Top Ten Best Things About Uncle Grandpa

Uncle Grandpa is a cartoon that gets a lot of hate because people think it is stupid, random, and that UG's voice is annoying which it is but I still like the show and I don't care if people call me stupid because I like this cartoon it is just my opinion. So I made a list of reasons why I think UG is a overhated cartoon

The Top Ten Best Things About Uncle Grandpa

1 Uncle Grandpa helps kids with problems

I'd rather have him than have my current uncle - AlphaQ

He is friendly

2 It is a creative show

This show really wasn't good its first season but it did start to find itself later. I did like however that this show had a lot of creative ideas, even if a lot of them were stupid - Phillip873

3 Uncle Grandpa is a very nice character

I mean you are right - Phillip873

4 It is not a mean spirted show

It's not mean but it does look like pedophilia. - AlphaQ

5 The animation is watchable
6 Uncle Grandpa is not constantly shaking his butt
7 The voice acting is ok
8 It is a colorful cartoon
9 Uncle Grandpa has a unique design
10 It is not constantly airing reruns

The Contenders

11 It got better as it went on

The quality of the show peaked around Seasons 2 & 3 in my opinion. I could watch them over and over again


12 It's funny
13 Mr. Gus has class
14 The backgrounds vastly improved.
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