Top Ten Things Donald Trump Should Consider


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1 Dropping Out of the Presidential Race

It will make America a better place for once - KingSlayer93316

He would make america great again by dropping out of the presidential race! - TwilightKitsune

That would be considerate of him, yes. - SevenTreeTool

I'm pretty sure more lists have "Donald Trump" in them then there are lists. I call it: "The Ignorant Idiot Paradox". - CityGuru

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2 Becoming a Nice Guy

That would be a huge miracle

Nice doesn't mean good. - Therandom

"Nice: pleasant; agreeable; satisfactory." SOund pretty good to me. - GrimmShady

3 Stopping Lying

Since when does he lie? - Therandom

Trump lied about opposing the Iraq war. Trump lied about the number of bankruptcies he declared (six, not four). Trump lied when he said he would never change his political positions (he has changed multiple times in 2016 alone). Trump lied when he said that Hillary Clinton's career was "unsuccessful" (Clinton was responsible for saving multiple people's lives on 9/11. That doesn't sound "unsuccessful" to me.) Trump lied about lying (data indicates that Trump lies 4.5 times more than Hillary Clinton. Trump has said that this is the other way around.) Get the point? - seafowlomicron

Seriously quit lying ''make america great again'' how? - htoutlaws2012

yes - leafstar

4 Performing Charity

I thought he does? - KingSlayer93316

He does give to charity. - Therandom

5 Being More Friendly
6 Stopping Bragging

It seems like every time he bashes his opponent the outcome wouldn't matter cause of the stupidity we have here. - htoutlaws2012

He reminds me of Rainbow Dash in this one.

Nobody cares that u r rich Donald troll u r a racist, bigoted @$$hole

7 Resetting the Republican Party's Stance to Where It Was When It First Was Founded

The Republicans were still made to abolish slavery, and the original feminists were Republicans, your arguments are invalid. You cannot rewrite or deny history. And there are still people that try to bring the original Republican Party back.

The Republicans were made in the 1850s to abolish slavery and give women equal opportunity to men by giving them the right to vote. Know your history by doing a search, you will learn more.

"Know your history by doing a search." Don't have to, but YOU need to "learn more." "The Republicans were made? " If you're going to be cocky in print, first you need the ability to write coherently, then you need to know what you're talking about.
The foundation of the GOP had nothing to do with women's suffrage, and the abolition of slavery was
hardly high on its list of priorities.

8 Dying

ISIS should do it. Not Trump. - BorisRule

Aw that's so sad Alexa play FDT. - ProPanda

That's something ISIS should be considering.

I think Pence should die instead of Trump.

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9 Supporting Conservation of Endangered Species

For example, Polar Bears - KingSlayer93316

Save the Sea Pandas

10 Supporting the Environment

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11 Killing All Members of ISIS

IsIs stinks - Maddox121

Russia is on this mission. - BorisRule

Then we wouldn't have to worry about them anymore!


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12 Stopping Hand Gestures

His tiny, tiny, baby hands make it impossible anyways. - keycha1n

13 Stopping Insulting People
14 Letting People Break Gender Norms If They Want To
15 Deporting Himself
16 Suicide

That's crossing the line.

Imagine the President of the United States killing himself because some Canadian on TheTopTens dot com told him to consider committing suicide. - Bolshoy_Brat

17 Wall Twerking

That yeah donald trump shake

No. - Neonco31

18 Resigning
19 Sponsoring a Sport
20 Improving Airport and Airline Security
21 Getting an Haircut
22 Supporting Renewable Energy Research

I get that conservatives care about the economy, but they need to know that if we don't find the optimal renewable energy resources we need if our nonrenewable energy resources are ever depleted, that it's going to hurt the economy even more in the long run. This is one thing I hate about Donald Trump, along with many reasons as well. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

23 Deport Justin Bieber
24 Respecting Women
25 Establish Diplomatic Relations with North Korea
26 Lift Travel Ban of North Korea

No! North Korea is awful.

27 Stopping Being a Complete Embarrassment to America on Social Media Platforms Like Twitter

YES! - KingSlayer93316

28 Deporting Feminists and Antifa
29 Deporting Flat Earthers

If he did that, Lincoln and Reagan would no longer be my favorite presidents. - B1ueNew

30 Making Ben Carson His Running Mate

That would make sense...

31 Giving Women Equal Rights to Men

Now THERE'S a novel idea.

What about transgenders? Oh yes, they're fired out of the army now thanks to Trump. They were 100% competent to actually serve the army and their country but Trump wants macho ( like himself ) " men " to represent " his " army.

32 Killing All Members of Al-Qaeda
33 Destroying the Party Corruption In DC
34 Stumping the Liberal Chumps
35 Ban The Lion King

Screw you, Lion King hater - KingSlayer93316

36 Changing his Tax Plan
37 Getting AIDS
38 That He May Need Psychological Assistance from Professionals
39 Reading the Constitution
40 Reading His Executive Orders Before He Signs Them
41 Not Treating His Wife Like an Object
42 Actually Arrest the Elites
43 Actually prove that he is anti-establishment
44 Respect Mexicans
45 Join Antifa
46 Forcing Feminists to Be Responsible for Their Lies and Misandry

No more myths about false wage gap.
No more made up statistics.
No more hatred against men.
No more mass genocide condoning.
No more false cries of misogony.

47 Continuing to Cut Taxes Across the Board
48 Killing All Liberals
49 Shutting Down PETA
50 Shutting down Monsanto
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