Top Ten Things About Steven Universe

this is my reason why i love steven universe if you don't like it great its just my opinion i always a thing for this show a
The Top Ten
1 Clever Writing

Sometimes things don't go as plan but is this show everything fits and the writer should be applauded for bringing a clever smart and sometimes funny jokes to life and there's a lot of twist and turns too

2 Rose Quartz and the Gems Origin or Back Stories

I always love these things there giving us new character development for use to love the characters its fantastic to see what happen and how everything came to be.and it give's use reason to care for the gems and I love the origin of rose quartz and greg universe

3 Steven and Connie Moments

There confusing at times but its very cute seeing them next to each other and also its funny that there in the puberty stage that they don't know there in love.

4 The Animation

The animation is beautiful its setting brings me joy and the colors make me smile I love how it looks.

5 Great Characters

Steven is the main antagonist of the show of course and the gems but all the side characters have there own personality too ex lars the duch, steven positive, one amethyst the joker and pearl the over protective, and one and my favorite garnet the mom. and steven is so unexpected

6 Great and Catchy Songs Sometimes

The songs always bring me to joy I always sing to it sometimes but some songs can be annoying at times but there so amazing to here recommend gaint women,strong in the real way if you never seen them

7 Awesome Battles

The battles are amazing there's so much going on one minute garnet uses here gauntlets to smash other evil gems and on the other steven and connie work together to help out the gems it's so amazing you should see the fights it self.

8 The Setting of Each Gems Area

This may sound confusing but the setting each time they go to when they warp is amazing.I'm learning about the places and what happen to like going to egipt or something it's so amazing I just love it

9 The Gem Fusion

The gem fusion is amazing is like seeing something new its very amazing its like combing tow people to create a bad @$$ giant I just love it of course my favorite is Sugilite

10 One Negative Thing

Sometimes an episode can be to dark or to creepy like in the cat finger episode or how sometimes pearl gets made cause rose share something to steven but not to pearl and she goes insane and leave steven hanging yeah I'm talking about the rose's scabbard and some other ones but they fix that problem

The Contenders
11 Amethyst Is The Best Crystal Gem
12 LGBT Tolerance

When most shows have a gay couple, they are all up-in-your face about it, but not Steven Universe. They take the relationship seriously, and Ruby and Sapphire show us the ups and downs of all relationships. I think this a nice change compared to social norms. In fact, Steven Universe just takes social norms, beats it up, then throws it out the window! This show is so diverse and I love it!

Ruby and Sapphire are canon! They're both girls and it teaches acceptance to kids. This cartoon has the potential to make the world a more loving and accepting place. Screw homophobes!

13 Buck Dewey
14 Jamie The Mailman Is Really Cute
15 The Show Brings Great Messages About Being Yourself
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