Top Ten Things Donald Trump Should Consider


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1 Dropping Out of the Presidential Race

He would make america great again by dropping out of the presidential race! - TwilightKitsune

That would be considerate of him, yes. - SevenTreeTool

I'm pretty sure more lists have "Donald Trump" in them then there are lists. I call it: "The Ignorant Idiot Paradox". - CityGuru

No, he needs to beat crooked Hilary. - Therandom

Would you republicans stop calling her "crooked hillary". It's so old and annoying. And before you attack me for being a biased clinton supporter, I actually agree that clinton's a liar. I just get so annoyed when republicans march around saying "crooked hillary" and thinking their clever. - GrimmShady

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2 Becoming a Nice Guy

Nice doesn't mean good. - Therandom

"Nice: pleasant; agreeable; satisfactory." SOund pretty good to me. - GrimmShady

That would be a huge miracle

3 Stopping Lying V 3 Comments
4 Performing Charity V 1 Comment
5 Being More Friendly
6 Stopping Bragging

It seems like every time he bashes his opponent the outcome wouldn't matter cause of the stupidity we have here. - htoutlaws2012

He reminds me of Rainbow Dash in this one.

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7 Resetting the Republican Party's Stance to Where It Was When It First Was Founded

The Republicans were still made to abolish slavery, and the original feminists were Republicans, your arguments are invalid. You cannot rewrite or deny history. And there are still people that try to bring the original Republican Party back.

The Republicans were made in the 1850s to abolish slavery and give women equal opportunity to men by giving them the right to vote. Know your history by doing a search, you will learn more.

"Know your history by doing a search." Don't have to, but YOU need to "learn more." "The Republicans were made? " If you're going to be cocky in print, first you need the ability to write coherently, then you need to know what you're talking about.
The foundation of the GOP had nothing to do with women's suffrage, and the abolition of slavery was
hardly high on its list of priorities.

8 Dying V 2 Comments
9 Killing All Members of ISIS V 2 Comments
10 Supporting the Environment

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? Lift Travel Ban of North Korea
? Establish Diplomatic Relations with North Korea

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11 Supporting Conservation of Endangered Species

Save the Sea Pandas

12 Stopping Hand Gestures

His tiny, tiny, baby hands make it impossible anyways. - keycha1n

13 Stopping Insulting People
14 Letting People Break Gender Norms If They Want To
15 Wall Twerking V 2 Comments
16 Suicide
17 Deporting Himself
18 Sponsoring a Sport
19 Improving Airport and Airline Security
20 Supporting Renewable Energy Research

I get that conservatives care about the economy, but they need to know that if we don't find the optimal renewable energy resources we need if our nonrenewable energy resources are ever depleted, that it's going to hurt the economy even more in the long run. This is one thing I hate about Donald Trump, along with many reasons as well. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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1. Dropping Out of the Presidential Race
2. Resetting the Republican Party's Stance to Where It Was When It First Was Founded
3. Stopping Lying
1. Dropping Out of the Presidential Race
2. Deporting Himself
3. Dying
1. Dropping Out of the Presidential Race
2. Stopping Lying
3. Being More Friendly

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