Top Ten Things That Define Facebook In a Nutshell

Well ain't that just dumb, I make a list about facebook admins and I do a list about a whole of facebook. Well yes and I don't really care so deal with it.

The Top Ten

1 The Selfie Masters

I don't use Facebook and I deleted my account about an year ago, but yeah, this is what that defines Facebook in a nutshell. - Kiteretsunu

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2 Trying to act cool

Trying to act like your ffriends like an old person trying to be young again - SuperHyperdude

3 Useless Friends

Why are they still in my friends lists - SuperHyperdude

4 The Desperate

There's a reason why I never accepted your friend request - SuperHyperdude

5 Being Lonely

Seeing pictures and videos of your friends having a good time and not being with any of your friends just absolutely sucks - SuperHyperdude

6 The Addicted Friends

The friend that will post stuff every 24 hours and 7 weeks - SuperHyperdude

7 Facebook Admin Pages cliques

The Like Fishers, The Diehard Vendetta Justin Beiber Clan (I'm not a beleiber by the way) and The Christains - SuperHyperdude

8 People you don't know or like sends you friend request
9 Depressing posts
10 Game invites

I swear to good, every invite to farmville I get, died animals toll will rise up - SuperHyperdude

The Contenders

11 People who have no real life
12 Stupid People
13 Family
14 Cute Puppy Videos
15 Religious
16 Putting You Best Foot Forward
17 Random Minion Memes
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