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1 What's it like being a guy?

You can generally argue (and even physically fight) without ruining a friendship. - PetSounds

I'm a girl but I already know cause I'm a tomboy.

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2 Men are rapists

This is one of the worst men's stereotypes ever. It disgusts me. - Luxam

Thank you for addressing this. Every time I hear a ten year old "feminist" say this, it makes me cringe. - Alpha101

*sigh* not EVERYONE assumes this. Woman can do this too. I'm a girl and I think that both genders are capable of this filthy action.

Some are and some aren't same for women. - Lucretia

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3 We're overworked!

Even though more men have to work from morning to night to pay for everything the women(not all, but there are more housewives) does. - Therandom

I think everybody works hard

Even my mom saids this a lot - Matt92647

My dad had bad jobs and was unemployed a lot and had a drug and alcohol issue (not support this 8 stupid children), later dying. while my mom couldn't work to take care of me and my great grandma, eventually having my brothers. My parents did interesting work. - Lucretia

4 What's it like having a penis?

Other than erections, it's great. - Therandom

It depends on the size - bobbythebrony

I don't know, what's it like having a vagina? - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Who asks someone this? - Lucretia

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5 Men have it easier

Yeah, call me up the next time you see a woman working a blue-collar landscaping job, or a construction job, or a mining job, or an industrial plant job. We get more because we put more in.

Depends. My mom was in college to be a nurse but had to drop out but she could have had a better job... my dad only ever worked as a construction worker and at a gas station... I would say my mom put more in, and I am not extreme feminist... - Lucretia

Dude, I'm a man and I somewhat agree with this one. They have to go through a period every month and I'm sure it hurts to have babies! The worst we have to go through is an awkward erection and being hit by anything in the balls. That's pretty much it. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

We have our own problems, sure they have it harder, but they all tear us like we have none. We have to deal with our penis erections, which are uncontrollable. - Therandom

Definitely this. Women also forget that the guy nearly ALWAYS gets screwed in divorce cases. Also, remember "women and children FIRST".

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6 Men are abusive

This is why I hate Feminism...

Women are abusive

7 Kick them in the penis

Even though a kick to the vagina probably hurts too. No wait, it does, I've done it. Now everyone's gonna say I'm a rapist. - Therandom

Not as bad as being hit with a soccer ball there. Word of advice, don't be a goalie. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

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8 Women are oversexualized!

No offense but we kind of are. - AnonymousChick

Exactly. That's my point. If women want to be show off their bodies, let them. Obviously our reasons are different, but itI ain't gonna be against for many reasons, but it's their choice. - Therandom

Depends on the women... and people who wear super revealing dresses are asking to be stared at - Lucretia

Women sexualize themselves. - yaygiants16

9 Ladies first!

THANK YOU to the person who added this. I'm not letting people go before me, I'm the boss, not them. - Therandom

But you can't say anything about it because apparently it seems fair to everyone else. This is what causes stereotypes! - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Ladies can't go first on everything. for example, 'ladies first, so jump off the plane! '

I am sick of lady first

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10 More woman need to star as the hero in video games!

I'll admit, a lot more women play games on phones than men. But those aren't really video games, even though surveys count them. - Therandom

Statistics says it's about the same percentage. - keycha1n

Even though more men play video games. - Therandom

I understand. But yeah, I'm kind of a video game enthusiast. But I'll admit, women do play more games on their phones, and Nintendo. - Therandom

Yo, me, the ass man thinks that this is true.

Also, Keycha1n, stop being a tool.

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11 You have male privilege

Men are expected to be the tough ones. Women can be sentimental and cry whenever they feel like it. Men also are expected to be the ones providing for their family. Women have more privileges then men. - letdot52

It's kinda pathetic. That's why. I may have controversial opinions, but I've done many controversial things. - Therandom

Such as being expected to get a job while women go out and waste hard earned money on shopping and nails. - Therandom

Men can cry and be sentimental whenever they feel like, they will just be abused for it.

Not really a thing, I mean there is still stereotypes and stuff, but this is not such a big thing anymotr - Lucretia

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12 You can pay for dinner

If a woman says this - I can understand that she either doesn't have any self-respect or she is a beggar..I hate this thing most about some women, How...I mean how can you ever let someone( expect parents ) pay for you regarding anything? That's so shameless, I'M AGAINST IT.
( I'm a female, but I don't understand such pathetic attitude of such women ) - Ananya

I laughed at this one. X] - SamuiNeko

My mom does that and my step dad gladly pays... they are married though. Still they should split the bill. - Lucretia

But they're married and share money and bank accounts and such, so in a way both of them are paying. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

13 I'll beat you up!

That's a sort of ghetto thinks girls says, and I was from the ghetto... still she has no right to hit a male. - Lucretia

Anyone says this to anyone. - AnonymousChick

No girls from the hood only

I love me a good fight >=)

14 I'm not really interested in you...

I am not interested in the boys at my school because can be immature and annoying. - Lucretia

Especially worse if it's a girl that you liked - SirSkeletorThe3rd

15 I can't be bothered...
16 Wage gap is real.

Men cane better jobs though, - Lucretia

Not real at all. - Caleb9000

...its not

It's not real. - FluffyBanana

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17 Don't make me the villain/enemy!
18 All men think they're smarter than women.
19 I'm perfect

Human and perfect don't belong in the same sentence, just saying. - Lucretia

20 I do everything around here!

My mom does a lot of stuff around the house, but my step dad works. - Lucretia

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