Top 10 Things that Would Make Undertale Even Better Than It Already is (Besides Graphics)

The Top Ten

1 If the Hard Mode setting actually covered the entirety of the game's content
2 If Papyrus was literally a stereotypically Russian, anthropomorphic papaya
3 If the color-coded SOUL system demonstrated in the boss fights was actually present in standard combat
4 If Mettaton literally had legs for arms and even had another leg for a neck
5 If there was a hidden easter egg where you could actually canonically sneak inside Alphys' head and cartoonishly control her through her brain
6 If everyone in the game had Burgerpants' caliber of facial expressions
7 If the Sans and Undyne fights in the Genocide Run were even harder and crazier
8 If the Core segment in Hotland was extended to at least triple its official length
9 If Temmie Village was also full of Mr. Saturns from Earthbound
10 If the Dreemurrs had additional bunny ears growing  out from their bunny ears

The Contenders

11 If Sans actually was Ness


12 If there was a way to actually properly save Asriel Dreemurr

Why is most of the fetish stuff beating this?

Why does no one want this?

13 Frisk's gender finally being confirmed so that Tumblr will finally shut up about it once and for all
14 Alphys teaming up with Francis from Super Paper Mario
15 More Amalgamates for Alphys to sexually defile in her cold, dark basement
16 If Sans actually had the ability to make both of his eyes glow rather than just one of them
17 If Lesser Dog's neck was literally shown traveling all the way up into outer space
18 If the Greater Dog had a Greater Temmie counterpart
19 If there was a way to properly integrate a magic system into the combat
20 If it was finally officially ported onto handheld systems
21 If Gaster had a bigger, more fleshed-out role in the game
22 If there was some kind of Dance Dance Revolution minigame involving Mettaton and/or Alphys
23 If it was an anime
24 If you could actually see firsthand what type of ridiculous show Mew Mew Kissy Cutie was
25 If Mettaton had Nicki Minaj's butt and Avril Lavigne's breasts
26 If the spears that Undyne shot from her spear also had the ability to shoot additional spears from themselves in mid-flight
27 If the Alphys NEO fight was actually real and official
28 If every meme that the game and its fandom created automatically donated a set amount of money to charity
29 If it had even MORE leitmotifs in its soundtrack
30 If it allowed you to actually explore the entirety of the areas it takes place in
31 If the Omega Flowey and Asriel Dreemurr fights weren't overtly scripted to prevent players from dying
32 If more of the Genocide bosses (especially Papyrus and Mettaton NEO) actually put up a proper fight
33 If Sans and Papyrus were revealed to literally be none other than Wario's and Waluigi's skeletons
34 If Papyrus teamed up with Skeletor in the Genocide Run
35 If the cooking-lesson segment directly involved both Papyrus AND Undyne
36 If Frisk could literally ride Alphys like a Yoshi
37 If the snow-Sans and snow-Papyrus in Snowdin also had snow-Alphys and snow-Undyne right next to them
38 If you could literally date both Alphys (and/or Papyrus) AND Undyne at the exact same time
39 If the original Amalgamate from Radiation's Halloween Hack made a cameo appearance as one of the Amalgamates in the True Lab
40 If Megalovania was mixed together with its Homestuck and Earthbound counterparts
41 If the monsters exploded into confetti when they died
42 If there was an Undertale Halloween Hack in which Frisk traveled deep into Alphys' subconscious and explored her twisted, tormented psyche and all of the weird and creepy thoughts that dwelt within
43 If you could fight Chara
44 If Sans' and Alphys NEO's boss fights had even more giant laser beams in them
45 If the rules behind the colored-tile puzzles were just a LITTLE bit better-explained
46 If Undyne's adorable kiss during the Pacifist ending caused Alphys' head to explode with embarrassment
47 If the Temy Armor actually turned you into a Temmie
48 If it was revealed that Alphys and Undyne were actually Shulk and Reyn from Xenoblade Chronicles, except magically gender-swapped and turned into monsters
49 If there was some kind of secret way to play the Sans fight from Sans' point of view
50 If Mettaton's quiz had randomized questions and Alphys' hand-answers weren't always correct
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