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1 Coke or Pepsi?

I'd rather drink pepsi, personally I'm stuck on it because most places like ihop don't even have coke so I'm literally forced to get the closest thing to it, Coke

I like Pepsi, though Coke is still good.

Also the drug Coke is good... Just kidding.

I don't know why people drink such cokes an all - I never do, I prefer water

I have always been a Coke guy but won't turn down a Pepsi on a good day.

2 Alaska or Hawaii

The last two declared states, I'll take Hawaii for the experience factor. I can't imagine being used to cold climate annually.

Hawaii. I hate winter and Hawaii would have amazing music video backgrounds!

Hawaii. Although Alaska looks interesting, it is way too cold there.

Both sound nice but I like the summer weather.

3 Books or Music?

Books and music together is my answer. The best combinations are reading about history while listening to war-oriented thrash metal, or about space while listening to neo-psychedelia

Depends on book and music harry potter and justin bieber= books adventure of a south pole pig and rush= music

Music! I like books as well, but music is better. I don't see what's wrong with reading though.

Music, music can tell a story to you. All though I love some books, I prefer music.

4 Dogs or Cats?

Ah, cats. Women's best friend! Whenever I'm on the Internet, and I see pictures of cats doing mean things, and see dogs being angels, I start to rethink my opinion. But then my cat walks in to snuggle with me and I remember that I am a cat person! On the internet, cats are popular, but thought of as evil. Dogs however, are angels on the web. When my mind snaps back into reality, cats are sweet, cuddly (sometimes. It depends on the cat), and the perfect pet for a busy person who wants someone to love, but can't always be there. I love dogs, too, but cats are just my thing. -Floppy Kitten

they are nice and smart and cute and sillly and hilarious and little and quiet and happy and mine and nice and smart and cute and sillly and hilarious and little and quiet and happy and mine and nice and smart and cute and sillly and hilarious and little and quiet and happy and mine and nice and smart and cute and sillly and hilarious and little and quiet and happy and mine and nice and smart and cute and sillly and hilarious and little and quiet and happy and mine and nice and smart and cute and sillly and hilarious and little and quiet and happy and mine and nice and smart and cute and sillly and hilarious and little and quiet and happy and mine and

I was a huge dog person when I was younger, throughout the years I made a complete twist and turned out to be a total cat person.

Dogs are cuter! They are so loving and loyal! They'll never leave you but cats can leave you and never come back. Dogs are so much better. No wonder they are called the man's best friend

5 Android or iOS?

Android because Google Street View doesn't work properly on iOS. No joking, that really is the reason for my preference.

Android. Apple is way too overpriced.

I strongly dislike android.

I hate anything apple.

6 Barack Obama or Donald Trump?

Though Obama was kind of a disappointment, he was still okay. I mean... CLEARLY better than Trump.

Why do we have to get political? I made this account partly to avoid this kind of thing.

Obama. Not the biggest fan of Obama but he's still better than Trump

Obama, because trump is... trash

7 Abraham Lincoln or John F. Kennedy

Great question, but great presidents I go with the one more from the past century that I barely knew him until later, and that's of course the great John F. Kennedy.

Is this a trick question? Of course Lincoln!

Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln Park.

8 Red or Blue?

Red. Blue has always been one of my least favourite colours for some reason, I just find it an overused and uninteresting colour.

Blue all the way. It is:

-The color of the sky
-The color of the ocean
-The color of my favorite marble (and my only marble, I don't collect marbles. But it's really pretty.)

While red is:

-The color of blood

Blue. Cause red is probably a evil color. But I still like red, I just like blue better

Both of these colours are nice but I think red's the nicer colour out of these two.

9 Cats or Dogs?

Both because their super cute and I love them

That's already on here, but cats.

I like both but I prefer dogs

I'm more of a cat person.

10 TV or Computer?

One of my biggest hobbies is watching movies films, but on a computer you can do almost anything, so I would have to go with computer. (If your computer has a DVD player, you can watch movies on that, to

God, you can watch cable from your computer, you can hack (don't) from your computer, order food, text, play games, find an emulator so yoo can play a ps4 from your computer. YOU CAN DO ENNEETHING.

T.V.'s are slowly become more outdated for the more advanced computer we use today to even eventually laptops will take over the Illuminati confirmed!

Definitely computer. I'm a total computer nerd and I rarely watch T.V., in fact I haven't watch T.V. in months.

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11 Adventure Time or Ebola?

Adventure Time! Anyways, why are you comparing a cartoon to a disease?

Adventure Time


We all know...
And what this was based off on...

12 Anime or Cartoons

Cartoons. Animes are Japanese cartoons, so by saying cartoons, I'm saying both

I love both but I choose cartoons because I just started to like anime.

Anime! Some of the cartoons right now are starting to get bad.

Cartoons, never really understood the appeal for anime.

13 A or B?

Um, both because my name starts with A and my crush's name starts with B.

B, I'm guessing a trick question with a lotta mystery behind this one.

A because that is the first letter and the first is the best.

How about both, an AB sounds nice about now.

14 Be happy while everyone else is miserable or be miserable while everyone else is happy?
15 Chocolate or Vanilla

Vanilla is just the way I like it, since chocolate while does go great with everything when do you have vanilla aside from obvious reason?

Chocolate! Vanilla is just too bland. Besides, studies prove that consuming chocolate can make you happier. I've tried it and it's true.

I like chocolate more, especially in cakes and stuff, vanilla ice cream does not taste like anything to me.

So hard! How can anyone decide?
I think I'll go with chocolate though, because it's easier to put on stuff and goes with more.

16 Bohemian Rhapsody or Stairway to Heaven?

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Stairway to Heaven. By miles.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody.

17 Big Hero 6 or Frozen?

Oh no... this is the hardest decision ever! (sarcasm). Big Hero 6 wins easily.

Big Hero 6, Frozen sucks and is overrated.

Umm... Both


18 An Egg Or An Oven?

The oven. No, wait! Yes, I would personally prefer the oven because I'm vegetarian but great question, Ironsabbathpriest!

I just had to add this! There simply isn't a good answer!

Okay... how about use that oven to boil the egg?

An egg. It could hatch a chicken!

19 Blue and black or white and gold?

Blue and black win. I'm not that much of a blue fan, but black, being my second favorite color, helps it win. I don't have a true liking for either white or gold.

Is this about the dress because it is actually a special fabric that is blue and brown

The black, and blue division it is.

Oh please, not this again

20 Batman or Spiderman?

In terms of mixing everything together, and looking at it analytically... I'll side with Spider-Man getting the better treatment lately.

BATMAN! My favorite superhero of course.

Superheroes are lame as hell

Spiderman. I never watched DC or Batman.

21 Die In 5 Minutes or Live Forever?

Die in five minutes

"Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. It's not the time that matters it's the person" - The Doctor

also living forever means outliving all your friends and family

This looks easy,but actually very hard after you think about it. Die in 5 minutes would be terrible, but living forever will be boring. I think I'll go with die in 5 minutes. I'll get reincarnated (I believe in reincarnation) and live a normal life

I'm not sure. I wouldn't want to die in 5 minutes. There's just to many places to see! But it would get boring to live forever because you would get old and worn out.

This is hard...but I'd have to go with die in five minutes. I won't have to carry on with a boring life and watch my loved ones die without me. biggest fear is living forever

22 Cake or Ice Cream?

For me, it depends on the flavour.

Dairy Queen ice cream cake

Icecream cake

Ice cream...

23 M&M's or Skittles?

Skittles, because me and my good friends and we made a group on this game & we dress up the exact same exept each one of us are on of the colours from the skittles category.

M&M's... Delicious of course. But I like fruity candy more than chocolatey candy. But M&M's are also very fattening. 5 CALORIES PER M&M?! WHAT?!

Sure it is the rainbow, but despite the hard touch its got the fruit factor addiction.
I always keep coming back for more. M&M's are good too, its just the flavor part is where comes down to for me.

They are essentially the same thing so it all depends on if you prefer fruity or chocolate candy

24 Mario or Sonic?

Hate me but I really despise the Mario games, there all the same with little innovation, they are overly difficult and the "story is pretty much the same in every game, the only Mario games I like are the Mario RPG series because the story actually changes in every game

Mario! I played one of the Sonic games and it was horrible! I got so frustrated. That's why I pick Mario, it's more fun.

I have played Sonic Dash, and I have played Mario on the DS. Really, Sonic Dash gets a little old, and I liked to kill Princess Peach on Mario...

Sonic the hedgehog! I love his music and his games and his comics. Mario is okay no harm feelings

25 Big Time Rush or One Direction?

Big Time Rush because almost anything is better than 1D.

Nope, none of them interest me

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