Top Ten Things Men Are Tired of Hearing Women Say

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1 Men are rapists

The only places you here this are on buzz feed and tumblr .And most of the times its ironic.Ana lot of these comments re sexist just proving how women don't have it great.(not that men don't face biases to)

Thank you for addressing this. Every time I hear a ten year old "feminist" say this, it makes me cringe.

Especially feminine women, those asses are very sexist saying that girls rule and boys drool.

Good thing the scary half-breed females (half human, half jerk) of my class haven't heard of this term and its defenition.

2 Men have it easier

Dude, I'm a man and I somewhat agree with this one. They have to go through a period every month and I'm sure it hurts to have babies! The worst we have to go through is an awkward erection and being hit by anything in the balls. That's pretty much it.

Yeah, call me up the next time you see a woman working a blue-collar landscaping job, or a construction job, or a mining job, or an industrial plant job. We get more because we put more in.

Definitely this. Women also forget that the guy nearly ALWAYS gets screwed in divorce cases. Also, remember "women and children FIRST".

Men do have it easier in most situations. I'm a guy and I have to agree with this.

3 You have male privilege

Men are expected to be the tough ones. Women can be sentimental and cry whenever they feel like it. Men also are expected to be the ones providing for their family. Women have more privileges then men.

Men can cry and be sentimental whenever they feel like, they will just be abused for it.

But you DO have male privilege. The same way we have FEmale privilege.

And heaven forbid that a man has depression

4 Men spreading their legs means they are asserting their dominance over women

Really? Men need to spread their legs to be comfortable. I'm a girl, and even I understand why men spread their legs while sitting down.

5 We're overworked!

I think everybody works hard

Even my mom saids this a lot

6 It’s a man’s world
7 What's it like being a guy?

You can generally argue (and even physically fight) without ruining a friendship.

8 Wage gap is real.

Haha no its not

Not real at all.

It's not real.

9 Women are better than men

Lets compare accomplishments by gender. Let me start: Automobiles, Flight, Computers, Television, Lightbulbs, Harnessing electricity, Facebook, Microsoft...

10 What's it like having a penis?

I don't know, what's it like having a vagina?

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11 Women are oversexualized!

All I am going to say about this is it's not true because women choose to sexualize themselves. I am tired of feminists saying crap like this.

Women sexualize themselves.

12 Men are abusive

This is why I hate Feminism...

Some men are abusive just like how some Women are abusive.How is this offensive?

Women are abusive

13 Ladies first!

Yes, I don't know why what some women think, that they need to be treated like a princess.
Both men and women are equal, Some women try to act like a feather...

But you can't say anything about it because apparently it seems fair to everyone else. This is what causes stereotypes!

I hate people say this, see I would've opened the door for you but now just pissed me off

Ladies can't go first on everything. for example, 'ladies first, so jump off the plane! '

14 Kick them in the penis

Not as bad as being hit with a soccer ball there. Word of advice, don't be a goalie.

Hurts more in the balls than the dick.

15 You can pay for dinner

If a woman says that, it's really shameless and cringy
It's certainly not good to empty the wallet of someone, and it's a shame that I actually had to say this.

Look I don't got money so if you gonna pay for dinner ill sleep with you

I laughed at this one. X]

16 More woman need to star as the hero in video games!

Statistics says it's about the same percentage.

17 I'll beat you up!

I have no idea why it's on the list I don't believe much girls say it to guys ((though the reverse may be true)).. unless they are their mother and they are five years old...

Anyone says this to anyone.

No girls from the hood only

I love me a good fight >=)

18 I'm not really interested in you...

Especially worse if it's a girl that you liked

I mean, yes, it hurts. But some women like girls! Some women don’t like people at all! It’s one person! And girls get rejected too.

19 I'm perfect
20 I can't be bothered...
21 Don't make me the villain/enemy!
22 All men think they're smarter than women.
23 I do everything around here!
24 Getting kicked in the balls feels the same as being punched in the boobs.
25 Not tonight

I have never say this to my man, but my friends say it to there's all the time

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