Top 10 Coolest Sounding User Rank Titles On TheTopTens

These are the only ten of the titles. Feel free to add more.
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1 Hero of Bowerstone
2 Paladin With 18 Charisma and 97 Hit Points Who Can Use the Helm of Disintegration and Do 1d4 Damage As My Half Elf Mage Wields His Plus 5 Holy Avenger

Does this even exist?


3 The Stonecutters Chosen One
4 GDI Commander

This is my rank currently. Glad to see it's ranked so high here.

Welcome to the Global Defense Initiative, comrade!

I was going to make this list!

5 The Answer

This is what I think is the best even though I will probably not get to that level.

Level forty-two. Very fitting, indeed.

6 Dead Pirate Roberts

The Princess Bride forever.

Isn't it dread not dead?

7 King of Eternia
8 Nova Prime

This will be my next level!

This is my level,

9 Guardian of the Gates
10 Minister for Magic
The Contenders
11 Leader of the Random
12 The Zombie that Never Died
13 Mayor of Mega City One
14 Vicar of St Looney Up the Cream Bun and Jam

I was so confused once I hit this level.

That sounds so weird...

15 Sunrunner

Yeah! Just got onto this level!

16 District Count of Barrayar

I enjoyed having this one when I did.

17 Everest
18 Rakghoul's Bane
19 Tisroc

This is my level now. GO TISROC!

That is my level.

20 Inheritor

Sounds cool, and it's the rank I'm on right now

21 Chief Rabbit of Efrafa

This is going to be my next level soon...

22 Agent OO
23 Mayor Of Michel Delving

This is currently my level. Even though I don't look at levels that much anymore, I still find the names cool.

24 Star Gladiator
25 Shadeslayer

To all you Inheritance Cycle fans out there

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