesn't get buried.

The concept of the site is that any user can add a list (or item to an existing list), put in a description of both the list and the items on it so other people have some idea of why it was put there, then everyone gets to vote on the items.

Adding lists that don't follow the below criteria both clutter up the lists for the rest of us as well as water-down the site in general. Below are the major qualities a good list on TheTopTens will have. Some of these can be found on TheTopTens website HERE.
The Top Ten
1 It is a Unique List

Adding a list, then changing one word to a synonym and adding another list (basically adding the same list multiple times with slightly different wording) is silly. Not only will the list probably get merged into an existing list but even if it doesn't, you're just filling up the site with derivatives. Make it something truly different if you want it to be seen.

Of course it needs to be unique so that you can gain mass appeal just because that particular topic hasn't been talked about yet. Try to think out of the box and try not to copy based on an existing list while being very specific just to leech off votes. Though I admit that my lists aren't that unique either but that's what I'm here for.

Excellent list, anonymous. I am afraid I have been guilty of submitting a duplicate list on a few occasions, but all of them were snappily merged. Just out of curiosity, what other lists have you created on the site? I often wonder about the anons who comment on my lists.

What's really stupid is you see a list called Best Metal Bands. Then there is another one called Best Heavy Metal Bands.

2 All Items Fit the List Theme

This holds true for adding new lists as well as adding new items to existing lists. Don't put a list of best female singers then add a male artist to the list. Everyone gets that you are trying to be funny but it just doesn't make sense.

3 Has All Ten Items

The "You have to have ten items on this list" feature can be annoying sometimes especially when I make "Best songs from this album" when it has less than ten tracks so I have to fill the other items with blanks (Blank, Blank 2, Blank 3,etc.)

Lists with less than ten items drive me insane. Except for lists where you can't, like Coolest Fundamental Interactions of Physics, or Best Members of the Beatles.

But not all 10 original items get approved. My list on Worst Things about North Korea was supposed to have 10, but 2 of them were not approved.

It isn't a website of top 7, or 5, or 3, but of Top Ten items of a certain group. If you don't add 10 items, maybe you shouldn't add the list.

4 Subject Knowledge

I mostly stick to making what I'm passionate about and know best. That is to say, that I only talk about things that I have the knowledge to explain it, and argue for or against. You cannot talk about a particular subject that you literally know nothing about. It's worth the experience to research something in order to gain new interests as well.

Actually take some time and do research. There's nothing more annoying than looking at a best female singers of all time list only to find that all of the singers mentioned are from the past decade.

It's true. If you're going to make a list, you must know what you are talking about. You need to focus and do research. You need to take time on what you're doing. Otherwise, it will be messed up.

You have to take time to research and put in a lot of writing! That's a way it'll get HQ, maybe even Featured, and gain you popularity. And it can't be plagiarised, Admin will just delete your comments

5 Has Unique Items
6 Has a Good List Description

I've seen many a list title on TheTopTens and wondered what it was about, only to click over to it and still have no idea. If you put up a list, you should put in a description of what the list is about. If you want certain types of items added or specifically don't want others then spell it out. Let the rest of us know what your list is about and why we should read it. Plus, the description helps Google know if it should index the page.

7 There is Proper Grammar

They're = They are (They're waiting for you... )
Their = Refers to the possessive (They lost their tickets... )
There = Refers to a place in reality or the abstract (Let's just meet over there at the store... )
This is just one example where grammar comes into play. Please use the correct words when you can.

Not all users are that fluent in English, and there is such thing as language barriers. So the issue on poor grammar is not that bad. But this reason is valid.

My mother language isn't English.So sometimes I make grammar mistakes (mistakenly).But I always try my best for keep it best.

Writing's not easy. That's why Grammarly can help. This sentence is grammatically correct, but it's wordy, and hard to read...

8 There are Item Descriptions

Don't just put your item and walk away. The beauty of the site is in the reasons why you like things in the order you do. If you're afraid others might not agree with you, give your reasons in the descriptions and maybe you'll change some minds.

9 It is Intriguing
10 Things are Spelled Correctly

Your web browser has a nice feature where it'll underline your misspellings in red for you. Right-click and fix what is spelled wrong.

It sucks to have typos...

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11 It Isn't a Spam List

Very few things are as quickly ignored as commercials and seeing lists that are basically just advertisements for a person or company is pretty abhorrent. If you want to advertise then go to a website where you can do so freely without cluttering up this one with SPAM.

12 Common Subject that Everyone Can Participate
13 The List is Focused Without Being Exclusive

Yes there should be a clear theme to your list but not so exclusionary that only the 10 items you began with can be on it. Best numbers from 1 to 10 for example - focused yes, but it doesn't allow for other people to make additions and is therefore going to be a stagnant list. The same goes for lists like: Best Songs From July 1982 Where the word Blue and Car Were Both Mentioned... You've got to leave some room.

14 It Has No Politics Involved

Not a political person but I disagree with this. If someone wants to make a political list, they should be able to.

15 Is Not Biased
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