Top 10 Ways to Use AI to Create a Top Ten List on TheTopTens

In today's world, where technology is rapidly advancing and businesses are becoming more and more reliant on data-driven decisions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is proving to be an indispensable tool. From personalized recommendations on e-commerce sites to predicting weather patterns, AI has transformed various industries, including the entertainment industry. In the age of the internet, where a quick Google search can give you hundreds of search results for a particular topic, creating top ten lists has become an effective way of presenting information in an easily digestible format.

Creating top ten lists can be a time-consuming and subjective process. However, with the advent of AI, creating these lists has become a more efficient and objective task. AI can analyze vast amounts of data, such as online reviews, customer preferences, and social media activity, to identify patterns and trends that help to create a more personalized and accurate list. By using machine learning algorithms, AI can predict which products, services, people, movies, games, songs, etc. will appeal to a particular audience and create a list that caters to their unique preferences.

In this list, let's explore how AI can be utilized to help create top ten lists on TheTopTens.
The Top Ten
1 Write a list description The description of this list (the text between the title and the first listing) was composed almost completely by ChatGPT. A few edits were then made to make it more relevant to this page.

The description was generated based off the prompt "write a two paragraph introduction to a top ten list about using AI to help create top ten lists".
2 Brainstorm a list topic Much like how you can use Google's search predictions to see the types of things that are currently trending, AI can be used to get ideas about a particular topic you may already be interested in.

For example, if you've recently been learning about intermittent fasting as a tool for weight management, you could ask a chat AI, "what is a good top ten list topic about intermittent fasting?"

When this question is posed to ChatGPT, it returns a large number of possible list topics you can use such as top ten benefits of intermittent fasting, top ten foods to consume during intermittent fasting, top ten myths about intermittent fasting, top ten ways to stay motivated during intermittent fasting, and top ten intermittent fasting apps to help you stay on track.
3 Get help correcting spelling and grammar mistakes If you have some text you've already written, you can have AI proofread it for you to correct errors. For example, the following prompt in ChatGTP produced the result below.

Prompt: Correct spelling and grammar in the following text, "This man should be at the 1st. He's incredible, I have never seen any person as great as this men."

Response: Corrected text: "This man should be in first place. He's incredible. I have never seen anyone as great as this man."


- "at the 1st" should be "in first place" to sound more natural in English.
- "men" should be "man" since the sentence is talking about one individual.
- "any person" is more appropriate than "anyone" when making a comparison to emphasize the uniqueness of the individual.
- It's better to use a period after "incredible" to create two separate sentences, making it easier to read and understand.
4 Write factual information about list items If an item in your list is something that already exists (as opposed to something you made up) and is reasonably well known, odds are you can use AI to write a description of that item.

For example, ChatGPT responded to the prompt "write one Wikipedia style paragraph about the character Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter book series" with:

"Ronald Bilius Weasley, commonly known as Ron, is a fictional character and one of the main protagonists in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. He is the best friend of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, and a member of the Weasley family, a pure-blood wizarding family. Ron is depicted as a tall, red-headed boy with a humorous and sometimes sarcastic personality. He is a skilled wizard and plays a crucial role in the defeat of Lord Voldemort. Throughout the series, Ron shows loyalty, bravery, and a sense of humor, but also struggles with self-doubt and jealousy at times. He is known for his love of food, particularly chocolate frogs and pumpkin pasties. Ron's character has been portrayed in all eight film adaptations of the Harry Potter series by actor Rupert Grint."

Note, to add factual descriptions to list items after the list has been created, click the list menu icon to the right of the "The Top Ten" heading and click the Edit Listing Info link (may not be available on all lists). Then click the Add listing info link for the item you would like to add a factual description.
5 Get suggestions for list items If you're having a hard time completing a list, AI may be able to help you brainstorm a few more entries. If, for example, you're creating a list of benefits of drinking coffee and you've run out of ideas, you can ask AI "what are some benefits of drinking coffee daily" and see a handful of benefits you may not have thought about or weren't aware of at all.
6 Generate unique list images Microsoft Bing's Image Creator is one of many tools you can use to create new images for you list. The image added to this listing was created by that tool based on the prompt, "a robot painting a picture".
7 Research the list topic If you have questions about a topic or idea you would like answers to in order to help you better create a list or simply to satisfy your own curiosity, you can get answers to those questions via a chat API.

For example, if you ask Microsoft Bing Chat "is the band Queen considered a metal band", you'll learn that Dee Snider, the Twisted Sister frontman, says that Queen is a metal band with a soft side, a melodic side and a pop side, in addition to its metal side.
8 Suggest comments for list items You can use AI to help generate subjective comments for the items in your list. For example, if you have a list of the smartest people of all time and you have added Nikola Tesla to the list, you can ask ChatGPT "why is Nikola Tesla considered to be one of the smartest people" and you will get a response like:

"Nikola Tesla is widely considered to be one of the smartest people in history due to his many groundbreaking contributions to science and technology... In addition to his numerous technological achievements, Tesla was known for his exceptional intelligence, creativity, and inventiveness. He had a photographic memory and was able to visualize complex designs and machines in his mind without needing to write anything down."
9 Generate a complete list of ten items AI can be used to create an entire top ten list when the topic is sufficiently popular and well defined. Prompting ChatGPT with "what are the top ten movies with a female director" results in a complete list including movie title, year, and the name of the director, however, the response included the disclaimer that the movies were not in a particular order.

Note that when creating lists in this fashion, or any other AI generated content, the AI tool you use may not have the most up to date information because AI is trained on historical data.
10 Rewrite content in a different tone or voice AI can be used to rewrite content to by more clear, concise, flowery, friendly, etc.

Taking the answer to the question "How long until my list shows up on the site?" and asking ChatGPT to rewrite it in a "more friendly tone" produced the result:

"Hey there! We know you're eager to get your lists up and running on our site. If your list is good to go, it should be visible as soon as you submit it. However, if it needs a bit of tweaking or review, our wonderful staff of moderators will take a look and make any necessary corrections. We'll work as quickly as we can to get your list approved and up on the site for all to see, but please keep in mind that the time it takes can depend on a few different factors. Thanks for your patience and understanding!"
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